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BelVG is a Shopware development company. We have been working with the platform since 2019. We now have Shopware-certified developers, and a great experience with building, customizing, and upgrading Shopware websites. We can integrate websites with different CRM, and product management systems, perform frontend adjustments, install and configure different plugins.


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Consultant / Silent Disco King

“They got things right the first time around,

which is rare.”

1 / 4 Reviews

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What clients say


Floris van der Kooij, Owner, Artipoppe

“BelVG were able to solve some very specific

problems, that others find difficult.”

2 / 4 Reviews

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Andy Scothern, Managing Director at eCommerceSense

“BelVG has done a great job, and they are

technically competent”

3 / 4 Reviews

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Georg Schönleitner, owner of Blaha Gartenmöbel GmbH

“BelVG understands our business and Magento

development process”

4 / 4 Reviews

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Shopware development service

Support from Shopware Agency

Shopware Support and Website Creation


We have experience working with Shopware 5 and Shopware 6 websites. We can either create a website from scratch, or handle ongoing development and customization, including:

  • development template as well as its adjustments,
  • checkout customization,
  • implementation of different payment and shopping methods,
  • installation and update of plugins
  • Site search configuration and customization.

In any of these cases, we first discuss a scope of work, estimate it, and agree on priorities. We never charge more than the highest estimation.

Shopware theme development

Shopware Theme Development and Front-end Optimization


Many Shopware themes are good to use without much customization but they have some drawbacks: layout bugs, responsive issues, CSS tweaks. No matter what issue you have, in most cases our developers have already encountered and fixed that bag. We also can create a theme from scratch or customize an existing one. We even have experience in copying an old Oxid theme for a specific target audience.

Our front-end developers and designers are specializing in ecommerce and can create a look for your website, or just fix some UX bugs.

Shopware plugin development

Shopware Plugin Development and Installation


A wide Shopware community ensures a large choice of third-party extensions that can widen a website functionality. But every extension has their own code and some of them can have compatibility issues. That is why it is better to ask professional developers to install and configure them. We have experience developing custom modules and customizing third-party ones, including import modules, quick view, one-step checkout.


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Shopware development service

Shopware Website Optimization


Shopware is a robust platform without many issues with website speed and performance. But as with any other website, it is slow if there are too many server requests or complex configurations. Our developers can make an audit of your website to detect what slows it down. We work with both Google Page Speed and core web vital optimization as well as actual website speedload. We can work with frontend, enable caching to decrease server requests, optimize content.

Upgrade from Shopware development Company

Shopware Upgrade from 5 to 6


Shopware 5 and 6 are very different versions of the platform. Migrating from one to another is basically creating a new website and transferring all the data from the Shopware 5 website to Shopware 6. We first audit all the modules and customizations on the original website, check their availability on Shopware 6 version and find alternatives if needed. In most cases, the new theme also needs customization, which we can provide on the basis of the old website or your preferences.

Shopware migration services

Shopware Migration Services from Other Platforms


We can migrate your website from any other platform to Shopware. We have experience migrating sites from Magento, Shopify, Oxid, WooCommerce. The BelVG developers can also make you a new theme with the help of our designers or recreate the one you had before, we’ve already done it with migration from Oxid. Depending on the complexity of your website and theme you want to have the migration can take from a month to a year. To make a process faster we usually make a list of only necessary plugins to migrate and try to find ready-to-use solutions.

Integration from Shopware specialists

Shopware Integration


Integration of the website with other systems can greatly widen its functionality and automate the process of product and order management for you. The BelVG developers have experience integrating Shopware websites with ERP, PIM, POS systems, such as Vario, JTL Wawi, Akeneo. We also can configure synchronization with any custom system as we know how to create modules or API from scratch. If it is necessary our team can also customize an existing integration.

Shopware B2B features

Shopware Multistore and B2B Features


Shopware offers a wide range of multistore features as well as opportunities for B2B businesses. We have experience with both setting up multistore and developing websites or storefronts for B2B audiences. For example a multistore with two storefronts for B2C and B2B audience. We can implement such features as quick order, invoice request, price negotiation. We can also make sure that two storefronts have different taxation rules or product range.

Why us

Direct Communication with Developers

The client can communicate directly with the team via chats and calls. Developers provide daily comments, and GIT commits.

High Level of Expertise

We support over 100 online stores in more than 15 countries. Lead developers with 10+ years of experience supervise each project.

