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BelVG dates back to the beginning of the 2000th, when our founders met at university, young, full of enthusiasm and with their eyes bright. What began as a passion for coding and curiosity about the promising industry of online commerce, has blossomed into BelVG company. At the moment BelVG is a leading ecommerce development enterprise, specializing in Magento, PrestaShop and other ecommerce platforms.


Over more than a decade of hard work and challenges, we have earned a reputation as knowledgeable, skillful and reliable team of quality ecommerce solutions. Now BelVG works with small, middle and large businesses from the USA and the European Union countries. The team of experienced certified developers has launched 100+ online stores, including such global brands as Monin, Shiekh Shoes, Blaha Gartenmöbel, Salling.DK and many others. Moreover, BelVG are the authors of numerous Magento and PrestaShop modules, extensions and themes.


Our goals

goal 1

Help people, no matter how complicated the task is

Customers turn to us with all kinds of ideas; each of it we consider a challenge and address it with all our expertise and skill to provide best solutions to our client.

goal 2

Develop unique solutions with outstanding value

When we complete tasks, whether it is a single line of code, an extension or a full-scale solution, we aim it to take our clients to the new level.

goal 3

Create the most complete ecommerce knowledge base

We have created the one of the most detailed and comprehensive knowledge base on online retail technologies, found on our expertise as certified developers.

goal 4

Increase the share of certified team members to 100%

To provide innovative technical solutions, one must have a solid theoretical base. We want all members of our team to be empowered with the best ecommerce expertise.

goal 5

Read lectures on how to earn one hundred million dollars

Hey, why not? We would love to share our success story.


Our Values

Smart & Clever

80+ percent of our team members have a higher education degree, and the majority of our developers have Magento, Zend PHP, PrestaShop and other certificates. Moreover, we dedicate our free time to learning new technologies to become even more proficient in what we do.

Care for community

We are free to share new knowledge and ideas with everybody willing to learn, that is why we do not hesitate to share our unique expertise and solutions with ecommerce professionals around the world.


We value strong skill and knowledge, but realize they are not enough, for nothing good will ever come out without dedication and effort.

Trust and Transparency

Open and honest communication between top management and employees is the cornerstone of BelVG team.

Open to new technologies

As true enthusiasts of ecommerce, we are naturally curious about everything new that is being introduced in the industry and usually among the first who test the latest solutions.

Secure & Reliable

We are committed to provide maximum security to our clients’ data and value our client’s privacy.




We are here to learn something New. It will be true forever: we are not just colleagues, developers and clients, we are One family where everyone matters and where love, respect and support are beyond borders. Magento and PrestaShop community will get new tutorial where we share our experiences and ideas. We keep growing, evolving and moving forward together to go of the limits.


It was a year full of happy events and pleasant moments. BelVG celebrated the tenth anniversary of partnership with Shiekh Shoes company. The leading B2B ratings and reviews site Clutch had us as one of the Top Magento Developers worldwide. Our team continued to grow, we have up to 100 per cent University graduates with a thirst for further development. We moved to the new office and turned it into a cozy home for ecommerce dreamers.


16 developers from BelVG successfully passed Magento 2 certification exams; the company also got Akeneo trained. BelVG blog turned into a premium source of ecommerce tips and tricks with 1500+ regular readers and took its permanent place in the Magento Community Digest. Our Minsk office became to small for over 50 employees and eager to move forward.


BelVG developed the first web store running on Magento 2 for Shiekh Shoes company. Also, we became an official developer of Magento 2 extensions. The team grew to 50 members from different countries: Belarus, Russia, Canada, and Austria. BelVG’s blog won wide acclaim among ecommerce specialists around the world.


BelVG became a PrestaShop Platinum Partner and Magento Solution Partner. The team amounted to 35 members, with 8 developers among them Prestashop Certified and 12 – Magento Certified.


Such well-known brands as MONIN, Salling DK and Tecmagex entrusted us with the development of their web stores. Our PrestaShop themes were downloaded 1000 times, PrestaShop modules – 3000 times. The legendary Facebook All in One extension was downloaded by a record number of online stores – 10.000.


BelVG became a Magento Partner and established our Magento extensions store. We also were engaged in creative activity, and designed 30 PrestaShop modules and 25 Magento extensions. Moreover, we started our blog, and it lives to this day.


The BelVG team created the first web store on the Magento platform and became an official PrestaShop partner. We also grew in numbers – at that time the company amounted to 17 members.


The team tapped into foreign markets and began working with companies from the USA and the European Union (France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and so on).


A couple of students, enthusiastic about development and ecommerce, decided to establish BelVG company. At first, the small team worked for the local industries.

Alex Huk
Alex - greeting

Alex Huk, Head of Product Department

Our Team


We do not create magic but you can reach even more than that together with our team. Get to know our creative designers, talented developers and customer-oriented project managers to provide you with the best services. With years of ecommerce experience, BelVG certified developers have launched 100+ online stores worldwide including the EU, North America, Australia while 100+ BelVG extensions are installed on over 50k websites. We are here to take care of your business and share your Brand message to the world.



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80+ team members

100% university graduates

150+ online stores worldwide

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