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Why do top brands like Canon, Jaguar, Jack Daniel’s and others use Magento? What are its benefits? They choose Magento for its open source ecommerce architecture which suits any online store — from small businesses to the most famous brands in the world. How is it possible? Magento has numerous custom-designed features that ensure diverse functionality and a smooth customer experience. Its ease-of-customization and integration with a variety of third-party tools guarantees the website growth.


Does your company want to join millions of Magento users? If so, turn to BelVG. We are a Magento ecommerce development company that can tackle any challenges you may face in building an online store. Our team closely aligns our work with your vision to create the tools which will support your business for years. Our customers are our core value. We invite you to begin your Magento journey with BelVG.

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Magento Development

Magento Development Services


Are you ready to transform your business into a powerful and scalable online store to increase revenue? If you plan to break into a new market and win customers, there are not many ecommerce solutions genuinely capable of helping you make the step forward. Therefore, why not to choose Magento?


This ecommerce platform is the primary technology which will enable you to focus on your growing business. Our certified front and back end Magento team has a passion for complex ecommerce solutions. We care about our projects and customers, investing time in developing quality without exceeding the approved budget. BelVG is here to ensure your business is fully equipped with required extensions, third-party tools, speed & code optimization while always maintaining best Magento development practices.

Magento 2 Development

Magento 2 Development


Looking for a tool to break the limits and grow your brand into a global player? Magento 2 has launched a new page focused on international sales. Using industry-leading Magento 2, you will boost sales and reach more customers essential for any business seeking growth in today’s interconnected world.


Don’t limit your company’s growth to just one country, one currency or one language. Get access to the leading innovative and flexible global ecommerce solution. Be ahead of your competitors with Magento 2 which will ensure your business growth and improvement is never delayed, while no customization is ever missed. Magento 2 was built to connect online store with customers. BelVG has extensive experience in communicating with key audiences and a deep understanding of Magento 2 products & technical information. This track record permits us easily communicate highly technical information for non-technical audiences. We’ve developed together with Magento 2 and believe a love of learning is the foundation for successful long-term cooperation.


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Magento Design

Magento Design


Magento Design has always been about the process of transforming visual ads and sales to boost revenue. Don’t limit your Magento design with black and white, add new colors to sell more. Make your customers the core of the online store and reach your marketing goals with properly designed User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). You’ll get a website that provides you with a better control over the customer’s shopping experience — from placing price tags to visual product locations on the page. Magento websites are built with responsive design features to improve the customer journey on every device.


Your design story starts with our creative designers. A family-based approach to any online store helps us create outstanding websites for customers that help them get the most interesting and productive shopping experience. With boundless creativity our designers deliver a smart and modern looking Magento stores — as well as develop user friendly page layouts, simple navigation, a well-defined catalogue and comprehensive user experience features.


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Custom Magento Development

Custom Magento Development


Custom Magento development is also available as an additional feature to help those who wish to receive more guidance and support. With Magento, the key feature is DIY — Custom Magento development, however, is based on an open source nature and the ability to use Magento expertise and knowledge. With Magento development, you can customize content layout, maintain a product viewing gallery, have the ability to download product images, publish video reviews and even add new features. Custom created tools help you get everything done with just one click.


You can also develop a vision for customization and BelVG provides features to match your online store. We understand the principles of effective custom Magento development and its direct influence on sales. When we start your custom Magento development challenge, we strive to deliver not just an attractive online store, but a solution with inbuilt options designed according to your unique vision. Our aim is to produce an ecommerce website tailored to the specifics of your business, audience and customers to help you achieve maximum brand development and promotion.


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Magento Integration

Magento Integration


Looking for tools to solve your marketing puzzle? You understand that your customers deserve a better shopping experience, and that your webstore deserves to be seen in a different way. Use smart Magento integrations with other advertising and promotions, reviews and rewards, and email marketing software, to help create a new vision for your marketing initiatives in the many and varied segments of your business.


BelVG builds third-party integrations that enable your Magento website to interact with any business tool smoothly. By integrating UPS, USPS, FedEx and other available third-party logistics systems, as well as CRMs and social media marketing tools into one system, we make your dreams come true. Our BelVG team is not limited by a focus on one particular business with a specific size or shape — we help a wide variety of businesses complete both pre-built and custom integrations with bespoke tools specified by the client and tailored to them, and to your company’s vision and brand development strategy.


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Magento Support

Magento Support


How can your company measure success and avoid failure? By ensuring your website is always working. Even minor issues with a webstore can cause significant loss to your brand reputation. A happy customer will recommend your store to others and an unhappy customer will never come back again. Just think about how numerous negative reviews might harm your business. What looks like their problem now becomes yours. Loyal customers do not just return, they are convinced you made all their dreams come true by creating an unforgettable shopping experience. From their point of view — your brand is worth talking about.


Don’t lose your customers trust and belief in your brand by ensuring you have reliable and professional Magento support that will resolve any problem you may encounter quickly and efficiently. Build your customer loyalty with BelVG Magento support and rely on us to face any emergency and ensure your customers never leave dissatisfied.


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Magento Development Process

Begin your story with a new concept

We begin by enlarging the vision you have in mind with new concepts. We gather ecommerce requirements, set goals and help your team with our strong belief in and respect for your company’s values.

Enrich your vision with details

Based on a deep analysis which takes into account every detail and idea, however small, we help you develop a new story with our BelVG team which possesses a passion for development.

Build your brand with a creative design

Capture your customer’s attention and emotion, and help them shop online again and again. Online sales have always been about attractive web design. Add new colors to your customers shopping experience with an amazing home page, easy to use category page, and brilliant product pages.

Get everything done

It is time to build your online store after we discuss your needs and identify specific action items based on our extensive QA session with you. We break down the process into a set of tasks. Don’t worry, we’re here to bring your concept to life and help you meet the goals.

Be confident in your future success

We develop stores with a bug-free approach. Your online store will go through all the tests necessary to prove it is compatible with your company’s vision and goals.

Start a new life for your website

Start your business with a brand new Magento online store. You have a vision – we have skills. We have done our job. Now it is your turn to take advantage of the latest Magento features.

Don’t worry, be happy

No matter what happens, rely on BelVG qualified support. Get the latest Magento updates and security patches for your online store. We are always ready to help solve any issues you may encounter.

Why Us

Conversion-driven approach

We place conversions as a core value for our Magento development. Every action, every plan and every idea must follow this concept as we strongly believe that conversions are the main forecast of online store development. We build outstanding shopping experiences that help transform our clients business from being just something normal to something exceptional.

All about family relationships and more

We build our process in the same way a family builds their relationships and with our clients we share a mutual vision and common values. Based on this approach, our dedicated project managers put all their efforts into overcoming any challenge whilst working on your project. There is no problem, however small, that we cannot solve — to make our family happy.

There is no life without further development

We have been with Magento since this platform came into existence. We know its ups and downs, pros and cons. But with a strong belief in further development and a thirst for knowledge we create innovative and stimulating features. Build your webstore with Magento certified developers.

Start your road to success

We know how to develop, create and launch successful online stores. Build your Magento website without any limits. Promote your products, customize your content and enrich the webstore with any feature. We do not believe in magic, but our knowledge and family relationships help your business develop through a proven strategy based on experience in Magento development.

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