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Magento Zendesk Integration

Zendesk Magento Integration

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How about Magento CRM integration that allows your e-commerce business to quickly establish a good rapport with your loyal customers and encourage them to buy even more. Zendesk Magento integration unites your e-commerce business with a two-tier integration between Zendesk Support data and Magento data. BelVG team is always ready to put your online business to the next level with the help of most suitable Magento integrations tailored for your particular brand. Integrating your Magento webstore with Zendesk lets you get more customers, get insights about your products, and therefore scale up faster than your competitors.

Want to be on the line with your clients and drive higher conversions from conversations? Good news is that BelVG has a perfect solution for that beneficial for both sides. Everybody needs support from now and then, and your customers are not an exclusion. When even a non-significant question arises in your client, they need to be caught on-the-go, because once they left your website for an email icon or start reading Q&A, it is very likely they forget about the purchase itself after a couple of clicks. Guide them through the whole process may be not possible at every step, but giving a person a simple opportunity to reach a specialist directly on the website could be of much help.


Zendesk integration creates a seamless, yet magic atmosphere of close interaction with the brand itself allowing to solve the problem in the shortest time and moreover, weight off the client’s mind. Instant and personalized support available via Zendesk live chat or also with access to support ticket information in a dashboard.

In addition, track most often issues to stay up-to-date with customer preferences with a view of support information next to sales statistics, customer profiles, and sales orders. That helps to identify the correlation of what people find unclear, so you can tailor the website interface to their needs improving customer’s experience. If it rings a bell and sounds worth trying, BelVG gets everything installed and configured for you to enjoy the effective functionality. Winning trust with a client, your business also receive the ongoing support, yet hands down.