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Why PrestaShop


Still do not know what ecommerce platform to use to start your business online? With such a great amount of different CMS, making a choice seems to be almost impossible. Why not look at free and easy to use ecommerce platforms which have already gained popularity amongst europian merchants? Created to make ecommerce better, PrestaShop is a perfect framework to work with. Being an open source free business solution, it is an excellent choice for small companies, while its numerous customization and scale opportunities turn it into a global industry leaders’ choice. With an innovative approach and the most effective tools, PrestaShop provides its clients with powerful modules, numerous themes and customization opportunities to create an exceptional shopping experience your customers will definitely like. Get access to top-notch technical features and front end possibilities and transform PrestaShop advantages into your webstore benefits. It is time to start your ecommerce business now.


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What is a theme

What is a theme?


What is more critical for you and your customers: the way your webstore looks or the way it works? Does webstore design really matter? Make you business look better online. The truth is that design plays a significant role in the successful development of your Business and the concepts you are trying to introduce to the world. It is impossible to separate it from the development process. Turn to PrestaShop and there will be no need to choose between functionality and design of your webstore as you will get both. Enjoy the combination of multiple inbuilt features and design opportunities in one platform.


We deliver PrestaShop themes that match your business perfectly, highlight the benefits of your products and help your webstore stand out amongst your competitors. With talented UI/UX designers in our team, we create webstores that customers understand. Eye-catching, responsive and genuinely yours, it is all about PrestaShop design you get when working with BelVG. You come up with the idea, we provide visual aids to build the design for your future online store to match the products you are selling.

Custom PrestaShop theme development

Custom PrestaShop theme development


Do you want to stand out from your competitors and leave them far behind? Still not satisfied with ready made solutions or looking for something new for your Brand? Custom PrestaShop theme development will be the only solution for your Business. Unique webstore design created for your online store is the easiest way to draw your customers’ attention and tell your story without saying a word. Show your products in the best way, provide your customers with easy navigation, make the checkout process as clear as possible with PrestaShop design features.


Looking for help? We are the biggest fans of our clients’ projects. We know how much time and effort you put into your business and we are always ready to create a template your online store deserves. Working with different industries, we know how to show any product and transform your vision and marketing strategy into a custom PrestaShop theme to push your conversions. Get responsive bespoke design your customers will like and move your business forward.

UI UX design for your PrestaShop website

UI / UX design for your PrestaShop website


Have you ever thought how powerful web design is and how it impacts your revenue? Your webstore should be more than just attractive. It should work, convert and sell. Prevent customers from further actions and guide them from the contact point to the checkout page using the latest UI / UX technics. What is the difference between vertical, horizontal, sticky and dropdown menu, test various navigation and checkout pages, try extra features to improve user experiences and choose what works best for your online store? Rely on experts in UI / UX design ready to provide you with proven techniques to build all the elements on your online store.



Get access to the creative and talented PrestaShop UI / UX design team. We will have a closer look at all your products from the marketing point of view with respect to the future vision of your Business. We will implement up-to-date tactics to show them in the best way. Turn to BelVG and provide your clients with a clear and simple design that supports your products and motivate customers to visit your online store again and again.

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Ecommerce design

Ecommerce design


How to attract new customers? What is the cost per user acquisition? Create an eye-catching web design and you will cut down your costs for online store promotion, your customers will do it for you. Together with the products you sell or services you offer and website content, the design is one of the essential tools for ecommerce development. Make sure your website creates an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.


With an eye to the latest trends, BelVG designers create themes with respect to PrestaShop ecommerce design tendencies where every image, button and link plays its vital role. With special attention to the latest market requirements, our designers and front end developers deliver SEO optimized and multistore ready flexible templates that will show dramatic results for your business. Turn your webstore into a breathtaking ecommerce masterpiece that is nothing but perfect. With your ecommerce design you will attract your visitors and sell globally without any limitation.

PrestaShop theme development process

Step 1

Your requirements are vital

You want to create a PrestaShop webstore, we are here to dive into your business and transform your requirements into technical specifications and future design. We create a detailed ready for action plan.

Step 2

No way forward without draft

We believe that without a draft, there will be no success. We pay special attention to your requirements and provide you with a detailed prototype of your future online store.

