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Magento Mandrill Integration

Mandrill Magento Integration

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When you run an online business, you always need to improve your selling platform and build strong relations with your customers. But how to do it? Quite easy. Business owners should get the best solutions for their Magento stores and integrate them. There are lots of useful tools which can promote your brand through social networks like Instagram, Twitter, and others, simplify the trade process using point of sale solutions, increase customization with Magento Email integrations. If you feel the need to empower your marketing strategy, BelVG provides a cool decision – Magento Mandrill integration.


What is Mandrill, and why do you need it? Mandrill is a transactional email software for Mailchimp. It is used by millions of online retailers around the globe and sends transaction emails in seconds. With Magento Mandrill integration, you can deliver data-driven emails, personalized and targeted ecommerce messages, automated welcome and order confirmations, and many more. So, if you need to market your business effectively, BelVG will integrate your Magento store with Mandrill to provide your customers with quality services. Working with BelVG, your customers will always want to come back and buy more. Mandrill Magento integration service provides you with a wide range of functionalities. The solution has servers all around the globe, reducing the speed to get the message and latency. Mandrill has an automatic feedback loop registration, so you will be able to track spam complaints through the solution. With Magento Mandrill integration, you get an automated dedicated IP warmup option, dedicated IP pooling and IP addresses, and multiple domains per account. Our team can integrate your Magento store with Mandrill to let you send any legal and non-spam emails to the customers.


BelVG is the best choice for your business if you need to work with a skilful development team and enjoy innovative approaches. We always do our best to provide our clients with top-notch Magento integrations which can boost sales and customization rates. If you want your online business to be among the top ecommerce brands, contact BelVG to integrate your Magento store with the right solution!