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Magento integrations


If you decided to start your business from scratch or you would like to be ahead of your competitors and you do not want to waste your money on cms systems that do not work, Magento will be your perfect ecommerce system. Get customized tools and external integrations to cover all your challenges.


Magento is an open-source system that can be adapted to any business from small online stores to top Brands. Magento is open to any kind of improvements and customization. Explore your webstore potential with third-party integrations. What can BelVG do for you?

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Real-time management

Real-time management


Stop losing clients who turned to your competitors because of out-of-date information on your website. You are lucky if do not have this issue. But in case you face this problem, you should think about effective real-time management tools. Just think about the stuff that requires your special attention:


  • products descriptions in multiple languages;
  • prices in different currencies;
  • various tax systems;
  • out-of-stock status;
  • shipment options;
  • shipping costs;
  • qualified support.


Simplify your work by getting custom integrated solutions in your admin panel. Update your store to get real-time management with third party extensions.

Accounting software

Accounting software


Not satisfied with basic Magento accounting tools? Avoid financial problems, get rid of endless paperwork and cut down costs with accounting software integrations. Get everything done in your admin panel. Connect Magento website with your preferred accounting system to:


  • maximize profits;
  • track payments;
  • facilitate the work of your team.


Integrate an accounting software that you already work with into your online store and receive all the data you need in an accessible format. Zoho, SAP, Sage, Deltek, Dynamics 365 or QuickBooks Magento integration can solve this problem.

Other ecommerce platforms

Other ecommerce platforms


Do not limit your company development with just your online store. Running your business does not restrict to only your website. Google, Etsy, Amazon, eBay integration with Magento can be easily managed to provide you with alternative tools to sell products. Integration with world-famous online shopping platforms is a must for the successful development of your company in case you are carefully updating all the information provided: products price, description, inventory, quantity. But it is not easy to handle that amount of work efficiently. Is it possible to automate the process of updating your information?


When it comes to ecommerce platform integration BelVG is ready to enrich the shopping experience of your customers. Make your Brand and products visible in any place ensuring that customers get to the point at where they want to go in the world of ecommerce and enjoy online shopping. Manage Magento ecommerce platform integration in collaboration with our team.


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Advertising and promotion


Transform your business into a leading enterprise using the exciting power of advertising and promotion. From extending your client list to increasing engagement rates, everything is possible by integrating the world’s most powerful advertising tools with your Magento store. Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other ecommerce advertising campaign you are willing to use in your Brand promotion. We are ready to integrate them in your webstore and help your business increase the revenue.


As a group of creative and motivated individuals, we work with any tiny parts of your business to share our positive enthusiasm with user experience and your business challenges. Get most out of the promotion, create scalable and impressive campaigns, connect your audience. Be sure that each marketing dollar was not spent in vain. Double your profit and sales with advertising and promotion Magento integration.

Email marketing

Email marketing


Are you ready to expand your online business and drive more sales? Whether you have an already existing or brand new webstore, you can always increase engagement by launching an email marketing campaign. Solve issues with cart abandonment, promote your up-sell and cross-sell products by communication with customers and increase your customer loyalty. Ask for their feedback after the purchase, share your news and get positive reviews. Send targeted emails to your customers based on their past experience, personal shopping habits and behaviour and of course purchase history and former cart abandonment. Enrich your Magento store with MailChimp, Constant Contact, NCR Counterpoint, iContact, Marketo, AWeber, ConvertKit, GetResponse and any other email marketing services.


BelVG can develop third-party Magento email marketing integrations for the needs of your company to make sure your business gets a new push. With years of positive experience and in-depth knowledge of software and web development, we build and integrate automated emails to reach your audience.




Reach your clients at the exact moment they are undecided about making a purchase. Prevent them from spending extra time surfing the Internet in search of feedback about your products or brands. Your consumer feedback is the core of your Brand message. Any client-oriented business focuses on engagement and the quality of your products, services and a whole lot more to reach your audience. Such interaction will show you more than any conversion-driven marketing research conducted for you. Reviews are the most reliable tool to accelerate the purchase.


Get all the necessary integrations in your Magento admin panel review tools. Use the power of Yelp, BBB, Google reviews, Foursquare, Yotpo and Trustpilot to improve your customers shopping experience. Our motivated team armed with many years of experience will expand the creative development of your online business, ensuring that you get positive feedback from customers. Encourage buyers to share their opinion about your products and manage their reviews with no effort in a couple of clicks.




Ecommerce has always been about discounts, loyalty programs, promotional games and everything to push your customers in buying your products. You do not just sell – you create an unforgettable shopping experience to win their hearts and strengthen your Brand.
With the strong believe in a dynamic working strategy, BelVG is ready to turn your concepts into conversions. Get your business to become a global player with Magento integrated reward tools that put the power of your Brand in front of the profitable, conversion-ready audience creating immersive product-driven results. Use all the opportunities of the Magento platform to make your work as smart, convenient and time-saving as possible.


Our Team with creative minds and unlimited thirst for knowledge will integrate your loyalty and marketing apps into the admin panel to allow you schedule, monitor and assess all marketing activities with no other extra tool required for your Magento store.

CRM integration

CRM integration

Stop visiting endless business meetings about strategic vision of your online store. Learn to manage your customers needs, push key products, organize business contacts, monitor product listings, leads and customer acquisition opportunities. Nothing is more important than managing your company’s relationship with customers, both current and potential. The more time you spend to arrange and monitor the sales managers work, the less time you have for other tasks. Get out of wasting time by using a proper Magento integrated Customer Relationship Management system. Establish cooperation with customers, track their activities at the webstore, launch high-converting campaigns and turn your clients into brand ambassadors.