Step 3

Add new colors

Design trends are changing faster than you can imagine. Keeping an eye on ecommerce tendencies, we will color your prototype and help you to improve customers shopping experience.

Step 4

Time to go live

It is time to bring life into your webstore mockup. We turn a colorful prototype into a working webstore. You have everything to win the market, so let’s do it!


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Why us

We deliver design that works

No matter how beautiful and eye-catching your webstore design is if your customers do not understand how to add a product to the cart they will not buy from you. We deliver a clear and optimized design that works and helps you to develop your Brand to its fullest potential.

It is all about you

We work to improve your business, not to show how creative we are. We develop and customize your PrestaShop theme according to your requirements. When you like your webdesign, we know we have done our job and that is more than enough for us.

We are happy to share our experience

We know all about ecommerce and we are happy to turn our expertise into our clients’ online stores. Any doubts you have, we are here to help you in taking the right decision.

We are one family, not just your business partner

Our clients and their business are our core values. We work to establish a long-lasting partnership and be part of our clients’ success. Family approach is the main principle of our work and we follow it through all our projects.

You have a webdesign of your dream as PSD files and looking for a development team to bring it into reality? With certified PrestaShop front end developers, we transform any mockup into a responsive PrestaShop design that will look great through all devices and browsers. We know how to bring your vision into life and complement it with features that will push your webstore to success. Get the webstore you want and make all your dreams real.

PSD to PrestaShop Conversion

The power of webdesign is undeniable. Clear, minimalistic and easy to navigate online store makes you customers return and shop again and again. With multiple themes available for PrestaShop, you can integrate any of them into your admin panel in one click and start your business today. If the ready-to-use template is not what you want, you can develop your custom PrestaShop theme and launch a webstore you have always dreamed about in collaboration with an experienced ecommerce partner.

PrestaShop Theme Development

What devices do your customers use? Do you want to boost mobile ecommerce sales? When mobile traffic and sales are continually growing, webstore optimization is what you should pay special attention to. BelVG UI/UX designers follow the latest ecommerce trends and develop flexible mobile design carefully. Get a responsive PrestaShop theme that will work great, look good and load fast no matter what devices your customers use. Be sure your online store works through all devices. It is a must for e-commerce today.

Responsive Web Designing

How to create an unforgettable image for your online store? Your brand and logo is what your customer will see and remember when they come up and return to your store. Build your company identity with your logo which can be used throughout all parts of your Business. Make your Business look attractive and recognizable for every customer.

Logo & Brand design

How to move your business forward? One of the easiest and most effective tools is to employ your customers through amazing design. But years have passed since you updated your PrestaShop theme. It is high time to add new colors to your online store. Improve conversion rates, solve usability issues, convert traffic into leads after PrestaShop theme redesign. Do it now as driving visitors to your online store is one thing, but converting them is a completely different game.

Website redesign
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I have just chosen PrestaShop. Where should I start to design my store?

Do not be afraid of working with PrestaShop and launching your webstore. We are here to help you. There are experienced designers, front end developers and product managers in our team that will carry you through the whole design process: from turning your design wishes into technical requirements to delivering your ready-to-work store.

How much will it cost to design a PrestaShop store?

There is no fixed price for PrestaShop theme development. The final cost depends on the features you want to achieve.

How long will it take to develop a PrestaShop theme?

It all depends on the complexity of the design and your requirements. The average time for PrestaShop theme development is 120 hours and more.

Will I get SEO optimized PrestaShop theme?

We know how vital SEO optimization is. We will create a webstore design according to the latest SEO trends.

What if I have my own design? Could you turn it into a PrestaShop theme?

Yes, we can create a custom PrestaShop theme for your webstore based on the design you already have.

Who will I work with on my project?

We have dedicated experienced project managers in our team that are always ready to answer any of your questions. We also provide our clients with a weekly report about the stage of development. Do not be afraid to ask any questions.

What is the geographic limitations of your work?

We are working worldwide and for different industries. Check the list of our clients in our portfolio. We are ready to fit to your time zone.

Can I be sure that my design ideas will be secure?

We respect our clients business and build a partnership based on mutual trust. We are always ready to sign an NDA to keep your information safe.


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