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Magento Algolia Search Integration

Algolia Search Magento Integration

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Algolia search is quite quick and useful solution for your Magento store to be found by the customers while looking for the product you have for them. Sounds trivial? However, launching an e-commerce business in a present-day competition requires far more than just creating a website on a reliable platform as Magento is. To stand out among the all-possible webstore you need to have lots of features that encourages your business growth and surely get more and more clients.

Algolia is a helpful search engine API providing real-time results from the first keystroke. Being applied instead of the default Magento search it is capable to quickly connect the consumer with the relevant item they look for and that is available at your website. Going further, It is typo-tolerated that is an incredibly efficient for any type of products or even services. Integrated with your store, Magento Algolia Search will stimulate the consumer’s engagement, increase conversions and consequently scale up the total selling rates.

Interested in what is special about this search tool you need to know? There are some extra benefits like groundbreaking speed of showing results, even before the user finishes typing with a possibility to prioritise the products. Moreover, filters are automatically updated as users go searching. Also, you will be able to find their preferences and search requests history in an effective and easy-to-use dashboard.

BelVG team is a company aimed at making your life and the life of your customer a bot easier, and that is why we can deliver this particular integration to be compatible with your Magento web store. With an eye to matching specific needs of different customers, we configure and customize it to your e-commerce business to win not only the clients’ heart but instantly get into the grace if random users, as everybody value their time now as never before. If you need to be convinced or find the most perfect tool for your brand and scope of business, contact us and choose just what you need.