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Zen and the Art of Mobile Theme Development

Dec 14, 2011

306 BelVG Team

Recently we have created a new mobile theme. Our designers have taken the inspiration from much-debated Microsoft Metro design language. The result seems to be extremely modern-looking, user-friendly and juicy like every Metro-sample. Though for a mobile theme the priority is usability, not the look. Out front-end developer Denis shared some of his secrets of creating fast and bug-free mobile themes.

Denis is 24 years old. He obtained a diploma in economics, but he dreamt about more creative job and had to get the second one. Denis has been working as a front-end developer for about 5 years. Three of them he spent in BelVG. By the way, all BelVG mobile themes were authored by him. His other interests include art photography and music.



  • What mobile devices do you use every day?

    I use LG’s Android Smartphone and Apple iPad regularly, which helps me stay unbiased and not join either Android or iOS Team.

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  • Why do you think it is important to create mobile versions of stores?

    Well, mobile devises replace PCs due to many purposes. Human mentality is changed – now we want to take the entire world in our palms, and mobile devices literally help to do it better. However, standard store versions are difficult for surfing with a mobile device because of the great amount of content and multimedia. Mobile themes require only HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript that helps them stay fast and energy-saving on all mobile devices. Another benefit is in different approach to design. You need to leave only key elements to make them bigger for easier use with a touch-screen.

  • Do your mobile themes differ from the standard Magento Enterprise opportunities?

    They do. Magento Enterprise users can create mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, but BelVG suggests more convenient way to make your store mobile. If you install a mobile theme right on your store, you become independent from a certain platform. Your customers have no need to install the apps. The mobile theme automatically recognizes the type of the device, and then everything works with the help of a browser. Eventually it helps to reach bigger audience and adds more functional and modern design.

  • Who needs mobile store versions most of all?

    Both consumers and merchants. Consumers get a comfortable mobile shopping and merchants can find new clients and prevent the existing ones from changing the store to another one with better conditions for using their favorite gadgets.

  •  What is the most difficult in creating mobile themes?

    It’s in the variety of gadgets presented at the market. Different systems and screen sizes oblige us to care about all these things while trying the theme fit all of them.

  • In your opinion is your job creative?

    Someone can say that it’s boring and not creative at all. But I adore the very start of the work. You should be creative enough to imagine all future structure of the theme. You shouldn’t hurry up and always need to think over everything carefully. It’s not just creativity – it’s the art.

Andrey Dubina
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