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Can I download your Magento Developer Certification book as PDF?

Yes, you can download every part of our Certification guide as PDF.

Where can I find official Magento Certification test questions?

You can find the test questions here. All you need is to fill out the form, choose the Magento exam you want to take and click on Download the form. The guide will be sent to your email address automatically. Besides, questions in our tutorial fully correspond to those in Magento Certification, so you don’t really have to search for the information anywhere else.

Are Magento Certification questions and answers available at the official Magento website?

Magento Certification questions are available on the official website. There is also a small quiz in the PDF that you can download there. To get it, fill out the contact form and receive the file by email. However, the answers to the questions are not available there and you are supposed to find them yourself or with the help of third-party guides.

How to pass Magento Certification Exam?

To pass the exam, you need the score of 63% or higher, depending on the certification. You are also supposed to have enough real-world experience with Magento. The preparation normally takes several months for an experienced developer.

Where can I find the Magento tutorial for beginners step by step?

We provide a free detailed tutorial with all the answers but you still need some real life experience with Magento to pass the exam. So, if you’re a complete beginner and have no Magento experience at all, it will be hard for you to pass the exam at first try.

Is your Magento Certification study guide free?

Yes, our Magento Developer Certification book is free for anyone to read and download.

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