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Magento Stripe Integration

Stripe Magento Integration

Magento vs Shopify: Full Comparison Review

Aug 10, 20215825Tanya Shyrma

Magento and Shopify are well-known technologies used by Ecommerce businesses. No wonder it is hard to choose the one for your online store. To help you decide if you need Shopify or Magento, we prepared a full comparison review. It covers the functionality, price, and scalability of the two platforms: choose wisely and earn more.

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Magento vs Shopify: Full Comparison Review

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Want to own the leading ecommerce brand? Looking for a way to empower your Magento online store? The ecommerce market provides lots of useful solutions for either small and middle or large-scale companies. Every business owner can find lots of CMS, ERP, document management and payment solutions. All you need is to integrate the required software into your Magento store. How to do it? BelVG offers a wide range of Magento integration services, among which you can find everything you need to run a profitable business!


If you want to enjoy software to accept payments and manage your online store online, you need to integrate Stripe into your Magento store. The solution has everything you need to run an internet business. Having this Magento integration, you can accept a wide range of payment options, including international currencies, wallets, and credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and others. Stripe supports over 100 currencies, as well as AliPay, ApplePay, GooglePay, Bitcoin and many more. Stripe Magento integration is the right decision if you want to sell your products globally. Stripe has lots of features which can be useful for all types of businesses. With this Magento integration, the BelVG clients will be able to use a UI toolkit to create custom payments forms for desktop or phone. The solution has an embeddable checkout system, in-person payments, invoicing, and many other Stripe sources. Using Stripe, you also can build your checkout form to improve the payments service on your online store.


Want to know more about Magento Stripe integration? Contact our support service to get all the details of the integration process, pricing, get information on Stripe functionality and options, as well as to know more about any other Magento integrations. BelVG always works to improve its Magento integration services and provides its clients with the best solutions on the market. Contact us to build a successful online store that stands out among the leading ecommerce competitors!