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BelVG has been working with PrestaShop since 2010. We are official PrestaShop experts and have experience building, maintaining and upgrading PrestaShop websites. The team consists of middle and senior developers with 3-14 years in ecommerce who can help you set up a robust online store.



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Dedicated PrestaShop Developers


How to launch a profitable online business? Begin the story of your brand with PrestaShop and join the community of successful digital entrepreneurs. Open-source architecture, high level of scalability and hundreds of available modules and themes make PrestaShop platform a top-rated online retail solution. Regardless of what industry your company works for, how many employees you have or how high your revenue is – PrestaShop works for everyone.


What do you need to do to get a top online store? First, you make your business goal clear and pick a reliable ecommerce platform that can help you to reach this goal. Then, you need to find a knowledgeable team to create a webstore, opening the door to the ecommerce world for your brand. Certified PrestaShop developers are the right choice if you want to launch a website without any problems. An experienced dedicated development team will ensure your online store receives all of the necessary functional features and trending design within the set timeframe. Let dedicated PrestaShop developers handle ecommerce challenges for you.

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Why hire dedicated PrestaShop developers

We are PrestaShop experts_img

We are PrestaShop Experts


Is the development team’s level of expertise critical? Flattering descriptions and words can promise a lot but if you take website development seriously, you will look for knowledge proven by certificates and the reviews of hundreds of satisfied customers. BelVG believes in the value of experience. Working with such an innovative ecommerce solution as PrestaShop, you are never allowed to put personal growth on pause.


BelVG invests in the professional development of every single member of our team as much as they invest their enthusiasm in every project they work on. We are proud to say that up to 100 per cent of our team members are university graduates. As well as we support and reward the achievements of our employees, we move our customers and their brands forward. Turn to PrestaShop certified developers to create an ecommerce website of your dreams.


We are not just co-workers, we are a family


Looking for an ecommerce partner you can enjoy working with? Our work environment is based on mutual respect, understanding, trust and support. BelVG started as a small group of PrestaShop enthusiasts and we worked hard to become what we are today – the dedicated development team with over one hundred members. All of us find inspiration in working together with people who share our vision, level of expertise and strive for personal development. Need a reliable PrestaShop developer to bring an online store of your dreams into reality? BelVG is here to introduce you our primary goal – a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership with clients.


We learn about your business and every minor detail matters when we offer an efficient custom solution that fits with your brand and its style precisely. BelVG works to achieve mutual success for our team and our clients. Enthusiastically overcoming ecommerce challenges, we are happy to get a new task to solve. Our work is not only about coding and PrestaShop development, but it is also about the values and ideals we share. The BelVG team is growing, but our approach remains personal: every client becomes a valued member of our big family.

We are open to the world

We are open to the world


Still searching online for solutions to make your PrestaShop store operate smoothly? It is impossible to run an online store successfully without understanding the ins and outs of PrestaShop performance. Remember that not all the solutions you find online are trustworthy. With BelVG, you can get reliable, comprehensible answers whenever you need.


We have been working with PrestaShop since the start of this platform and we are genuine ecommerce enthusiasts who want to share our expertise and knowledge with the world. Discover the hidden PrestaShop insights and get a shoulder to rely on if anything goes wrong. BelVG is excited to help developers and retailers explore the numerous PrestaShop advantages. With us, you get access to the clear step-by-step technical tutorials, analytical articles and case studies that we have developed.


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Multi-store development

Multi-store development


Feeling limited by one market, one language and one currency? It is about time to create a future-oriented multi-store. Share your brand development vision with the dedicated PrestaShop team and we will power your ideas with our expertise. BelVG does not go for one-size-fits-all solutions and analyses the market you want to enter before creating an outstanding webstore. Think beyond the limits and build a profitable international business with a dedicated PrestaShop development team. Let your brand reach new horizons and open your business to the world.

PrestaShop theme development - img

PrestaShop theme development


Wondering how to attract new customers to your online store? Without the latest UI/UX design elements, this goal is almost unapproachable. The webstore with a dated design does not look credible in the eyes of your potential customers. Do not give them an opportunity to think that you do not care. The eye-catching online store design is the best weapon in the fight for customer attention. Attractive PrestaShop themes coupled with its modern features will win this fight for your brand. Our dedicated PrestaShop designers and Front End developers with their experience and creative ideas help BelVG deliver design solutions that attract, engage and sell. Nothing can stop us in our desire to move your brand forward.