Accurate Estimate and No Prepayment

Our team will not exceed the maximum time estimate provided. The first payment is only required after two weeks of work.

Fast Response Time

The project manager responds within 1-2 working hours and is available at all times for urgent matters.

Shopware ecommerce development process

Project scope discussion

Before signing a contract we jump on a call, discuss the work details and possible solutions.

Technical estimation

Our Shopware specialist analyzes the website, estimates the minimum and maximum time to spend on tasks.

Project milestone definition

We determine key stages of the development and approximate deadlines for each of them.


Each stage is divided into separate tasks and is approved with the clients, so they have control over the work.

QA testing

We allocate the QA-engineer on the project if required and get the final project tested and debugged before deploying.

Project launch

The team deploys their work on a live server and makes sure everything works fine. We make changes during hours with minimum traffic.


Free QA/UX Audit

We offer free website audit with every quote. Leave your website URL, and our QA team will check your Shopware store for bugs.

Request Free Audit

What is Shopware?


Shopware is one of the leading ecommerce solutions in Europe. In 2023 it was named a Visionary by the Gartner®. Created in 2003, this platform is especially popular among the German-speaking countries. The platform allows creating both simple and robust websites, and scale your business.


In comparison with other ecommerce solutions, Shopware is considered admin-friendly and relatively easy to develop, although offering a wide opportunity to scale. Besides basic ecommerce features, the platform has:


  • Drag-and-drop page builder tool
  • Rule builder to create special rules based on conditions
  • Flow builder that allows adjusting business processes easily
  • Dynamic product groups


Moreover, Shopware offers a free data migration tool to facilitate transition from other popular platforms. With an attractive price, good support and an extensive community developing third-party integrations and extensions, Shopware is capable of covering the needs of any business.

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Suitable for B2B and B2C

Shopware has several built-in B2B features such as the gross/net price view that allows adjusting display of the price for different customer groups. The company also offers a B2B suite to support wholesalers.

On-premise and cloud-based features

Merchants can choose between on-premise and cloud solutions. Cloud Shopware solution offers SaaS and PaaS approaches and choose the one suitable to their requirements. It means that Shopware allows starting online business fast and at a reasonable price.

Suitable for multichannel and global sales

Official SHopware language pack supports 28 languages. The platform allows changing currencies and taxes according to the specific region. And it also supports integration with Google Shopping or Instagram, which helps with internations sales.

Easy administration

Shopware allows its admin multiple adjustments of the shop, keeping the admin panel simple and intuitive. For inexperienced admin users, Shopware provides lots of instructions and guides.

Marketing orientation

SEO and marketing tools of the Shopware platform help to make an online store visible for the users. You can add meta-tags and descriptions. Product comments and ratings are also built-in features. Cross-selling, promotions, and adaptable search also helps increase visibility and conversion of the store.

Shopware community

In case you have questions regarding plugins, themes or designs, a large active community is ready to share relevant first-hand experience, as well as proven-to-work tips and tricks. You can also find an extensive amount of themes and plugins from Shopware partners.

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How do you track the time spent on the project?

We mostly use YouTrack and Redmine for time tracking and task management. We can provide these systems for a project for free. But our team can also join any system you use, including Trello, Jira, Asana or others.

Do you provide all the legal documents for a project? (invoices, contracts etc.)

Sure. We provide a full set of documents according to the stage of a project. They include a basic contract with approximate estimates in Appendix, if required; invoices that we usually issue on the weekly basis, NDA if required, and SLA.

How do you approach code review and code audit?

We follow the best practices in development and prefer a clean and optimized code. Team leads on each project check and prove every piece of code. Additionally, we provide a code audit service if you need to review your existing code. We can provide a general audit or choose points of focus, such as code quality, performance or security.

Do you have Git know-how?

Yes, we use Git on all of our projects. If there was no Git on a project before, we create one. For Git we use gitlab, Github or Bitbucket. We also have experience in using SVN which is a tool similar to Git. To increase security, website updating speed and exclude human errors, we use automated deployment tools.

Do you have hidden costs?

No. You get your online store on time for the price which we have discussed. There are no hidden costs and services which are not included in the signed contract. Be sure that you get even much more than you have paid for.

Do you take care of GDPR compliance on your projects?

Sure. We ensure GDPR compliance for any project where it is required.


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