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Magento DHL Integration

DHL Magento Integration

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Looking for the best solutions for your growing business? Need to integrate something to boost sales and reach the global market? You have a great solution – Magento integrations. Having integrated your Magento store with a top-notch solution, you can enjoy all the functions of the software without any limits. Business owners can empower their websites, using functional warehouse and inventory apps, search and social networks integrations, business software and shipping services. BelVG can integrate all these solutions into your Magento store and empower your online business right now!


Need to integrate a useful logistics and postal software? The BelVg offers DHL. Why DHL? It is an international parcel, courier, and express mail service which delivers goods in over 220 territories and countries globally. It mainly concentrates in Germany and Austria but also operates in the U.S. and Asian marketplaces. With DHL Magento integration, you can enjoy fast and secure sea, ground and air delivery services. DHL is a right logistics partner for business owners who want to deliver products to customers efficiently and fast in any parts of the world, and BelVG will integrate your Magento store with DHL. Magento DHL integration can turn goods export into an easy process with full support. DHL offers various domestic and international services, including express easy, economy select, sameday sprintline, express worldwide, jetline, secureline, express 9:00, 10:30 or 12:00 and many more. With Magento DHL integration service from BelVG, you also get handover notes, auto-tracing codes, bulk printing, and other useful options. The solution has everything you need to save money on shipping and deliver goods globally.


BelVG is a skilful development team that does its best to push online stow of the clients to the next level by expanding into the global market. We offer lots of functional Magento integrations necessary to empower every online business. Contact the BelVG support to clarify all the details and build your successful business with us!