PrestaShop data migration - img

PrestaShop data migration


Do not see your brand’s future with your current ecommerce platform? PrestaShop is a choice of innovators who do not see life without growth. It is a forward-looking solution that has already helped thousands of online retailers to become global players. Want to reach new horizons and migrate your old ecommerce platform to PrestaShop? Do not let the difficulty of the migration process scare you. If you want to keep your data safe, you should hire dedicated PrestaShop developers to manage a secure data migration for you. You do not have to worry about the loss of order history, client data or passwords – the BelVG dedicated development team will keep an eye on every minor piece of information. With us, you can rest assured that nothing is lost.


PrestaShop QA & testing services


Are you ready to handle webstore bugs, security issues, incompatibility with devices or browsers on your own? Even some small issue could ruin your business reputation if it remains unnoticed and unresolved. Contact BelVG dedicated QA developers for PrestaShop webstore support, and forget about technical issues. We will ensure the online store’s smooth operation without any errors keeping your data safe. Let your customers enjoy unstoppable shopping experience and fast-loading pages.

PrestaShop template customization - img

PrestaShop template customization


Are you satisfied with the way your webstore looks? If you think that it needs to be improved, updated or even restyled, turn to BelVG – with us you will understand what the word customization truly means. We will make sure your website gets all the deserved attention and stands out among the competitors. Our dedicated PrestaShop designers and developers have never faced a task that they could not handle. We see every ecommerce challenge as a lesson we can learn from. BelVG can manage website redesign even if your online store did not see any changes since the internet was invented. We add new content blocks, integrate videos to the products and even create selling checkout pages. Our skillful designers will turn your webstore into a true ecommerce masterpiece.

PrestaShop support & maintenance services_img

PrestaShop support & maintenance


Are you sure your online store is healthy? If you have a feeling that it does not operate with maximum efficiency, BelVG can put our expertise to work and evaluate the performance of your website for you. We have been creating PrestaShop stores since 2008, and over the years, we have discovered all the pros and cons of this platform. Thanks to this knowledge and experience we have gained, the BelVG team is able to fix any kind of issue you may have with your PrestaShop-based online store. Let our dedicated PrestaShop support team take care of your store maintenance and let you concentrate on your business growth.

Our PrestaShop Development Expertise - img

Our PrestaShop Development Expertise


BelVG always strives to go beyond the limits in the services we provide – PrestaShop development, customization and support. We have launched dozens of PrestaShop online stores and created hundreds of modules and themes for this ecommerce platform. BelVG sees its job in providing businesses worldwide with the most top-notch and efficient PrestaShop solutions. We know that reaching perfection is close to impossible but at the same time believe that choosing PrestaShop is the way to get closer to it. Our PrestaShop development journey is an ongoing source of new experiences and ecommerce challenges that keep our job exciting. Do not pick a website you like, pick a professional developer – the best dedicated Prestashop developers can create outstanding websites.


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How it works with us

Let’s get started

Ready to create a place for unforgettable shopping? Let’s discuss your ideas and find a way to make them work.

With attention to details

Do not rely on mere luck – success requires a decent plan. We back your ecommerce vision by technical solutions and take a step by step approach to achieve your ultimate goal.

Ready, steady, go

We get down to webstore development. It’s time to install all the features and breathe life into your future online store. Let your ecommerce shine bright with BelVG.

We are members of your team

Our development team treats your business as our own. Getting a new website is both exciting and stressful at the same time – and we know that keeping you in the dark about the process is not fair. BelVG makes sure to inform you about every detail.

Success is getting closer

Every webstore we deliver goes through the various Back End and Front End tests to avoid any bugs or errors. We value our clients and the efforts made to create a perfect online store – BelVG does not let any glitch spoil the project.

Here your story begins

Now it is your time to take advantage of the outstanding PrestaShop functionality. We place in your hands a powerful webstore created with deep appreciation of your business ideas. Make sure to use it right and it will help you win the market.

Long live your webstore

After the website is launched, we remain the ecommerce friend you can always rely on. The latest PrestaShop security patches coupled with the functionality updates ensures your ecommerce business will thrive for a long while.

