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Magento Support Services


Do you need Magento support? Or is it simply a waste of money? Get your business message to hundreds or thousands of active online customers. When you are running a profitable ecommerce website, a bug-free performance is a core value along with a design and marketing strategy. You are investing a lot of time and effort into your online store promotion and running marketing research to attract loyal customers. But all that work will be in vain if your customers get stuck when adding products to their shopping carts or when trying to pay — because of a non-responsive payment system. And this is not the only issue that may happen with your online store. You might also get many negative reviews which can ruin your customer’s loyalty and your reputation in just one day. But this is not the end of your business because you can get top-notch support — just as a mother looks after their child. Online shopping has already become a rather complicated issue to run on your own. Rely on experienced Magento developers to constantly monitor your website. All you need is to raise your business ecommerce readiness and be sure there will be somebody to keep an eye on your online store at all times.

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Dedicated Project Manager


What is your ultimate goal? Do you want to manage your business and make it work properly or do you want to be dealing with technical issues when something bad happens? The answer seems to be obvious to any business owner. Everybody wants to have a shoulder to cry on and someone who will handle all the technical details of your online store.


Let our dedicated support manager become a family member for your team. We keep an eye on any technical issues your site may face. We maintain your online store, review it for possible downtime issues when your site is not accessible for customers, monitor site performance to identify possible problems and send alerts to provide solutions to fix them. Your dedicated manager will do everything to oversee and prevent any problems. Their main task is to deal with outside Magento developers, people who do integrations and extensions providers, and create a bug free environment for your online store. With our dedicated Project manager services, you’ll have no more headaches due to technical issues you don’t know how to fix.


Dedicated Magento Support Team


Are you ready to bring your message to the world? For large scale international and nationwide companies, technical issues become a matter of reputation as competition is fierce nowadays. Every tiny problem detected by customers and other visitors could cost you thousands or even millions in losses, which is crucial for your future business development. Do not ruin your positive image in one day.


Just think about how a dedicated support team could save the health of your business. When you are involved in a high volume business, it’s not enough to have only one support expert to manage and care about your company. Rely on a dedicated support team who are top class professionals in all technical issues of your online store. Let them become a part of your business. With years of experience they know how to prevent issues — which is our primary goal. We follow the latest updates and work in close cooperation with other team members. Our main task is not to give solutions to problems but to make sure problems do not happen. We know how to do that!

Rapid Security Patch Implementation and Updates

Rapid Security Patch Implementation and Updates


Magento was born with ecommerce in mind. It provides people with the highest level of online shopping. Magento keeps in constant motion to make this platform better. With every patch and update, you find a way to create a safe and unforgettable shopping environment for every webstore visitor.


Be sure you have no technical issues with credit card information or Ransomware and Malware. These issues are of vital importance to all shapes and sizes of business. We work to prevent them from happening. Our main goal is to protect your online store. Being a certified Magento partner, we are the first to know about the latest security patches and inform our clients about releases within 24 hours. With respect and special care to our clients’ vulnerability to security and technical issues, we are here to do our best to provide them with swift updates and latest patches within 72 hours. Get access to the recent Magento security patches and updates. Be sure everything will be installed to keep your online store working.


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A Day Scan for Vulnerabilities

Day Scan for Vulnerabilities


Get access to a fully impartial technical scan for vulnerabilities in just a day. Ready to get an ad-hoc report? Why are online stores looking for such services? Website health monitoring is a day-by-day task for every business owner. Are you sure you have enough knowledge and experience to assess your webstore from any angle? Get a fast response to all technical insights about your online store after searching for possible technical issues.


Rely on certified Magento developers armed with 15 years of successful Magento development experience. We are here to scan and test any tiny feature and possible weaknesses of your online shop and to make your clients shopping experience as pleasant as possible. We review and estimate your site in comparison with competitors to detect and eliminate any drawbacks. You receive a report containing all possible technical issues with your ecommerce website and ready-to-use plan of actions for implementation. When you experience performance issues, we test and provide effective solutions.

Daily monitoring performed by a support manager

Daily Monitoring Performed by Support Managers


Find out what is going on with your website at this very moment. Running an online store means multitasking: supplier monitoring, information update, warehouse management, loyalty programs and other marketing activities. And this is just your daily routine. You can just drown in such a flow of data and make a mistake which you may not notice. Small mistakes can lead to huge problems.


