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How to launch an international online store? Join the ranks of successful digital entrepreneurs and start your business with PrestaShop. Due to its open-source architecture, scalability and hundreds of available modules and themes, this top-rated online retail solution is an appropriate choice for web stores of any scale, type and industry, from products for kids to computer equipment.


What are the suitable ways to launch a webstore? When the business idea is clear and an outstanding ecommerce platform is selected, all you need is to choose the team to build your webstore. In this case the only way is to hire certified dedicated PrestaShop developers to launch your online store easily. It is one of the ways to accelerate your PrestaShop website development and introduce all the required improvements in a specified timeframe and fix the tiny issues, preventing them from escalating to global-sized problems. Let the team provide for you a full range of services, from ecommerce platform updates to bespoke module development. All you need is to take care of your website promotion and marketing strategies.


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Why hire dedicated PrestaShop developers

We are PrestaShop experts_img

We are PrestaShop Experts


What about the level of expertise of the developers? Is it important to work with experts or you are ready to trust your webstore to newbies? If the level of the developers’ expertise for you is valuable and taking into account when selecting a PrestaShop development partner, then BelVG is that certified and highly-skilled ecommerce developer you were looking for. Our team is our greatest value, and we realize the importance of investing into professional development of every single member of our team. An experienced and skilled ecommerce developer is the one you need to upgrade the expertise level of your team.


We believe that development and growth is impossible without experience as well as permanent enthusiasm for growth and perfection. With up to 100 per cent of university graduates in our team, we constantly strive to gain new knowledge and improve our work-related skills. We support our clients’ success and work hard to push their online shops forward. Turn to PrestaShop certified developers to create your ecommerce website and develop it beyond what you thought was ever possible before.


The team is one family


Family has always been about respect, understanding, support and sharing based on trust and cooperation. All these basic principles are laid in the foundation of our team. We started as a small group of PrestaShop enthusiasts and grew to the team of dedicated developers devoted to our work. It is truly inspiring to work with people who share your vision, level of expertise and aspiration to develop as a person. Looking for a reliable PrestaShop developer to create a webstore you envisioned? We are here to help you. Stable, long lasting and mutual partnership with clients is our primary goal. We dive into our clients’ business environment, explore every tiny detail of it in order to legitimately offer the right solution, customised and efficient. We work to achieve success both for yourselves and us and we do everything to make our clients happy and are set on overcoming any challenges we may face in our journey. In a nutshell, for BelVG, it is not just about PrestaShop development, it is more about the values and ideas we share and are determined to follow through to the end. And our ultimate goal is to deliver the best ecommerce solutions based on ground-breaking and techniques developed by experts.

We are open to the world

We are open to the world


It is impossible to run a successful online store without understanding the ins and outs of PrestaShop performance. When was the last time you were surfing the internet to get an answer about PrestaShop? Did you find the solution you were looking for and was the result credible and comprehensive? It would be great to get all reliable answers in one place now.


We have been working with PrestaShop since it came into being and we are true PrestaShop enthusiasts to share our expertise and knowledge we have accumulated over the years to the PrestaShop community. Discover the hidden PrestaShop insights and learn how to fix whatever problem with our PrestaShop blog. We are excited to share every piece of our PrestaShop expertise with all developers and retailers. Get access to the clear step-by-step technical tutorials, deep analytical articles and practical case studies.


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Multi-store development

Multi-store development


When one market, one language and one currency is not big enough for you, create a future-oriented multi-store. Share your vision with the dedicated BelVG development team and we will power it up with our PrestaShop expertise, creating a unique online store with the customer-centered and notable shopping experience. Think beyond the limitations of your mind and build your international business with dedicated PrestaShop development team. Do not limit your Brand with one country. Open your business to the world.

PrestaShop theme development - img

PrestaShop theme development


How to attract customers to your online store? If your website does not use the latest trends in UI/UX designs your customers will notice your antiquated approach and move over to your competitors. Unique and eye-catching store design is the answer to gaining superiority when vying for customer attention. Attractive and remarkable store themes combined with modern and easy features is the key to success. With dedicated PrestaShop designers and experienced front end developers on our team, we deliver design solutions that attract, engage and sell more. There are no features our team is unable to implement to move your online store ahead.

PrestaShop data migration - img

PrestaShop data migration


Not satisfied with the current ecommerce platform? Thinking about moving to PrestaShop? In the process of migrating from one ecommerce platform to another, secure data migration is the key part of any migration process. Hire dedicated PrestaShop developers to manage the migration procedure. Forget about loss of order history, clients information and passwords – BelVG team will keep the integrity of customers’ data and your business information, paying attention to the tiniest details. With BelVG, you can rest assured nothing is lost.


PrestaShop QA & testing services


There are so many things that can go wrong and backfire in your PrestaShop store – bugs in the code, security issues, incompatibility with devices and browsers, and so on. Even the smallest thing can ruin the reputation of your business. Forget about secure and technical problems and contact BelVG dedicated QA developers to test any tiny part of your PrestaShop webstore. We will make sure it works without any errors, will not be lacking in any area regarding security and is compatible with every device and browser. Provide your clients with a smooth shopping experience and prevent your business from getting negative reviews with us.

PrestaShop template customization - img

PrestaShop template customization


Are you satisfied with the way your webstore looks? Do you think it needs to be improved, updated or even restyled? Turn to BelVG and we will customize your webstore template, making it stand out amongst your competitors. There is nothing our team of dedicated PrestaShop designers and developers can not do, and no task is either too large or too small for us – we will add a new block, integrate a video to the product or even create a bespoke checkout page. BelVG skillful designers will turn your webstore into a true ecommerce masterpiece.

