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Our Prestashop Work: is assured to be one of the well-developed web stores known for its designed functionality and up-to-date features that make shopping experience enjoyable. The site is hugely popular with gamers who prefer regularly playing computer games and are familiar with gamer world. Involved in e-commerce sphere, has to follow current trends in order to meet client expectations. That’s why a year ago it was resolved to upgrade the website by adding additional features and altering the current details into unique special features that make the website stand out from its contemporaries. So the task to redesign the website was trusted the BelVG company. (more…)

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Prestashop is supposed to be a very powerful platform used for e-commerce purposes. Besides, it is a reliable tool that helps to build your web store from scratch and get a lot of benefits. The only challenge you can face while creating a web store is Prestashop development that is considered to be quite simple for advanced users. If you are a newbie without relevant skills, all you need is to drill down the information concerning Prestashop news and innovations to be updated. In fact, armed with necessary knowledge, you’ll be educated enough to cope with Prestashop development. That’s why the BelVG company has created the blog that contains all the essential information on Prestashop development including fundamentals of Prestashop development, developer tutorials, and guides, answers to topical questions, an expert opinion and feedback. Relying on the experienced developers who provide you with all the information, you can come up with the times while exploring Prestashop world with pleasure.