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    Thanks to the BelVG involvement, our website has processed hundreds of thousands of orders without any issues. BeIVG is unique in their ability to complete all assigned tasks quickly, efficiently, and without any bugs.

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    QA Website Audit


    • Usability and pre-launch recommendations. We analyze your product presentation, identify weaknesses. Then, we list recommendations for instance on placement for best-selling, newest products and CTA buttons. Recommended changes will improve the ease of use.
    • Alignment recommendations & errors. All the website pages go through testing for cross-browser compatibility and responsive design with different devices. The free site audit report contains all the issues for the most popular mobile and desktop devices.
    • Speed optimization. Using a couple of different tools, we measure website speed and then provide recommendations on how to improve it.
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    UI/UX Audit


    • User Flow. We reproduce a customer journey to detect potential issues. It includes checking the usability of all the buying stages from discovery of a product to the final purchase.
    • Ecommerce website audit: essential principles. We check desktop, tablet and mobile website versions for following industry standards and best practices set up by the Baymard institute and Nielsen/Norman group.
    • UI & Markup improvement. Analyzing all the page layouts and interface elements, such as homepage, menu, catalog, FAQ page, shopping cart, checkout, product page, we provide a list of detected issues and solutions to them.
    • Competitor analysis. We find up to 10 competitors to your business that we consider the closest according to your location, keywords used, target audience and offered products. Then, we use these competitors to create a list of the most successfully implemented ideas for different pages with our suggestions for your website.
    Analyse your Customer Experience with UX:UI Audit

    SEO Audit Service


    • Technical SEO. We check server response time, page load speed, XML sitemap, the robots.txt file and its main directories, duplicate pages, 404 errors and broken links, https protocol and URLs. Then, the result makes up a list of errors that do not let you rank higher in search results and get more traffic.
    • Analytics. First, we need access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Using these and other tools, we analyze website traffic, list of referring domains and backlinks and anchor list.
    • Keywords research. Our report contains the analysis of current keywords and their segmentation. We also provide an extra list of recommended keywords to use for content creation based on the key variables.
    • Competitor analysis. We create a list of competitors based on your industry and niche, language and location, positions in search results and traffic. Then we compare your SEO results to their ones. With this information, we provide our recommendations for further improvement.
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    Code Review


    • Analysis of issues provided by a client. We structure the issues detected by a client identifying where they are coming from and what is causing them.
    • Platform & server recommendations. Based on the number of online stores, orders per month, products, categories and customers, we give recommendations on the ecommerce platform, server and required capabilities.
    • Database & filesystem recommendations. We analyze records, query statistics and other variables to detect all the database-related issues. We identify the weaknesses of the project structure. Then, we provide sets of recommendations.
    • Performance review. We measure how the website performs now and suggest how the results can be improved.
    • Code review. We analyze the current code’s quality with the help of xdebug profiler and other profiler tools. Also, we check whether the code follows the platform/system’s guidelines. Based on the results, we list the detected issues and give tips on how they can be minimized or eliminated.
    • Security & vulnerability check. It includes testing both overall security and vulnerabilities of different access points.
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