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BelVG has been working with PrestaShop since 2010. We are official PrestaShop experts and have experience building, maintaining and upgrading PrestaShop websites. The team consists of middle and senior developers with 3-14 years in ecommerce who can help you set up a robust online store.



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What is PrestaShop


Which is the most suitable ecommerce platform for your business? It should be functional, scalable, easy-to-use and safe. This is PrestaShop down to a tee, a perfect solution committed to supporting and enlarging your business. World famous brands (French McDonald’s, Le Chocolat des Français, etc) have chosen this amazing system. Why? PrestaShop is a leading ecommerce platform in Europe with over 270.000 online shops and over 1.000.000 open source community members. Being a free and open source platform, PrestaShop enables the user to start and manage webstores. It is perfect for all types of business (large, medium sized or small) and industries as it combines a great variety of features for successful online store management. You can find a suitable free or paid modules or themes at the PrestaShop marketplace without having an ounce of tech experience.


The most prominent PrestaShop features are: excellent SEO capabilities, advanced navigation and search, support of 75 languages, a great number of payment methods (PayPal Standard and Pro, Skrill, Stripe, WorldPay, etc), compatibility with a wide selection of add-ons and third-party integrations, various promotions and offers for clients. All these outstanding features makes PrestaShop a perfect solution for your successful ecommerce business. You will be able to meet customers needs and requirements and engage them throughout the whole process of shopping.

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Benefits of PrestaShop Update

Build a product page X2 faster

Speed up the management process with a brand new way of adding products to the online store! With an upgraded interface, fast actions and shortcuts there is no need to waste your time for product management. Spend your time on business development, not on updating your product pages.

Improved back office navigation

Who said that UI/UX design is only for your customers? Upgrade your PrestaShop store and get an intuitive admin panel that is more than easy to use. Turn the time-consuming webstore management process into a time-efficient and enjoyable experience.

PrestaShop default theme

Enjoy a new PrestaShop default theme that is perfect to start your business. Offering a wide choice of design features, it opens new ways for developers to create their own customized themes.

Perfect template for business

Not satisfied with the updated PrestaShop default theme tools? Go beyond the limits with new custom design solutions perfect for your online store. New demo products make PrestaShop friendlier and tolerant to people from different cultures. Focus on these features for your store customization.

PrestaShop official marketplace

Get access to the latest PrestaShop modules and extensions available on PrestaShop official marketplace. You are guaranteed to download tools with the latest PrestaShop features and updates. You have the opportunity to improve and customize your web store.

Free upgradeable solution

The ultimate goal of Prestashop is to provide people with a perfect ecommerce solution. Being an upgradeable open source solution, PrestaShop is available with an OSL 3.0 license. You are free to use it, optimize and contribute to it. There are over 1.000.000 community members and thousands of users. Get the answers to all your questions within a few minutes.

Enjoy the latest PrestaShop features

Enjoy the latest PrestaShop features


Technologies do not stand still and are constantly going through a myriad of changes. While you are looking for reasons why you should still use the version you have been using probably for a long time, your competitors will migrate to the newest PrestaShop edition and turn its latest features into their online store benefits. Take the opportunity to use the updated technologies and implement advanced security patches to make the shopping process safer and better.


Do not want to leg behind your competitors? Update your online store to the PrestaShop 1.7+ version. Be the first one to know about any tiny improvements and inform our clients about them. With every update PrestaShop releases, you will get an opportunity to make your store invulnerable, fast and modern. Do not miss your chance to be one step ahead with a reliable and experienced ecommerce shopping platform.

Get access to uiux & SEO improvements

Get access to UI / UX & SEO improvements


What is the main source of conversions? There is no wonder that website optimization is a key to success. Title, description, canonical URLs and on-page optimization are not just words for online retailers. With attention to the needs of merchants, PrestaShop demonstrates a deep understanding of recent search engine requirements and releases its newest version keeping them in mind. Be the first one to upgrade your PrestaShop online store and use all the new opportunities offered to you in the latest edition.


Optimize your website with an eye on SEO innovations, get more traffic and leave your competitors far behind. With the new native features based on advanced UI/UX design trends, you get an opportunity to improve your marketing strategy and create effective email campaigns that work. Give a new look to invoices, newsletters and other emails and let them share your Brand message with your customers.

Next generation PrestaShop integrations-img

Next generation PrestaShop integrations


Do you have a perfect environment to run a business in the most convenient way without spending too much time and effort on online store administration? Get access to the most popular and effective tools to manage your webstore. With PayPal, Stripe, MailChimp and Facebook as new official Partners, PrestaShop provides their clients with more payment outlets, marketing and social media opportunities. Use them all to turn your website into a powerful online store.


With multiple business integrations available for the PrestaShop platform, you will turn your website into an effective sales channel that is nothing but an industry leader. Provide your clients with everything they may need while shopping online and make the process of purchasing as easy, pleasant and exciting as possible. You do not need to worry about any PrestaShop updates. We are here to become your partner and take care of your store.


