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Magento POS Integration

Magento POS integration
Magento Contribution Days in Munich
Sep 25, 2019859Dasha M.

The Magento Contribution Days are the events that take place around the world since early 2017. Back in a day, a group of top Magento core architects decided to launch a project that will help people to learn more about Magento 2 core. It is how the idea of Magento Contribution Days was born. Since then, these intensive hackathons have been helping the global Magento community reach new horizons and overcome ecommerce challenges.

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Magento Contribution Days in Munich
What is the process of website development? Steps, Ideas & Goals
Sep 20, 20192830Dasha M.

A website can do a much greater job for your business development than you think. At the same time, creating this website is not an easy process – it will require a lot of effort from your side. Getting on this path, you need a reliable partner to help you overcome all the challenges. A successful website can only appear based on smooth cooperation between the development team and a business owner.

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What is the process of website development? Steps, Ideas & Goals

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Each online retailer needs a tool to make better business decisions, avoid repetitive tasks, simplify daily processes, improve the customer experience, and so on. What if BelVG can integrate your Magento store with POS to solve all these issues? Use our top-notch services to boost your and the store’s efficiency.

Want to have a POS to run the entire business? Try LightSpeed Magento integration to sell your products both in-store and online, using only one tool. The software has integrated payment processing, loyalty program add-ons, inventory, stuff, multi-store management, advanced reporting, accounting, scheduling, payroll, and many more useful tools.

Looking for POS running on anything, including PC, Android, Mac, iPad, and more? The BelVG team provides to integrate a Magento store with Kounta, Epos Now, MicroBiz, uniCenta solutions flexible to different types of business. These are great platforms helping business owners to monitor their sales either through a smartphone or a laptop. To get details about each one, contact us right now!

If you need to run a cloud-based POS being able to access it online, we can integrate your Magento store with Revel POS Retail or Vend solutions. These POS offer tools to manage the customer experience, sales, as well as inventory and social media management functionalities, and many other useful things to improve your online business.

Just starting your retail store, and need a simple solution for a small company? Erply is a top solution for small-scale businesses. It has all the necessary POS tools to run a company and develop it into a profitable company. Having integrated Erply with your Magento store, you will enjoy CRM tools, email receipts, POS mobile app, integrated payments, pop-up support, as well as hardware and bluetooth peripheral support. All these can be easily integrated with your store with the help of the qualified BelVG team.

We also offer Celerant Magento and NCR Counterpoint integration services. The platforms have top inventory management tools used for reporting, loss prevention, variable pricing and much more. If your online store feels the lack of modern POS solutions, BelVG is always ready to remedy that!