If you cannot monitor your website 24/7, rely on professionals to do so. Get access to robust support of your online store that never ceases. With professional developers and dedicated project managers, you will be always aware of the status of your webstore. We keep an eye on your website performance while you are busy establishing relationships with your clients. Don’t allow annoying technical problems to limit your business development. Stimulate the growth of your brand and we will take over your online store. Leave all your fears behind and let us do daily monitoring and support to improve your business.

First Priority Response Magento Support

First Priority Response


Bad things may happen. Problems with hosting providers, technical issues, hacker attacks or your online store may crash. The only way to fix these issues is to rely on qualified professional support. But how long will it take to respond to your report? Plenty of Magento extensions, custom integrations with payment and shipping systems, or any other synchronized processes in your admin panel can cause technical issues which require special attention.


Get a response to all problems by experienced Magento developers by a phone call, email or any other source of communication convenient for. This will allow you to get an answer to all possible questions, to get problems fixed within several minutes and to make your online store run again. We treat our clients as our family. There is no difference for us, whatever issue you may have, whether it’s small or large, important or minor, you can be sure that we will consider your every problem an urgent one. Our main goal is to fix any flaw your webstore has and do everything possible to prevent it from happening again.

Magento audit

Magento Сode Audit


Does it make any difference for you what platform is used for your webstore? The only thing that matters for business development is that the core of your website should keep working smoothly without any technical issues. But sometimes problems may appear as your online store is a “magic” created by different Magento developers. Not every issue is plain to see. Being a successful webstore owner does not turn you into an experienced developer who understands the ins and outs of your webstore.


We know Magento in its tiny details and are ready to assemble everything on the online store — as if it were part of a puzzle. Too, we carefully audit your webstore code to find any issues that may appear. Based on your business goals we check your code for technical issues, including Magento extensions, third-party integrations, custom inbuilt tools and their compatibility. You will receive a detailed report containing your current status, comparison with your competitors and industry leaders and hands-on recommendations to implement to ensure your webstore is invincible.

Our process

With respect to security issues

We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect confidentiality and loss of company secrets. You can trust us. We do not share your secrets.

Let’s get down to work

As a start of future cooperation we ask our clients to give us access to their store to make it easy for us to start work from our side. You share login information – we provide you with the highest level of service.

No job done without backup

Taking care of our clients, we understand that caution is the parent of safety. Be sure there will be no data loss. We will backup all your products, content, images, price rules, order history, and navigation layout, so you could restore them anytime.

It is time for Magento store audit

We will go deep into the essence and every single detail of your online store. From code to theme and layout, we will audit your webstore from every angle to find all possible room for improvement.

You have issues, we have solutions

We will identify the most critical problems which affect your website performance and provide step-by-step instructions to solve them. We respect our clients and their businesses.

Let’s join the game

No one knows your ecommerce business better than you. Once you have received a full health report, you can identify starting points to change your online store for the better. We are here to join the game and meet all challenges.

Ready for work

You have a concept in mind for your online store development, we’ve been professional experts in Magento web development since Magento made its first steps. You trust us to change your webstore for the better.

Why us

We maintain a near 100% client satisfaction rating

We love Magento development and know how to do it well. Find our positive reviews and happy client testimonial on our site, and on Clutch, Upwork and on other trusted platforms.

Meet Magento Certified Developers

With a thirst for knowledge and further development, we are always willing to learn, improve our skills and discover the unknown. We test and prove our knowledge every day. We have 23 Magento certified developers on our team. And this is just a beginning.

With love and respect to our clients

Our client is the core part of our family. In the event of any issues, you can contact us directly to overcome all challenges.

Personalized Magento support

Meet the team who treat you with care. We are working to establish personalized support and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We are not just partners, we are family and we are always here to help.

No strings attached

With respect to our client needs, we understand that you can cancel any time. Let us stay friends and meet again in the future.

No project management fees

We work to improve your webstore and lead your company to success, not for the sake of your money. You pay only for your online store development and support without additional project managers fees.

Pay only for the time you use

We offer a client-oriented approach to support management. You pay only for the services which you receive. There are no hidden payments. We build working relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

We are always online

24/7 support is the road to success. No matter where you are and what time it is now, we are always here to help you.

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