Which CRM system is suitable for you to use in helping you to increase your sales and lower your total costs? We will connect any CRM system to your online store, customize it and compliment with the features your business needs. Integrate your Magento with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, ZenDesk, Pipedrive, Oracle netsuite, Vtiger, Odoo, Navision, SuiteCRM, OroCRM or other systems with BelVG team full of creative thinking and advanced Magento CRM integration skills.

Payment systems

Payment systems


Want to avoid abandoned cart for your online store because you lack a suitable payment option? Provide your clients with a secure and convenient payment method process. Connect your online store to the world of international sales. Different currencies, payments by card, wallet or offline and subscription payments will not be a problem for you.


The more options you have, the better for your customer. Integrate all the pathways to purchase so that clients can make the most convenient choice. BelVG is ready to realise all your company business ideas and strategies without limitation. We deliver award winning Magento payment system integrations. Integrate Klarna, Google Wallet, Worldpay, PayU, Payflow, BlueSnap, Sage Pay, Venmo, Alipay, Braintree, PayPal, Stripe and Square with Magento-based online store. Open new boundaries for your brand as a global retailer with Magento payment system integration that put your business in front of the international audience from any part of the world.




Looking for a proper way to organize shipping? After you have sold your products, it is time to ship them. You should never leave your clients without a proper shipping option. Deliver your products to the right people at the right time. Provide your customers with the most reliable and flexible shipping systems to ensure the safe delivery on time your competitor couldn’t offer. Try to get an automated and flexible shipping tool.


With years of development experience, BelVG integrates Magento with FedEx, DHL, UPS, Doba, ShipStation, USPS, Worldship and other available third-party logistics into one system for your online store. Make the shipping process clear, transparent and safe, boost sales and simplify the shopping experience for the clients significantly. Get access to a global network of carriers and shipping companies. Scheduled or quick delivery is not a problem for you. Fulfill integration and configuration and turn the error-prone shipping process into the one-click option for your customers which thousands of online stores already have.

Inventory management

Inventory management


Stop getting complaints and negative reviews from clients after trying to purchase out-of-stock items. The balance between having too much or having too little of any products is very important for any online webstore. Finding the right number of items in stock together with the product information management is pivotal in webstore performance. Using specific software for warehouse management simplifies work significantly and makes it the easiest process for any manager.


BelVG offers both small and world famous brands like yours, Magento inventory management integration to improve performance for any online store. Whatever digital solution for stock management you need, SmartTurn, Stitch labs our developers will inbuilt it to your store. Integrate the most convenient and compatible with your business inventory management software, control the number of your products, streamline the process of product data updating and provide your clients with the best service they are looking for. We see our clients vision and challenges as our business goals.

Custom solution integration

Custom solution integration


What can you do to move your business forward? Magento is an industry-leading platform with unlimited both ready-made and custom solutions to build online stores with everything necessary for a successful ecommerce business. This world-renowned platform provides companies a simple, all-in-one tools to improve their business. With Magento custom solution integration, our group of dedicated developers builds online stores that offer you everything that you are searching to run a high performance online business.


BelVG Magento custom solution integrations created for small, mid-sized and large entreprises help them attract hundreds of people every day, generate thousands of dollars every month and increase the number of employees every year.
So if you are looking for custom Magento solution integration, our group of developers with passion, client-oriented approach, an eye for identifying opportunities and experience to turn them into a powerful digital strategy will do their best to lead your brand to success.


You have a vision - we help you to achieve it

Share your ideas for the future and start your journey with BelVG who are passionate for development.

Technical issues is a must

Specify the technical aspects of your webstore to develop a perfectly-match solution that will work properly with your online store.

Get everything done

We listen, discuss, follow and develop. We move from vision to execution, our developers turns concepts into integrations. We deliver innovative tools to solve your business challenge.

Testing and QA

With the respect to our clients BelVG provides bug-free Magento integrated solutions tested on local server to ensure its quality with the thirst for perfection by our developers.

New life to your Magento integrations

A new baby is born. Enjoy state-of-the-art and industry-leading integrated solutions for your business.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Get support and update after the next Magento version release. Our integrated solutions are compatible with other Magento extensions. They are tested and proven.

Why us

Certified development team

With over 15 years of combined experience our team value is to continuously learn and develop our knowledge. The significant part of our team has Zend, Magento and other certificates and are happy to share our skills and positive experience with the Magento community.

Clear processes

We know where you are at this point and where you want to move. We use clear and understandable agile principles for our clients. We value your ideas and are ready to put them into life.

Custom Magento integration

Want to get something special? We are here to invest your ideas in creating custom Magento integration solutions which have not previously existed. You have a vision and we are ready to realise it.

Qualified support

If you face issues, get possible error tickets, or need additional support, we are here to optimize your customer experience, ensuring that users do not face any problems and are able to point where they want to get, whilst shopping on your website. We are always ready to help our clients with the emergency issue that may appear.

Dedicated team - your partners and family

Our dedicated team is your family and our developers are members of your company. We use this approach for smooth transition of your tasks into the working business at any development stage. Whatever integration you need, we ensure that you will move forward after cooperation with us.

You want a tool, we offer the unique solution

Looking for tools to realise your marketing strategy to ensure that your company gets undiscovered opportunities for development. Get positive experience in developing integrations with banks software, shipping and logistics tools, payment systems. Just choose the right platform for you.

Education is our advantage

Trust your business to the developers with computer science degree. BelVG is serious about the employees level of education. Big or small, simple or complicated, we provide our clients with the most qualified help.

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