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Why PrestaShop


Cannot choose an ecommerce platform to launch your online business? Obvious PrestaShop benefits make this an easy choice. It is a free and easy-to-use ecommerce platform which has already gained popularity among merchants worldwide. PrestaShop was created to make ecommerce better, easier and faster. The open-source architecture makes PrestaShop a perfect business solution for small companies. At the same time, the feature-rich functionality and numerous customization opportunities have made PrestaShop popular among the industry leaders. This ecommerce platform perfectly combines an innovative approach with the most effective ecommerce tools.


Powerful modules, numerous PrestaShop themes and custom design elements generate an exceptional shopping experience that cannot be passed by. Get access to top-notch technical features and Front End possibilities and transform PrestaShop advantages into your webstore benefits. It is time to start your ecommerce business now.


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What is a theme

Why choose PrestaShop Custom Theme?


Wondering what is more important: how your webstore looks or how good it works? Why choose, if PrestaShop can give you both? In successful growth of your ecommerce business, appealing design and what is behind it are equally significant. Create a stylish online look for your brand with smart PrestaShop design. Let the world meet your impressively looking and perfectly functional online store and enjoy the combination of multiple inbuilt features and sophisticated design in one platform.


The BelVG team delivers PrestaShop themes that highlight the benefits of your products and help your webstore stand out among the competitors. Our talented UI/UX designers create understandable, clear online store designs that attract customers but not overwhelm them. BelVG powers your idea with over ten years of experience to build a stylish ecommerce future for your brand. Eye-catching, responsive and genuinely yours – PrestaShop theme is what makes ecommerce better.

Custom PrestaShop theme development

Custom PrestaShop theme development


Want your brand to get into the history of successful ecommerce? Ready-made solutions work but they do not create unforgettable online stores. Custom PrestaShop theme development is what paves the way to bright, future-oriented ecommerce. Unique webstore design draws attention and tells a story without saying a word. Introduce your company to the world as a meaningful brand that has not only something to sell but also something to tell. PrestaShop design features let impactful businesses grow and thrive.


Looking for a reliable partner to bring your customization ideas into existence? The BelVG team finds inspiration in our customers and their ecommerce projects. We see and appreciate the time and effort they invest in their business and we always work hard to create a unique design that their online stores deserve. Having experience working with businesses of all sizes and shapes, BelVG knows how to present any product and transform a client’s website vision into a custom PrestaShop theme that boosts conversions. Let responsive web design make your customers fall in love with your brand at first sight.

UI UX design for your PrestaShop website

UI / UX design for your PrestaShop website


Looking for a way to leave your competitors far behind? To reach this goal a webstore has to be more than just attractive. Your website should turn into a powerful ecommerce tool that works, converts and sells. Guide the customers straight to the checkout page using the latest UI / UX techniques. It is not easy to choose between vertical, horizontal, sticky and dropdown menus, various navigation and checkout pages but it is our job to find the best combination for your brand. Rely on experts in UI / UX design to always be one step ahead.



Creative experienced PrestaShop UI / UX design team will analyse all of your products from the marketing point of view to provide the perfect solution. Turn to BelVG and reach new clients with the help of clear smart design that supports your products’ strengths. A combination of style and attractive simplicity will motivate customers to visit your online store again and again.

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Ecommerce design

Ecommerce design


How to draw more attention to your brand. Eye-catching web design will cut down your costs for online store promotion, your customers will spread the knowledge about a nice-looking online store for you. The design is no less important than the products you sell and the services you offer. Make sure your website creates an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers.


Our team can help you choose the right third-party PrestaShop theme and install it after we ensure that this ready-made solution works perfectly for your brand. But if you look for more sophisticated designs, the BelVG designers create custom PrestaShop themes following the hottest ecommerce design trends. After analyzing the competitors and your industry leaders, our designers and Front End developers deliver SEO optimized flexible templates that boost results. Turn your webstore into a breathtaking ecommerce masterpiece. Go beyond the limits with the BelVG ecommerce design and attract new visitors to your online store.

The PrestaShop theme development process

Step 1

Your needs go first

Here our partnership begins – a newcomer joins our family. You share the vision of the future online store, and we suggest ways to make your ecommerce dreams come true.

Step 2

A detailed plan is a must

The BelVG team is meticulous about details before moving forward. We help you find out what your business needs and provide a detailed prototype of your future online store.

