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We’ve been working with Magento since 2008

Why Magento 2


Why is Magento 2 so popular among the market leaders like Canon, Nike, JCB, Monin, and many others? They have decided to trust Magento to run their webstores because of this platform’s outstanding functionality coupled with a great variety of customization options. This open-source e-commerce solution fits perfectly with small as well as large businesses and creates the base for sustainable growth.


Already for more than 10 years, Magento has been giving customers around the globe the opportunity to bring online stores of their dreams into existence. Long-awaited Magento 2 was released, paving the way towards the e-commerce future. Magento 2 introduction brought with it an incredible performance boost, mobile responsive website architecture, enhanced admin panel, and a variety of other benefits.


Staying clear-eyed about your developer skills, do you consider yourself up to the task of Magento 2 development? If the answer is no, there is good news for you – the BelVG team is here to lend you a hand in advanced Magento webstore development. Over 10 years of rewarding experience coupled with our team members’ advanced developer skills made BelVG who we are today – one of the leading companies to bring top-of-the-line e-commerce solutions.

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Magento 2 is a perfect solution for you

Magento 2 is a perfect solution for you


Looking for an e-commerce platform to make your website grow into a competitive business? Move your online business forward with Magento 2. It is an industry-leading e-commerce solution that helps merchants around the world boost sales and reach new customers.


Magento 2 has a broad set of improved technical features, smooth-as-never-before performance and more intuitive admin panel compared to the previous version of the platform. It is an innovative e-commerce solution that runs various online stores from small businesses up to top brands worldwide. Place your website in the hands of certified BelVG team for Magento 2 development, third-party extension integration, or speed & code optimization. We do our best to put all of your website ideas to good use. Grow your business with BelVG.


Magento 1 vs Magento 2

Magento 1 vs Magento 2


What is the difference between Magento 1 and 2? Trying to figure out what is new in Magento 2 compared to Magento 1? Now, people have higher expectations towards the websites they visit, and Magento 2 has been developed to go beyond the highest standards in this industry.


Besides enhanced scalability and performance boost, Magento 2 is a global player. Compared to Magento 1, it allows to create multinational online stores in different countries and languages. Catering for the customer needs, Magento 2 has better performance and lower hosting requirements. To top it off, the platform has become more user-friendly providing simpler admin navigation system and product upload, which now also allows not only pictures but videos. Hereon the e-commerce future belongs to Magento 2. Do not waste time and join the ranks of Magento 2 stores.


Why Magento 2 migration

Why Magento 2 migration


Still using Magento 1? You have to remember that after June 2020 Magento 1 support will expire. It means that there are not going to be any more updates and security patches for this platform version. If something goes wrong – you will be on your own. Invest in the future of your online store, and make sure to migrate to Magento 2 – new e-commerce generation.


Thinking that you can keep using Magento 1? Imagine how vulnerable your website will be if its platform does not receive security updates and bug fixes in a timely manner. Your online store may get hacked, or you may face issues with payment systems or  experience any other severe problem. But there is no need to panic. You still have time for Magento 2 migration. Shuffle off the migration burden on BelVG experienced team. We are ready to face the challenge your business brings, and marry your website with the new Magento 2 platform in the best way possible.


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Magento 2 Development Process


We start with visual ideation and concept of your website based on your personal vision. Setting objectives and targets, we implement every minor detail.

Going deep into technical issues

Once all the details are cleared, we make sure they match with with Magento 2 technical capabilities. The next thing is developing a new look for your brand according to your vision.

Ensuring customers’ visual satisfaction

Leave your potential customers with no opportunity to compare your website to hundreds of others. Making a splash design creates a remarkable emotional atmosphere on your website. Enchant the customers with incredible design, and make them stay with you for the long run.

From plan to action

The BelVG professional team will frame and deliver a simple website development plan centered around the ideas that were discussed during the planning stage. Set up your dream site without any issues. Our dedicated project managers will become your fellow travelers in this challenging e-commerce adventure to accompany you throughout all the website development stages.

No job done without QA

After the development job is done, it is time to ensure quality. Your website is put on multiple tests to leave no doubt that it aligns with your website vision and is free of any kind of errors.

Dawn of a new day with Magento 2

Your ideas, together with our developer and designer skills, gave birth to an extraordinary webstore. Now it is the right time to put it to good use. It is your turn to take advantage of the latest Magento 2 features and unique webdesign.

No muss, no fuss, website running

Last but not least is continuous support. In case of any turbulence or headwinds get in the way of your website’s flight towards success, you can rely on BelVG in tackling the problem.

Why Us

Old-school values married with innovative solutions

Such values as consistency and reliability are not mere words for us. BelVG refers to these core values in both good and bad times. Walking hand in hand with Magento since the day this platform came into existence, BelVG witnessed all its ups and downs and learned a lot from Magento. With a new version, we understand the importance of innovations and see no future without constant improvements.