PrestaShop support & maintenance services_img

PrestaShop support & maintenance


How healthy is your webstore? Is it operating effectively, to its fullest capacity? BelVG is willing to assist you with PrestaShop store management and will be here for you in case you are in need of a helping hand. We have been creating PrestaShop stores since 2008, and over these 10 years we have discovered all the ins and outs, hidden possibilities and challenges of this platform; now, BelVG team can solve any PrestaShop problem with our eyes closed. Let BelVG dedicated PrestaShop support team take the matters of your store maintenance in their hands, so that you can concentrate on the growth of your business.

Our PrestaShop Development Expertise - img

Our PrestaShop Development Expertise


Since the beginning, BelVG has been trying to go beyond the limits in what we set out to do – PrestaShop development, customization and support. We have created dozens of webstores and hundreds of modules and themes for PrestaShop. We have delivered the most top-notch and efficient PrestaShop solutions for online businesses of all industries. Perfection can never be reached as there is always room for further improvement. We still have a thirst for new experiences and skills to improve ourselves every day and to continue forward our PrestaShop development journey.

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There is no way to achieve success without a plan. We turn your vision in ecommerce development into technical specifications and go step by step to achieve the ultimate goal.

Step 3

Ready, steady, go

Let’s get down to webstore development. We are ready to implement all features and put life behind your most bold ideas. We are here to move your plan into action.

Step 4

We are your team members

We know how important your webstore is. We treat your business as our own. We will be with you every step of the way and will keep a close look on the status of your project.

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Be sure in success

Every webstore we deliver goes through the back end and front end tests to avoid any bugs and errors. We do online bug-free stores with respect to our clients.

Step 6

Here your story begins

With our experience and passion for PrestaShop, we deliver your webstore just the way you had in mind in your original concept and even better. Now it is your turn to put life into your business ideas and win the market.

Step 7

There is always room for improvement

We are always here to make your webstore a better place for online shopping and enrich its functionality with the newest PrestaShop features and updates. We provide our clients with the latest security patches to make sure your webstore is as safe as possible and open to new features.

Review - SallingDk



Review - SallingDk

Why us

Build stores with a dream team

Get PrestaShop certified developers in your team. Bring your webstore to success together with our guys who will be with you from the start to completion of your project.

Safety goes first

We treat our clients as our family and build relationships based on trust and respect. We share your values and we will do the best to save your business secrets.

No way to stop

Life is nothing without education and unstoppable self-development. With all our experience in PrestaShop development we think that it is only a great start for further improvement to show our skills and experience with our clients.

We work for your success

Latest PrestaShop achievements and effective techniques is just the start for your webstore success. We will help you fulfill the goals you wish to achieve and the values you wish to share with the world.

Setting up a health & beauty online store is an exciting but at the same time challenging task. Such shops, heavily rely on customers’ sensory input, like feel, touch and smell, which is, obviously, impossible to convey via the Internet. Therefore, health & beauty ecommerce must rely on other, more sophisticated ways to provide a credible user experience. PrestaShop ecommerce platform embeds has all the necessary features to win through in this industry, like various media integrations, sales and customers segmentation, mobile-friendliness and many others. And with the expert BelVG dedicated team, PrestaShop development process has never been so easy and focused on the client, what they want and how to achieve their goals. Know more about BelVG experience in health & beauty website development here.

Health & Beauty

Want to establish a full-scale ecommerce website or a growth-oriented retail chain? Due to its advanced flexibility and customizable retail flow, PrestaShop is the solution that will ensure the best of results whichever direction you decide to follow. Choose BelVG dedicated development and our expert team will be with you all the way to bring your vision to life, equip your business with the best online retail features, like chatbots or shopping guide apps, and support your store in case challenges or vulnerabilities occur. Hire dedicated PrestaShop developers to improve your online business. Find out more information about our retail projects here.

Retail & Ecommerce

Security is a must in a Banking & Finance industry, and PrestaShop is one of the most reliable and safe ecommerce platforms, which makes it the perfect choice for your future ecommerce businesses. Turn to BelVG for a dedicated finance and banking PrestaShop development. Due to its open source architecture and flexibility, you can choose for any payment gateway, like PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net and so on, to be integrated into your PrestaShop website. With PrestaShop certified developers in the team, you will be able to turn your online store to become a leading light in your specific industry. Learn more about banking & finance website we created here.

Banking & Finance

Thinking about launching a webstore that will sell services for travel & tourism? This type of online webstores must have certain specific features, like detailed search filters and predictive search, loads of fields for media content, dynamic pricing and outstanding calendars, and, obviously, customer reviews section, the larger and more manifold the better. Contact BelVG ecommerce experts to create a powerful webstore your customers will love. Use all PrestaShop benefits to show your services in the best way and convert visitors into customers. Get to know more about travel & tourism website development at our portfolio.

Travel & Tourism

Earn more customers, leave your competitors behind and enrich your media & entertainment webstore functionality with innovative PrestaShop features. With your vision and our PrestaShop development expertise combined, together we will create the ecommerce platform to personalize your customers shopping experience and win their hearts. Cooperate with BelVG to create a lively, interactive and engaging entertainment website. BelVG PrestaShop developers have worked in different business spheres, media in particular, and are always eager to share their experience and help our clients to develop their online store. Learn more about our PrestaShop expertise here.

Media & Entertainmen

Success has always been about education and personal development, so there is high demand for educational and online learning websites globally. Yet bear in mind that the success of your education and e-learning webstore depends not only on the quality of content, but also on how the knowledge is presented and organized. PrestaShop is a wonderfully functional solution, perfectly suitable for that purpose, and BelVG is ready to assist you and your business on the road to success. With special attention to the unique qualities of your business, we will deliver the most appropriate ecommerce solutions. Find out how we have already helped PrestaShop merchants here.

Education & E-learning
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