Step 3

Spice it up with a handful of creativity

With an eye on the hottest web design trends, we add colors to your website prototype creating a vivid ecommerce. Let your webstore shine bright like a diamond with BelVG.

Step 4

To infinity and beyond

It is time to breathe life into your webstore mockup. Not magic, but knowledge and years of experience help us to turn an idea into a powerful online brand.


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Why us

We believe in smart design

It does not matter how beautiful and eye-catching your webstore design is if your customers do not understand how to add a product to the cart or proceed to checkout. The BelVG team delivers a clear optimized design that works and helps you reach the brand’s fullest potential.

It is all about you

We work to improve your business by developing and customizing the PrestaShop theme according to your website vision. When you are satisfied with the online store’s web design, we know we have done our job well.

We are happy to share our experience

The BelVG team has over ten years of ecommerce experience under its belt, and we are happy to invest our expertise into our clients’ online stories. If there are any doubts left, we are here to help you make the right decision.

We are one family, not just your business partner

Our clients and their businesses are our core values. We work hard to establish a long-lasting partnership and appreciate being a part of our clients’ success. The family approach is our main ideal – we follow it in all of our projects.

Already have a dream webdesign for your website as a PSD file? Then, you need a qualified development team to bring it into reality. With certified PrestaShop front end developers, the BelVG team converts any mockup into a responsive PrestaShop design that looks great on all devices and browsers. We know how to breathe life into your website vision and spice it up it with the right features that will drive your webstore towards success. Get the online store you want and take a big step forward, closer to the bright ecommerce future.

PSD to PrestaShop Conversion

Do you realize the power of webdesign? The clear, minimalistic and user-friendly online store turns random website visitors into your loyal customers. PrestaShop allows you to integrate any of the wide range of available themes into the admin panel and launch your online business today. If a ready-to-use template is not what you want, with an experienced ecommerce partner, there is an opportunity to develop a custom PrestaShop theme and launch a webstore you have always dreamed about.

PrestaShop Theme Development

Want to boost mobile ecommerce sales? When mobile traffic and sales are continually growing, mobile optimization becomes not an option but a necessity. The BelVG UI/UX designers follow the latest ecommerce trends and develop a flexible mobile design with care and respect. Get a responsive PrestaShop theme that works great, looks good and loads fast regardless of what devices your customers use. Today, mobile-first is an ecommerce must-follow rule.

Responsive Web Designing

Want to create an unforgettable image for your online store? The logo is one of the first things that your customers see and remember – if it has the right design and looks eye-catching. Build your company identity with a unique logo and share a story of your brand. The logo is the face of a brand – make sure the face of your business is attractive.

Logo & Brand design

How to move your business to the next level – the fresh new design is one of the easiest and most effective tools in reaching new customers. If it has been years since your online store’s PrestaShop theme was updated for the last time, it is the right time to add new colors. Improve conversion rates, solve usability issues, convert traffic into leads with PrestaShop theme redesign.

Website redesign
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I have just chosen PrestaShop. Where should I start to design my store?

Do not be afraid of working with PrestaShop and launching your webstore. We are here to help you. There are experienced designers, front end developers and product managers in our team that will carry you through the whole design process: from turning your design wishes into technical requirements to delivering your ready-to-work store.

How much will it cost to design a PrestaShop store?

There is no fixed price for PrestaShop theme development. The final cost depends on the features you want to achieve.

How long will it take to develop a PrestaShop theme?

It all depends on the complexity of the design and your requirements. The average time for PrestaShop theme development is 120 hours and more.

Will I get SEO optimized PrestaShop theme?

We know how vital SEO optimization is. We will create a webstore design according to the latest SEO trends.

What if I have my own design? Could you turn it into a PrestaShop theme?

Yes, we can create a custom PrestaShop theme for your webstore based on the design you already have.

Who will I work with on my project?

We have dedicated experienced project managers in our team that are always ready to answer any of your questions. We also provide our clients with a weekly report about the stage of development. Do not be afraid to ask any questions.

What is the geographic limitations of your work?

We are working worldwide and for different industries. Check the list of our clients in our portfolio. We are ready to fit to your time zone.

Can I be sure that my design ideas will be secure?

We respect our clients business and build a partnership based on mutual trust. We are always ready to sign an NDA to keep your information safe.


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