Transparency and mutual understanding

We treasure our clients and the reputation we have gained. We make our customers’ dreams come true. Their website vision is what we look back on during all the development stages. The promises we make are not an empty shell – your ideas come first, and to be implemented precisely.

Wealth of experience

With over 10+ years of experience under our belt, the BelVG team has accumulated a considerable amount of valuable knowledge on developing, creating, and maintaining flourishing webstores. In our work, we do not rely on miracles. We know that our experience, developer skills, clear strategy and planning is what makes our work successful.

Determination to win the customers over

Being a runner-up does not work for us. For every website we create, the BelVG team gives one hundred percent. We work hard to ensure that your webstore is going to become one of the market leaders. Your e-commerce success is our job.

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Looking for a way to impress your customers with unforgettable website design? Since most of the people tend to judge a book by its cover, the well thought-out design is crucial. BelVG is fully aware that your website should be not only eye-catching to draw the customers’ attention, but customer engagement and conversions are also critical. Our creative Magento 2 designers will architect a one-of-a-kind website design matching your business most accurately. Get a dream website design with BelVG.


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Magento 2 Design

Not satisfied with out of the box Magento 2 tools? Custom development is about you, and your website customization vision. We are here to provide technical facilities via different custom Magento 2 features to bring your ideas into existence. Your competitors might seem unapproachable with their excellent websites, but why try to catch up with them if you can simply leave them behind. It is undeniable that effective custom Magento 2 development can have a significant influence on sales. BelVG will take care of it to the best advantage of you and your customers.


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Custom Magento 2 Development

Looking for a way to improve your webstore? Magento 2 is known for multiple customization options. A broad variety of third-party Magento 2 integrations can help you reach your e-commerce goals. Upgrade your Magento 2 store with multiple accounting tools like Zoho, SAP, Sage, Deltek, Dynamics 365 or QuickBooks to break free from endless paperwork. Advertising and promotion integrations can be installed to reach new customers in Google, Instagram, Youtube or in any other platform. Email marketing will help you improve customer engagement and their awareness about all the deals and sales of your webstore. To decrease abandoned cart rate, offer several secure payment methods like Klarna, Google Wallet, BlueSnap, Sage Pay, Alipay, Braintree, PayPal and others. To finish a purchase, customers will look for suitable shipping options. BelVG will gladly integrate shipping services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, USPS, Worldship, or others meeting your needs into your Magento-based website.


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Magento 2 Integration

Looking for a way to protect your online store from technical issues? Even a minor bug may cause an inconvenience for your clients and affect your website reputation. A dissatisfied customer can leave negative reviews immediately. Creating a drama-free shopping experience, you invest in the future of your brand. Satisfied customers are likely to recommend your store to others, expanding your profit potential. This is the reason why it is so important to have a credible Magento 2 support partner to solve any problem without losses quickly. BelVG takes all the challenges that e-commerce websites bring with passion and excitement. Our Magento 2 support team ensures that any unexpected emergencies will be resolved before your customers take notice of them.


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Magento 2 support

Have not found ready-made Magento 2 extension for your online store? Our mission is to help our clients improve their business performance and reach their goals. If you are ready to use custom Magento 2 extensions developed to meet your demands, it is what you are looking for. Using custom Magento modules is the most effective way to help your website morph into a powerful sales channel. BelVG dedicated developer team is full of Magento enthusiasts who create powerful extensions. We are here to tailor custom Magento addons to fit your business regardless of its size or shape. Get access to administration, advertising, product management, checkout, social and other custom Magento 2 extensions developed for you. BelVG paves the way for you to leave the competitors behind.


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Custom Magento 2 Extension development

Still wondering how to make your website stand out in Google search?  SEO is the best way to maximize the Magento’s technical effectiveness and make your webstore more visible in the search results, increasing the customer flow from organic search. Search Engine Optimization may sound scary for the beginner, but do not let it hold you back. The BelVG team is passionate about the challenges that the webstores bring. Magento 2 SEO tools will increase your conversion rate and your online presence making your website more visible. Give your customers what they are looking for and increase your profit.


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Magento 2 SEO

Looking for a way to make your website user-friendly? Magento 2 Speed Optimization is exactly what you need. Keeping your Magento 2 webstore fast is one of the top tricks to keep customers staying longer on your website. Speed Optimization sufficiently improves their user experience. Just imagine an impatient client waiting for the page to load for minutes. The BelVG dedicated team will do our best to eliminate this problem, and make your website go faster to increase the conversion rate. With us, you will get a smooth and fast loading online store that provides your customers with an experience of unstoppable shopping.


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Magento 2 Speed optimization

Do you have technical issues with your online store? Need a piece of advice on how to smooth a website performance? For over 10+ years, since the early beginning of Magento platform, BelVG has been helping online stores with Magento 2 consulting and support. The BelVG team will gladly provide you any necessary help regarding Magento 2, and answer all the questions you might have. Reach out to us for Magento 2 consulting and receive practical advice on your website improvement. We offer only ready made solutions that work.


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Magento 2 consulting
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