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Custom Magento development


Would you like to build stronger relationships with your customers? That is the main task of your webstore and how your webstore is structured. Use Magento to launch your online store. Being an open-source solution to fit any type of business, Magento provides unlimited opportunities for further customization to suit perfectly any taste. Do not allow your store to become one of the thousands of ecommerce websites without any color. Create an eye-catching design accompanied with a unique, simple and easy to use environment for customers. Add custom features and provide your clients with the best shopping experience.


Let BelVG become a company with a key to start a new page in your Brand development. Want to add new features to your online store? Are you ready to change and update products with custom solutions or provide special occasion coupons and Christmas or wholesale discounts? Looking for solutions to monitor your inventory real-time or add new shipping options? Get such custom features which your competitors do not have to drive sales to the roof. Being a part of your family, we guide you to help you to grow your business and put life into your goals and achieving them.

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Custom theme

Custom theme


Get the utmost from your companies target audience and increase your Brand visibility. Is there something you can do to improve to increase customer engagement? Build a webstore to attract visitors to fulfill their shopping journey from any touch point from the beginning to the thank you page. You will get a fully responsive webstore to deliver your customers an exceptional shopping experience through all devices and channels. Improve your webstore by integrating a template specially designed for you.


Whether you are looking for a custom webstore development from scratch or you are ready to redesign your old-fashioned webstore, we are here to meet your challenges. BelVG will transform your brand vision into a Magento custom theme with intuitive webstore interface to simplify the daily routines for your managers. With a thirst for perfection and sharing your company values, we will show your products in a more attractive way and use the most effective ecommerce design practices to turn your website into an industry-leading online store.

Custom feature development

Custom feature development


Looking for tools that will help you to explore options you never thought about and multiply profits to be well ahead of your competitors? Find out what can make your customers life better. Why not choose Magento as an ecommerce platform? Put together inbuilt Magento functionality with all necessary features from content optimization to the payment system integration to drive your online business to success.


You have a vision – we have skills to realize your vision. We start our cooperation with a deep analysis of your current webstore and marketing research to find out what can be improved. We will improve speed and performance optimization, suggest new features to change design, provide all kinds of custom integrations to simplify the shopping process and of course install Magento extensions to add new features to your webstore. We are not afraid of difficult tasks as we treat them like a challenge. With our clients goals as our main focus, we manage Magento custom feature development and take it to an entirely new level.

Custom extension development_img

Custom extension development


What is the easiest way to increase webstore functionality? Start building your business with custom Magento extensions. Find better solutions for accounting & finance or SEO optimization or replace them with better Magento extensions. This will be the most effective way to turn your ecommerce website into a powerful sales channel with all the features. So if you are not fully satisfied with the current extensions and you cannot put up with old versions or incompatibility with ready-to-use modules, get custom extensions.


Armed with over ten years of experience, we create bespoke extensions which focus on your business and its goals. From accounting to website optimization we help our clients to assess their needs and receive the extension that they will need to improve their business. Our team full of dedicated Magento developers is ready to create custom Magento extensions for your company development. We are code enthusiasts and Magento fans. Leave your competitors behind and highlight your brand identity.


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Custom integration

Custom integration


Take a look at your webstore from a customer-centric point of view. Does your online store cover their best interests, desires and dreams? In many cases it does not. Your webstore is the core of your business. You can spend countless time turning fragmented business processes into a powerful Magento website. Just think of your webstore through the perspective of all the things you should do and find a better solution to manage it. Find better solutions for customers, put all your tools together and streamline your day-to-day work by integration of accounting and CRM, shipping and payments, marketing and social networks to your webstore.


With over 10 years in Magento development, we managed to integrate tools to hundreds of online stores from all over the world and provide both ready-made and custom integration solutions. Integrate your store with third-party logistics as FedEx, UPS, USPS; world famous and local payments as PayPal, Squire and others; Zoho and QuickBooks as accounting software; MailChimp and GetResponse for email marketing to improve your customer journey whilst shopping online. The ultimate goal for BelVG is to make any common element across all of this integrations work better to fulfill your company’s dream.

Custom ERP integration

Custom ERP integration


How to manage your webstore online? Project management, data services, human resources, access control is just a tiny part to keep track of. Are you getting tired of trying to monitor all of these different aspects in real time? Customize your enterprise resource planning system with unique features your business needs and integrate it to your online store admin panel to devote more time to your business and Brand promotion. Try to install a Magento custom ERP integrated tool in your store.


Based on our knowledge in ecommerce and online store management, BelVG has already integrated ERP systems to improve finance & accounting, sales & marketing, inventory & supply chain management which are used to deal with a definite part of your online store management. You get bespoke features to make the customers shopping experience even better. Whatever your ecommerce website needs, our professional team provides our clients with the best services and ensures you establish long-term relationships with your customers.

Сustom shipment - payment

Сustom shipment / payment


Stop losing your customers at the last point of their shopping experience. The core value of any modern ecommerce business is to pay for your products online and to get them to any part of the world as fast as possible. Have you ever thought about cart abandonment if you do not fulfil your customers needs in case you do not provide proper payment and shipping methods? Payment by credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and others as well as PayPal payment should become an available option at your online store. Try to integrate both international shipping service providers like FedEx and DHL and local shipping systems to make the process of delivery smooth. If you do not want to lose your customers, get Magento custom payment and shipping integration.


Based on a deep knowledge of Magento development and with defined goals to improve ecommerce, we have already integrated both ready-made and custom shipping solutions to hundreds of online stores. You give us a challenge, we plan, develop, deliver and support you. You get a lightning-fast solution at the end to develop your Brand.


We are ready to meet your challenge

We are open to face-to-face communication. You come up with a challenge to improve your business, we offer custom solutions.

No custom tools without a technical audit

We take your challenge and provide technical research to offer you best tools for customization. No job done without research.

You have a challenge - we have a solution

Based on deep research and with a respect to your challenge and values, you get unique custom tool made special for you.

Q&A is essential

We deliver only solutions that work. We will test your custom solution until you get the result you love. No need to review your tools again.

Mission completed

You get a custom solution that looks great to customers and to you alike, as well as performing efficiently. An award-winning customer journey at your online store is just around the corner.

Do not be afraid - your webstore is protected

Keep your online store always working. Get the latest updates and improvements. We are ready to implement any changes and growth to make you feel comfortable about your site.

Why us

Boost conversions with us

We know how to create outstanding solutions with respect to your customers needs and interests. We start with the plan and meet your challenge to build cutting-edge custom tools for your Business development. Boost conversions, make your website work really well and get new clients that have a strong belief in your brand and will want to stay with you for a long time in the future.

It is all about respect, values and more

Family based approach is the core value which we try to share with our clients. We are ready to overcome challenges and solve the most complicated task as we work together in close cooperation and follow the same ideals to development process to make your Brand the most trusted and known for its reliability in your industry.

With a strong belief to further development

Everything starts with strong knowledge followed by experience and the road to further improvement. We have been on this track for many years and do our best to keep on learning and moving forward to provide our clients with the best services we can.

We build your road to success

Get new clients without spending time, money and effort. We provide custom solutions which are cost effective and work in all industries. For your online store, it’s hard enough to imagine tools that will make your customers arrive, stay and shop. In the end the ultimate goal is to create a successful store built with a stronger belief in your consumer needs whilst driving your brand awareness to the next level.

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