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Google Tag Manager Magento Integration

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Magento Google Tag Manager helps to improve search engine make right development decisions based not only your entrepreneur’s experience and brand’s vision, but also on valuable customer’s data it collects from every corner of the webstore. Implementing Google tag with Magento website, you will enable your admin panel to update and refine AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight and other tags and code snippets, yet with no need to change codes, therefore, no need to involve experts. This will free more time to elaborate on a unique marketing campaign to deploy even more attractive content to your site, yet make it possible to be found quickly and easily.


Moreover, Google Tag Manager contains a whole bunch of configuration and track options like page views, external links, scroll, 404 and YouTube tracking. And the list is far from over. Magento webstore is a perfect match to promote your product and scale up the revenues; however, such assistance is always beneficial when at hand.


Running an e-commerce business in a present-day competition in an all-embracing digital world. And creative marketing campaigns and proper product descriptions can be not enough. There are a great variety of features you can take advantage of using Google tag services. Trace the views of different categories like product views, transactions, coupon codes, etc. Using Google Tag Manager is an-easy-to-customize, easy-to upgrade and can create invisible guidance for the customer.


Our team of development experts and e-commerce enthusiasts is set to enhance your potential with the help of every tool suitable to your business’ needs and ready to provide support at every step of integration as well as long after the last detail has been polished up. We will guide you through the process, customize any tool you will find appropriate to your goals and can boost workflows across Magento integrations. BelVG prime aim is to bring new opportunities for your business to grow.