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Magento Epicor Integration

Epicor Magento Integration

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Are you ready to push your business boundaries to be adaptable to the online market of the future? Let us introduce an effective e-commerce solution that is more than just ERP software. Meet an easy-customizable and multifunctional Magento Epicor integration. It is a perfect tool to cause your e-commerce business to grow faster. Besides improved import and export process, Epicor integration facilitates and eases all kinds of management within the webstore, so you can cover the needs of a different aspect of the business.

Many companies and corporations have already benefited from integrating their Magento store and made running a business more effectively, yet effortlessly. BelVG can set everything in order before you even notice. When integrated with Magento webstore, you will eliminate manual data entry, streamline financial and product management as well as level up the relationships with customers. Epicor accelerates the information within the whole webstore as it allows every update and registration made in a customer’s profile to be instantly synced up across every channel. If it is not enough, you may do it manually and then configure its frequency. Furthermore, it also has tailored accounting, planning, inventory control tools and many more.

Going deeper into Epicor functionality BelVG team can help develop your business no matter what industry it occupies since Epicorn is perfectly fit for all sizes and marketplaces. It empowers your business with such benefits as strong and easy-to-use B2B an B2C channel support, reduces time-consuming operations, omnichannel pricing strategies with global trending opportunity. Epicor is one-of-a-kind accelerator that scales up the business activity and speeds up the data flow, therefore, website performance that is crucial for a successful e-commerce business.

It is not possible to establish ERP suitable for all types of e-commerce, however, BelVG experts know how to make the most of every detail and feature at the disposal, especially with such a universal software like Epicor is.