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Magento New Relic Integration

New Relic Magento Integration

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You think you need to monitor our webstore performance every single minute to ensure smooth operation? There is no doubt it is useful to do it from time to time, especially when the website activity grows rapidly. But we want to save your breath to enjoy your time more often. Meet New Relic Magento solution. It is a quite speedy and clever software holding a constant eye on your website and provides a thorough analysis with a detailed report for your admin to look through many aspects of performance and identify those needed to be refined. BelVG team can easily employ such a useful and helpful tool into your webstore and accompany you with lifetime support along the exciting journey with a faster pace and more customers.

New Relic is an assistant that is able to make your e-commerce website management wiser and easier. Implementing this integration with the Magento webstore allows to avoid any botch-ups showing up on-the-go, eliminate server errors and to spot bugs instantly to fix it until anybody notices. In a quite swift Magento ecosystem, everybody wants to find a way to stand out in a scalable e-commerce business, and, of course, you are not the exception. You are very likely to do it with the power of your marketing campaign and just specific products you have tailored to your target audience. However, to really win the customer’s trust and love, it is necessary to provide the most convenient and easy-going frontend experience.

Explore and develop your webstore using the extended possibilities via exclusive services. With New Relic integrated into your Magento webstore, you will be able to trace the user’s inquiries and end experience, enjoy flexible dashboard allowing to create customized widgets to boost the work, use multifaceted alerting and many more great features at your disposal.

BelVG team knows the importance of unprecedented and quality performance for your store. Thus we suggest a perfect solution for a more comfortable real-time management that keeps the system upon your business needs and customer’s flow.