Review - SallingDk



Review - SallingDk

Why us

We build dreams

Get PrestaShop certified developers on your team. We’ve helped hundreds of amazing online businesses be heard.

Security first

We treat our clients as our family and build relationships based on trust and respect. BelVG shares your values, keeping your data and business ideas safe.

A working day is never over

Retailers who let their online stores go with the flow after development, risk losing their ecommerce customers. Continuous support is what you need to ensure smooth and uninterrupted online shopping.

Your success is our job

Launch of a fresh new PrestaShop online store is just the beginning of a long journey for any brand looking to succeed. We believe a customer’s loyalty begins with a developer’s loyalty. And we are ready to prove our loyalty to you – and hope to earn yours in return.

Setting up a PrestaShop health & beauty online store is an exciting but challenging task. Physical shops in this industry heavily rely on customers’ sensory input, like feel, touch and smell. Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide these feelings via the internet yet. Therefore, health & beauty ecommerce must rely on other, more sophisticated means to make products look credible in the eyes of a customer. The PrestaShop ecommerce platform possesses all of the necessary features to create a winning webstore within this industry. It provides various media integrations, customer segmentation, mobile-responsiveness and other features required for health and beauty PrestaShop websites. With the expert BelVG dedicated team, the development process is easy and client-focused as never before. Learn more about BelVG’s experience in health & beauty website development here.

Health & Beauty

Want to establish a full-scale ecommerce website or a growth-oriented retail chain? PrestaShop for retail and ecommerce is the solution with advanced flexibility and customizable retail flow that delivers results. When you choose PrestaShop development by BelVG, our expert team will become your ecommerce partner for the long run. We equip your store with the best online retail features, like chatbots or shopping guide apps, and we support your business regardless of what challenges or issues may occur. Hire dedicated PrestaShop developers to help your brand shine brightly. Find out more information about our retail projects here.

Retail & Ecommerce

In the banking & finance industry, security is the main concern. PrestaShop is proud to be one of the most reliable and safe ecommerce platforms. Turn to BelVG for dedicated PrestaShop development for your finance & banking business. Open-source architecture and a high level of flexibility of this ecommerce platform allows you to pick any payment gateway integration, including PayPal, Klarna, Authorize.Net, BlueSnap and others. PrestaShop-based websites meet the needs of any user. Let our certified developers turn your banking & finance online store into an industry leader as we’ve done for other businesses. Learn more about our experience here.

Banking & Finance

Want to launch a PrestaShop website for your travel & tourism business? You should be aware that the online stores operating in this field require a number of specific features, including detailed search filters and predictive search, dynamic pricing, customer review sections, and many others – the more you give – the more you get! Reach out to the BelVG PrestaShop ecommerce experts to create a powerful webstore your customers will fall in love with. Make all of the functions work to your benefit and convert occasional website visitors into loyal customers. Learn more about the PrestaShop travel and tourism ecommerce websites we’ve created here.

Travel & Tourism

Earn new customers, leave your competitors behind and enrich your media & entertainment PrestaShop website’s functionality with innovative features. Your vision combined with our PrestaShop development expertise will create an ecommerce masterpiece. Build an innovative media & entertainment business providing personalized user experience that will help you win the audience over. BelVG isn’t about plain, simple solutions, we create interactive and engaging entertainment websites. BelVG PrestaShop developers have extensive experience working with many different kinds of businesses, particularly media companies. And are always eager to share the knowledge we’ve gained from this work — with our customers. Learn more about our PrestaShop expertise here.

Media & Entertainmen

Success has always been about education and personal development. There’s a high demand for educational and online learning websites globally. However, the success of your education and e-learning website depends not only on the quality of the classes that you offer. Another important aspect is how the content is presented and organized on your website pages. PrestaShop is a functional content management solution, perfectly suitable to e-learning websites. People want to feel comfortable when they use an online education platform. We will help you to select a PrestaShop education and e-learning theme that will ensure the visual satisfaction of your students. BelVG is ready to marry your ideas with PrestaShop functionality. With appreciation for the unique qualities of your education business, we’ll gladly help you spread the knowledge. Find out how we have already helped PrestaShop merchants here.

Education & E-learning
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