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Magento Mailchimp Integration

Mailchimp Magento Integration

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How could you tell the customers what they need and where they can buy it? How effective your marketing tools? It is worth to ensure you are dialled-in since in a present-day global market you need to use outstanding features and apply practical ways to target the right customer of your particular product or service to surpass the competitors. BelVG here to announce that we know how to push your marketing performance far forward. We introduce a  Magento Mailchimp integration as a great tool for carrying out a robust email marketing campaign.


Having Magento Mailchimp integration you will reach out the customers with the perfectly-suitable offers, appealing orders, recommendations, promo codes, etc. You can promote your Magento store on a par with sharing your exceptional news and business updates via mass emails and build up strong social media presence.

Used properly and on time MailChimp functions brings lots of new clients and recapture lost sales, so the business growth is yet to come. With MailChimp for Magento your webstore takes advantage from time-warp function, effective digital ads, engaging CRM and also A/B testing, that shows you which approaches and texts turned out to be powerful and drives more engagement.

We need to point out that Magento Mailchimp integration is compatible with the following versions: CE v1.7.x, CE v1.8.x, CE v1.9.x, CE v2.3.x, EE v1.10.x, EE v1.11.x, EE v1.12.x, EE v1.13.x, EE v1.14.x, and EE v2.3.x. But, there is nothing to worry about if yours is not among this list: BelVG team will conduct the necessary migration in the shortest time you would not even notice the difference, only enjoy the benefits of extended feature set and so a client base at a time.

Our Magento developers will integrate MailChimp solution into your Magento webstore straight off and with the ongoing support followed. With years of experience and in-depth knowledge of e-commerce development, we implement automated emails according to the needs of your brand. Contact BelVG support and get all the details on top-notch integrations and features available for you right now.