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Hybris (SAP) to Magento Migration

How to Migrate to Magento 2? Step-by-step Guide
Feb 11, 20193848Dasha M.

Decided to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2? This is a perfectly sound resolution, even despite the fact that Magento 1 version, both Community and Enterprise Editions, will continue to be supported till July 2020, which seems like quite a lot of time. Still, the migration process will be neither simple nor fast, so the earlier you embark on this process, the better.

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How to Migrate to Magento 2? Step-by-step Guide

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Hybris to Magento 2 migration is a great solution for your online store if you are tired of wasting your time. Think that Hybris website development lasts up to 36 months and compare with 6-8 months provided by Magento 2. Don’t you need to launch an online store faster and overtake the competitors? Hybris also feels the lack of analytical, reporting and order management tools which are essential ecommerce elements, and requires additional payments for the support that usually delays in time. Want to get bigger benefits for your online store? Enjoy Magento 2 migration since the platform has all necessary to improve your ecommerce business. Magento is thought to be the most powerful and secured CMS. The platform provides access to various tools to manage the content of your online store. You can easily update products and enjoy the latest security patches. Having switched your store to Magento 2, you get a user-friendly admin panel and a full kit of SEO customization features. There is also a large Magento community since it is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions globally. This helps to provide quick support to all Magento online stores, as well as develop lots of plugins and extensions. Are you still thinking about moving to Magento 2? Your step to success is right here. Move your online store from SAP to Magento with BelVG, and get ready to see an increase in sales and customers on your site! If you want to work with the experienced development team able to turn your business into a large-scale company – contact the BelVG agency. Here work skilful developers, marketers, and designer able to improve your online store with the Magento solution. We ensure to move your SAP payment history, products, clients to Magento 2, and improve the store using new top-notch solutions of the new platform. If you need to get more information about BelVG migration service, read out the company’s blog, and check our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages. All the clients can quickly contact our support team to clear up Magento migration issues and more. Looking for a perfect ecommerce platform, start with Magento and don’t waste your time viewing other solutions. Magento has everything you need to turn your small business into a big profitable company, and the dedicated BelVG will provide quality service during the whole process of moving from Hybris to Magento 2 platform.