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We have worked in the ecommerce industry since 2008 and have expertise in migrating websites from one platform to another. Our Shopware-certified developers can transfer your online shop from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 or from other platforms like Magento, Oxid, and Shopify. If you want to migrate your website, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide an estimate for the task.

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Floris van der Kooij, Owner, Artipoppe

“BelVG were able to solve some very specific

problems, that others find difficult.”

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Shopware 5 is a reliable ecommerce system that can serve the needs of small and medium businesses. However, upgrading to more advanced systems like Shopware 6 is crucial to stay ahead of market demands and technological advancements. Shopware 6’s API-first architecture allows easy integration with third-party systems, and its Rule Builder provides marketing strategies without complex coding. Moreover, it offers an opportunity to sell complex structured products, making it easier to enter the B2B market.


We migrate websites from Shopware 5 to 6, audit plugins, and suggest alternatives when needed. Once the migration is complete on the dev server, our QA engineers test it, identify any issues, and have developers fix them. Our approach to Shopware migration services ensures a smooth and bug-free migration process.



While the Magento system offers unlimited customization and robustness, it may only suit some online stores. Due to its heaviness, maintaining this system can be resource-intensive and cumbersome. Shopware is a solid alternative. It is lighter and easier to administer but still offers vast customization opportunities.


Migrating from Magento to Shopware can be challenging if the website has many custom features and integrations. BelVG offers migration services for customized and simpler websites, including the ones with custom features and integrations. We can also integrate Shopware with your current systems or analogues with ready Shopware integrations.



Shopify is a good ecommerce platform for small and medium businesses. It’s fast, lightweight, and easy to use, but customization and automation options are limited and require significant investment in the development team.


Shopware, on the other hand, is both a fast and customizable ecommerce platform suitable for businesses that require more control over their websites. BelVG can help you transfer all your data from Shopify to Shopware. We conduct an in-depth analysis of all your existing apps, identifying suitable analogues for Shopware. We can also create a custom Shopware theme to replicate or improve your existing Shopify theme.



WooCommerce is a great starting point for most online shops. The website is simple to administer and support, customizable, and developers easy to find. However, at some point in business growth, the possibilities of WooCommerce may not be enough, as this well-known platform is prone to numerous attacks. It may be time to switch to something more secure and robust.


Shopware takes security seriously and supports GDPR compliance, SameSite Cookies, and prevention against SQL Injection. The platform is highly scalable, and it allows the setup of numerous rules without requiring developer interaction. We can assist you in transferring all your data from WooCommerce and creating a new website while also implementing features that may have been lacking on your previous platform.



BelVG has expertise in migrating websites from both popular platforms and more unique ones like Oxid, X-Cart, and BigCommerce. The migration process for each platform is similar.


Initially, the developers conduct a thorough website audit, review all the modules, features, and integrations, and help find a suitable theme. They make a migration plan, transfer data to the dev service, and address bugs or incompatibility issues. Once everything is fixed, we will transfer the website to live service to minimize downtime.


Contact us to estimate your website migration to Shopware, and we will provide it within 2-3 business days.


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Shopware Migration Services


Website audit and estimation


Our developers and engineers conduct a thorough website audit before providing Shopware migration services. It helps us identify all the website’s features, plugins, and integrations and any issues that may arise during migration.


We then discuss the audit results and feature list with the client to ensure we transfer the exact features they want to the new website. We also identify any unnecessary or default Shopware functionality and discuss potential issues that may arise during the migration process and their solutions.


Once all issues are addressed, we create a detailed migration plan and carefully follow it to ensure that the client is aware of the progress of each task.


Data Migration


BelVG ensures that all data is prepared for migration, so no customers or orders are lost. Our team carefully collects and transfers all necessary information to the Shopware instance. We migrate items, orders, and customers while including basic SEO optimization for all migrated data.


Our QA engineers thoroughly test for issues and address them to ensure a smooth transition that doesn’t negatively impact your data or users’ experience.


Module and integration migration


A significant part of the Shopware migration services is plugin migration. During the preparation stage, we make a list of all the modules on your old website, as well as integrations and interesting default features. We then check how the features will be implemented on Shopware 6 and whether there are some pre-built ones or some available with the third-party modules. We then discuss them with the client to find out if all the features are needed to reduce the number of modules.


