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Magento MageMonkey Integration

MageMonkey Magento Integration

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Want to empower your marketing strategy? Need interesting solutions to communicate with your customers effectively? The ecommerce market offers many useful tools and programs that can boost your conversion and customer rate. Let BelVG integrate your Magento store with top ecommerce solutions like MagenMonkey, Mandrill, and MailChimp that can change the way you connect with the customers. Our team has been in the ecommerce industry for over 10 years, and knows how to empower your marketing strategy!


Enjoy MailChimp email marketing platform? MailChimp helps to reach customers and expand online business. It is used to promote a website through landing pages, emails, social networks, single tools and more. The solution can boost the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. Seek a solution to sync customer data with your MailChimp account to let it be even better? Having integrated your Magento store with MageMonkey, you get the multifunctional and the most up-to-date software. The solution helps to empower and get the most from MailChimp. Why is it necessary? With MageMonkey Magento integration, business owners can sync customer information, deliver it, create and manage autoresponders. BelVG can integrate you Magento store with MageMonkey, which easily integrates to MailChimp and Mandrill solutions. If you want to know more about MageMonkey features and Magento integration services, contact BelVG support and get all the details.


BelVG can integrate your Magento store and MailChimp with MageMonkey effortlessly using their integration API. With MagMonkey, you can stay in contact with your customers. We are an experienced team of developers and ecommerce enthusiasts able to provide the best services to our clients. With our Magento integrations, you will change your marketing strategy and stand out among your competitors.