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Magento Development Services

Ecommerce strategy

Planning an ecommerce strategy is the foundation of e-store development. At these early stages you need to have a clear picture of your future site structure & system architecture, store concept, marketing strategy, inventory positioning and a lot more. Thanks to years of expertise we can help every client with business analysis of ecommerce solutions. Contact BelVG today and have experienced business analysts brainstorm your ecommerce strategy with you! Learn more


Good ecommerce design means more than just coding sleek trendy websites. The whole UI (User Interface) philosophy matters and influences sales so much that retail giants are spending millions on testing their navigation and UI. Our design professionals are offering full-scale design services turning your website into a mean selling machine, and they are basing on hard data and top ecommerce websites. Learn more

Frontend and backend development

Backend development deals with raw data being processed by servers and web applications, something your website visitor does not see and does not want to know about. Frontend development “packs” the data that the user should see into graphic interfaces and navigation. BelVG is a Magento development company that will take full care of your frontend and backend development needs. You will find a one-stop shop for extensions, customizations, plugins, themes and add-ons once you start working with us. Learn more

Integration and support

Integrate your Magento store with ERP, CRM, and invoicing software to turn your online shop into a powerful selling machine. We’ve integrated Magento 2 with pretty much all kinds of enterprise software products out there (SAP, Quickbooks, Zoho, Epos, Dynamics Nav – you name it). Our customers enjoy timely support whenever one of the software providers releases an update, which happens too often to keep up with it without dedicated professionals. Learn more

Magento enterprise development

Magento comes in several editions tailored to the needs of different business sizes: Magento open source and Magento Commerce Starter & Pro. When you order enterprise Magento website development from BelVG you get access to highest level of our development talent. We have completed many successful enterprise-level Magento integrations and are well aware of the challenges that come along. If you are an enterprise-level business looking for a quick ecommerce development solution then BelVG is your go-to contractor. Learn more

Mobile app development

Mobile traffic accounts for over 58% of ecommerce purchases. For maximum customer retention and sales you need to offer your Magento store as a mobile app. To make sure your store is realizing its’ full potential you need to offer both an Android and an iOS ecommerce app, and the app better not just duplicate the functions of a website. We’ve created Magento iOS and Android apps for hundreds of companies and we know that an app is not just an extension of the website. Reach out to BelVG if you wish to have an ecommerce app that takes your sales to the next level. Learn more

Magento user training

Web store owners that skip Magento user training make less money. It’s the undiscovered features and unrealized potential that cost business owners part of their revenue. The purpose of our online Magento training is to give you an idea of what exactly can be done with your web store.  That is why Magento training is useful for all employee roles – marketers, designers, developers, content creators. Learn more

Magento maintenance

Our main goal is to have our customers’ stores functioning seamlessly. No downtime, no glitches, no hacks, no unrecorded data. To achieve that we have dedicated ecommerce developers monitoring your store 24/7 and fixing all possible issues. You will always be able to contact us via e-mail, Skype, Redmine or any other channel that your business processes might require. Delegation of all technical issues to e-commerce support experts is the key to running a successful online store, and BelVG is your reliable Magento support partner. Learn more