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Our process for building your webstore

Great time for beginning

Let’s discuss your future webstore migration and update. Together we draw up a plan of action, identify key migration stages and determine the time limit for the whole process.

No data loss

We save all the data you need whilst migrating. Be sure that all products descriptions and images, catalog and price rules, customers and order history will stay with you. Nothing will be lost. It is our main target.

The world goes round Design

Whether you want to save your design or are thinking about its improvement to employ the latest UI/UX trends and features, we respect any of your decisions and will follow accordingly. Make your updated online store stand out in comparison with your competitors.

No way without new Modules

We check every module your online store has to assess in relation to their compatibility with the newest PrestaShop version. It is not a problem for us to create a module to add bespoke features to your webstore.

Compatibility is a must

We carefully review all marketing, payments, shipment and other integrations your online store has, to make sure they will work properly with the latest PrestaShop features. Our focus is to make the process of migration as comfortable and as discreet as possible.

Everything keeps on working

Testing is a necessary stage of the development process. We respect our clients business and deliver bugs-free online stores with all integrations and migration working properly together. You get an ecommerce website ready to work and accept orders.

You get down to business

We have done everything to update your store and provide you with the newest and most effective PrestaShop features. Our mission is accomplished at this stage. Now it is your turn to run your webstore and bring you marketing strategy into reality.

Open for new improvements

Be aware of the latest updates and security patches to make your webstore more powerful. Working with PrestaShop for more than 10 years, we provide our clients with top-notch support and prevent them from making wrong technical decisions.


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Why us

With a strong believe in innovations

We work to deliver the most effective and powerful ecommerce solutions. With over 15 years experience as a good beginning to develop our skills, we provide our clients with innovative services that will help them to dominate the market. We never stop learning and we are always using state-of-art tools for our projects. Your webstore deserves the best features in the world of ecommerce. We are here to implement them.

With a focus on your results

The whole world is built upon conversions. It is a must. Website traffic itself does not mean anything. Conversions and sales are what really matters. Being in an ecommerce business since 2004, we know all about it and provide our clients with services based on our many years of experience. Walk your customers through all the stages of purchasing and improve their shopping experience using the possibilities found in the newest PrestaShop version.

Targeted at family success

We cherish our clients and work to bring their business to success. With a family approach as our core value, we pay close attention to achieving our clients goals and do everything to update their webstores in the safest way. It is not about client and developer, it is about partnership, family relationships, mutual respect and support. You can rely on us in any situation, we will cover your back.

It is all about a bright new future

You do not have to settle for what you have now. Strive for more and you will get what you are looking for. Based on years of hands-on experience and knowing ecommerce back to front, we will deliver solutions that will enlarge the opportunities for your business. Break the limits of your present ecommerce webstore and win the market with the latest PrestaShop version.

What is the most important thing in your online store? Products are the main reasons customers visit your website again and again. Make sure that you migrate to the upgraded version saving all product information: ID, name, description, price, weight, variants, quantity, images. Keep all products URLs, meta title, meta description and keywords to make sure you don’t lose your ranking. Save product categories with name, description and access group and manufacturers so your customers don’t become confused.

Products & Manufacturers

The main purpose of any PrestaShop update is to provide merchants with the most useful features and to make the whole management process easier. Migrate to PrestaShop 1.7 with us and we will help you save all tax information, orders (including order date, status, order products with name and SKU, product quantity, total price, customer name and billing address, shipping address, etc.) and other financial information and there will be no need to re-enter the same data more than once.

Financial Data

Have you been running your business for several years and you have already gained hundreds of customers? Do not lose their ID, names, personal information such as gender and date of birth, login information, billing and shipping addresses, order history, coupons and discounts, reviews and comments. Turn to the experienced developers to manage the migration and there will be no need to worry about your webstore.

Customer Data

Blogging is an important part of the promotion. You have spent a lot of time choosing topics, writing posts and talking with customers in the comments section. Do not let your efforts go to waste. Make sure your updated website will have your blogs with title, SEO URLs, meta description, keywords and images.

Blog Posts

Nothing can be more vulnerable to migration than SEO. Do not be afraid to lose your ranking results and traffic because of different issues. With respect to our clients we will migrate your websites categories and products URLs built according to your SEO plan. Be sure that you will not lose your metadata which is key element to build your page snippets.

SEO Optimization

Do not be afraid to migrate and update your multi language store. Our ultimate goal is to keep all your data save. You will be guaranteed that no data will be lost during your PrestaShop store migration or update. We know how to deal with international PrestaShop stores.

Multi Store

Every webstore is unique. We are sure that you have customised features and settings created for your website. Save them all while migrating to the newest version. Orders IDs, HTML from categories, 301 redirects, invoices and products quantity, you can move everything to your upgraded online store.

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