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Why do top Brands like Canon, Jaguar, Jack Daniel’s and others use Magento? What are its benefits? They choose Magento for its open source ecommerce architecture which is a perfect tool for any online store from small businesses to the most famous Brands in the world as it is designed to boost sales.


How can it be possible? Magento has inbuilt and designed broad stack of technical features that ensure diverse functionality and a smooth customer experience. Its ease-of-customization and integration with a variety of third-party tools guarantee your webstore growth and opening the door to future possibilities.


Still do not know how to maximise Magento potential to the fullest or does your company want to join millions of Magento online stores? Turn to BelVG for professional Magento webstore development. We see a long-lasting vision for your company’s development and challenges which you may face. We build strong relationships with your vision to provide tools to make your dreams come true. That is our core value. That is why you would like to start your Magento journey with BelVG by launching your Magento webstore.

Magento Development Services

Magento Development

Are you ready to transform your business into a powerful and scalable online store to increase revenue? If you plan to break into a new market and win customers, there are not so many ecommerce solutions to help you make a step forward. Why not to choose Magento?

Just think about this ecommerce platform as the main technology to focus on your growing business. Keeping that in mind, the professional team will dive into the process of Magento development for your online store and make this journey an enjoyable adventure. Our certified front and backend Magento team with passion for complex ecommerce solutions values every client in the same way as a family member. We are here to marry your business with Magento extensions, third-party integrations, support, speed & code optimization and best ecommerce practices.

Magento 2 Development

Looking for a tool to break the limits and grow your Brand into a global player? Magento 2 has started a new page in international sales and has demonstrated its successful history of proven sales. Using industry-leading Magento 2, you will boost sales and reach more customers as is required for any business development in the world we live in today.

Do not limit your company growth with just one country, one currency or one language. Get access to the upscale, innovative and flexible ecommerce global solution which has already become the best choice for building the future for millions of innovative and advanced online stores from the whole world.

Be ahead of your competitors with Magento 2 and never delay the growth of your business with room for further improvement and customization. Magento 2 was built to connect online store with customers. BelVG has a profound experience in communicating with clients and a deep understanding of Magento 2 products & technical information that can be easily transformed for a non-technical audience. We develop together with Magento 2 and believe in a love of learning as a foundation for a successful long-term cooperation.

Magento Design

Magento Design has always been about the process of transforming visual ads to sales and sales to boost revenue. Do not limit your Magento design with black and white, add new colors to sell more. Make your customers the core of the webstore with proper designed User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) to reach your marketing goal at the right minute with the appropriate message and through a carefully chosen channel. With Magento design features you will get a website that provides you with a better control over the customers shopping experience, from putting price tags to visual product location on the page. Magento websites are built with responsive design features to improve the customers journey on every device.

Your design story starts with our creative designers. Family-based approach to any online store helps us to create outstanding websites for customers to get the most exciting shopping experience. With boundless creativity our designers deliver a smart and modern looking Magento store as well as develop user friendly page layouts, simple navigation, a well-defined catalog and comprehensive user experience mechanisms.

Magento Integration

Looking for tools to solve your marketing puzzle? Want to build ecommerce sites that offer customers everything from pencils to cars accessories? You understand that your customers deserve a better shopping experience than others, and your webstore deserves to be seen in a different way. Any changes and updates to your online store happen quickly and easily. Use smart Magento integrations with other advertising and promotion, reviews and rewards, email marketing software to give a new vision for your marketing options in the many and varied segments of your business.

With years of high-quality work and experience, BelVG builds third-party integrations that enable your Magento webstore to interact with any business tool or solution smoothly. You need to integrate UPS, USPS, FedEx and other available third-party logistics systems as well as CRMs and social media marketing tools into one system for your online store, we make your dreams come true. Our team here in BelVG is not limited by one particular business with a specific size or shape and will complete both pre-built integrations as well as custom ones with the bespoke tools specified by the client and tailor them to the you company visions and your Brand development strategy.