This approach helps shorten the module list and makes the migration more accessible and cheaper for the client. After the client accepts the list, we install the required plugins to the Shopware instance and set up the features.


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Shopware 6 Migration Process

Planning Shopware migration

We audit the website and create a migration plan that includes transferring all the customers’ data, plugins, and integrations.

Data migration

Together, we decide what data will migrate to Shopware 6: product information, content, navigation layout, images, order history, price rules, etc.

Theme development

We choose a ready-made theme and customize it, or create a unique solution for your online store.

Install plugins

We review the set of your extensions and choose the analogues in Shopware 6. We can implement new features by selecting ready-made plugins or developing custom ones.

Integrations migration

We will ensure that you don’t lose any payment, shipment, advertising, or other system integrations. We will also review their compatibility with Shopware 6 and migrate them into your new online store.


We test all migrated extensions, integrations, and other tools to ensure a ready-to-start website with smooth and fast performance.

Website Launch

After everything is transferred and compatibility issues are fixed, we launch the Shopware website on a live server.

Why BelVG

High Level of Expertise

The lead developers with 10+ years of experience in ecommerce supervise each project. We have Shopware-certified developers who know the platform architecture, have worked with Symfony and Laravel, have experience with multiple integrations, and have created custom plugins. Besides developers, we can also assign QA engineers or designers to your project.

Direct Communication with Developers 

The client can communicate directly with the team via the comments in our task management system Youtrack or via chats and calls. Developers provide daily comments, and GIT commits so that the client has full control over the work progress.

Accurate Estimate and No Prepayment

We examine the website and every issue. After, we provide the minimum and maximum time that our team can spend on every task. We do not surpass the highest estimate. The maximum hours you can pay for are stated in the contract. We also work only with post-payment, charging for hours worked on your project.

Fast Response Time

You get a dedicated project manager who answers within 1-2 hours on business days. They are also available anytime if anything urgent happens, such as website crashes or payment issues, and will do their best to find a developer to help. Communication is possible in English, German, and French.

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Suitable for B2B and B2C

Shopware has several built-in B2B features such as the gross/net price view that allows adjusting display of the price for different customer groups. The company also offers a B2B suite to support wholesalers.

On-premise and cloud-based features

Merchants can choose between on-premise and cloud solutions. Cloud Shopware solution offers SaaS and PaaS approaches and choose the one suitable to their requirements. It means that Shopware allows starting online business fast and at a reasonable price.

Suitable for multichannel and global sales

Official SHopware language pack supports 28 languages. The platform allows changing currencies and taxes according to the specific region. And it also supports integration with Google Shopping or Instagram, which helps with internations sales.

Easy administration

Shopware allows its admin multiple adjustments of the shop, keeping the admin panel simple and intuitive. For inexperienced admin users, Shopware provides lots of instructions and guides.

Marketing orientation

SEO and marketing tools of the Shopware platform help to make an online store visible for the users. You can add meta-tags and descriptions. Product comments and ratings are also built-in features. Cross-selling, promotions, and adaptable search also helps increase visibility and conversion of the store.

Shopware community

In case you have questions regarding plugins, themes or designs, a large active community is ready to share relevant first-hand experience, as well as proven-to-work tips and tricks. You can also find an extensive amount of themes and plugins from Shopware partners.


Why to migrate from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6?

Shopware 6 is more up-to-date and secure platform, it continues to get security updates, while Shopware 5 is no longer supported.

Can I migrate online store design to Shopware 6?

Yes, we can make a custom team and recreate any design, or customize a third-part theme to make it as close to the old design as possible.

How not to lose traffic after migration? Does it affect SEO rankings?

Do not be afraid to lose your traffic and ranking results, if you use professional migration to Shopware 6, by keeping all URLs, saving content and images, meta data, menu structure and navigation and other design elements of your online store. Nothing important for search engines and your SEO ranking will be lost.

How long does migration take?

Everything depends on your present webstore: how many products, orders and customer information, installed modules you would like to migrate. It can take from several weeks to several months.

How can I migrate plugins?

It is possible to migrate existing plugins and update them. If it's requires too much resources, we will help find an alternative.

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