Custom Magento Development

How to create custom Magento development? With Magento, the key feature is DIY and custom Magento development based on an open source nature and the ability to use Magento expertise and knowledge including Magento architecture, code, integrations, themes and extensions. You can customize content layout, have a product viewing gallery, have the ability to download product images, publish video reviews and even add new features that you need. Custom created tools get everything done with just one click.

You come up with the vision for customization and BelVG provides features to match your online store. We understand the principles of effective custom Magento development and its direct influence on sales. When we start your custom Magento development challenge, we strive to deliver not just an attractive webstore, but a solution that has inbuilt options according to your vision we have previously identified. Our aim is to produce an ecommerce website tailored to the specifics of your business, audience and customers for your future Brand development and promotion.

Magento Support

How can your company measure success from failure? Keep your website working and working. Even a minor issue with the webstore can cause significant loss for your Brand reputation. A happy customer will recommend your store to others and an unhappy customer will never come back again. Just think about tons of negative reviews which you can suddenly face. What looks like their problem becomes yours in the end. The only way to make your customers happy is to regain customer loyalty based on your company respect. Loyal customers do not just return, they are convinced that you made all their dreams come true by creating an unforgettable shopping experiences. They insist that your Brand is worth talking about and they return again and again to buy more.

Do not want to lose your customer trust and belief in your Brand. Therefore, it is always crucial to have a reliable and professional Magento support who can resolve your troubles quickly and efficiently. Build your custom loyalty with BelVG Magento support and rely on us to be ready to face any emergency and we will ensure that customers will never leave unsatisfied.

Magento development process

  1. Start your story with a new concept
    We start to enlarge the vision you have in mind with a new concept. We are here to gather ecommerce requirements, set goals and meet the team with a strong belief and respect to your company values.
  2. Enrich your concept with details
    Based on profound analysis and taking into account any tiny details and ideas, we develop a new story with BelVG who are passionate for development.
  3. Build your Brand with a creative Design
    Capture your customer emotion to help them engage in online shopping again and again. Online sales have always been about attractive web design. Add new colors to your customers shopping experience by having an amazing home page, easy to use category page and brilliant product pages.
  4. Get everything done
    Build your online store after you get answers to all asked questions from us. We break down the process into a set of simple steps. Dedicated project managers know where you are at this moment. Don’t worry, we are here to bring your concept into life and to shape your business.
  5. Be sure in your future success
    We develop stores with a bug-free approach. Your webstore goes through all necessary tests to prove to be compatible with your company vision and goals.
  6. Start a new life for your webstore
    Start your business with a brand new Magento online store. You had a vision – we had skills. We have done our job. Now it is your turn to rule the world with an innovative web design and latest Magento features.
  7. Don’t worry, be happy
    No matter what happens, rely on a BelVG qualified support. Get the latest Magento updates and security patches for your online store. We are always ready to help to solve any tiny issue.

Why us

Conversion-driven approach

We put conversions as a core value for our Magento development. Every action, every plan and every idea must follow this concept and with a strong belief that conversions are the main forecast of online store development. In respect to customers and clients, we build an outstanding shopping experience to transform our clients business from being just normal to being something special.

All about family relationships and more

We build our process in the same way a family builds their relationships and with our clients we share a mutual vision and common values. Based on this approach, our dedicated project managers put all their life to overcome any challenge whilst working on your project. There is no tiny problem that we can not solve to make our family happy.

There is no life without further development

We have been with Magento since this platform came into existence. We know its ups and downs, pros and cons. But with a strong belief in further development and a thirst for knowledge we create innovative and stimulating features. Build your webstore with Magento certified developers.

Start your road to success

We know how to develop, create and launch successful online stores. Build your Magento website without any limits. Promote your products, customize your content and enrich the webstore with any feature. We do not believe in magic, but our knowledge and family relationships help your business develop through a proven strategy based on experience in Magento development.