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Why Web Design?


Looking for a way to attract new customers? Unique web design is the solution you are waiting for. Seamless white background with a list of products is not enough to create a dramatic effect. Add new colors to make an outstanding web design that paves the way towards customer attachment to the brand. The sophisticated design will let your brand shine brighter than ever before. Technical systems provide the functionality but eye-catching web design is where your online store begins and ends.


Think that your company cannot afford to build a world-famous online store? We breathe life into your webstore vision and power your ideas with the most creative solutions. The BelVG experienced design team transforms your customer’s emotions and feelings into conversions. Our main goal is not only to deliver your online store an outstanding look but to make sure the design is functional. You receive an online store created to provide unforgettable, fast and easy online shopping. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, depending on the brand, product or service – web design should be unique.

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Web design-Online store from scratch

Online Store from Scratch


How to start an online store from scratch. Choosing the right ecommerce platform is not enough. Top global brands were not created with ready-made out of the box design. In the world where customers judge brands by their online appearance, your task is to provide a clear comprehensive message to everyone – on each website page.


Reach out to our creative professional design team and get innovative solutions that match your goals, ideas and business strategy. Every brand has its own design features but we create unique solutions for every industry, country and client to build market leaders. Our expert designers are here to guide you through the exciting journey of creating an award-winning online store. Make your customers return again and again. There is nothing to be afraid of when you rely on professional dedicated designers. Let the success story of your brand begin here and now.

Web design-Responsive design or mobile first

Responsive Design or Mobile First


Is your online store available through all devices? If not – you can forget about all the mobile shoppers coming to your website. The next generation is all about online shopping accessible anywhere 24 hours a day. With the mobile-first index, Google and other search engines have already started a new story of online sales. Even the most stylish design cannot save your online store from looking like a relict of the past if it is not mobile responsive. If your online store is not prepared and adapted, your brand can face extinction – but you still have a chance and time to change the situation for the better.


Reach out to the BelVG webdesign team and give your customers what they need and deserve – mobile responsive online store. Our expert designers are here to go through the exciting process of building a mobile-friendly online store and prepare your brand for the future. We make your ecommerce dreams fit with the screens of your customers’ devices.

Web design-Website Redesign

Website Redesign


Does your website still convert? When was the last time you improved your web design? The days when your online store helped you drive sales are in the past. Even the most loyal customers will run away from you webstore without modern features. Your competitors have made a huge step forward while your store remains the same. It is time to think about your website redesign. Where do you get started?


The BelVG team believes in sophisticated design solutions that boost sales. The UI and UX part of website design impacts conversion rates, the website traffic and customer loyalty. We do not focus on existing conversion rates but build your bright future with the new website redesign. Our talented designers provide everything you need to increase your market share, profit potential, customer satisfaction through innovation and years of positive experience. With an eye on the latest design trends, BelVG creates online stores that make your customers happy.


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Web design-Website Design Research and Audit

Website Design Research and Audit


Want to conquer new markets or strengthen your website performance? Do not know how to add new colors to your online store? It is not enough to rely on your personal vision and background – rely on professionals. Avoid mistakes based on a previous biased ecommerce experience. You do not create a website for yourself – you create it for the customers.


With years of successful ecommerce, we deliver online stores with stylish design backed by top-notch technical solutions. The BelVG team carries out a technical audit and evaluates your design to ensure they work together. We do a technical review, check your interface’s usability as well as SEO and marketing analysis to provide you with step-by-step instruction and ready to use solutions on how to turn your online store into a functional appealing ecommerce. Let’s create an online masterpiece together.

Web design-Conversion design

Conversion Design


Want to boost your conversion rate? Besides the best price and customer-oriented features, pay special attention to eye-catching design to go beyond your competitors. An appealing web design is one of the most useful tools in driving sales. Let us discover what can be done better and we will make it a part of your conversion design.


Looking for a functional design solution unique for your particular brand? BelVG will deliver it to you. Reach your target audience and convert potential customers when they look for a purchase across your website. We will do website navigation research, analyze UI & UX components of your product page and their ability to answer customer needs to make conversion paths clear. Our creative team analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of your online store in order to eliminate the weaknesses. Increase conversion rate and make them return again with high intention to buy more.

Web design-Design process

Design Process


How to start a website design for your online store? It is not an easy question to find an answer to. Everything begins with a dream of a successful brand. All of your great ideas can crash into pieces without a detailed plan. You need to find a way to move from sketch to a mockup design and then to a functional webstore.


The BelVG team provides a step-by-step design process to develop your online store. The first step is to determine the main project goal, the next step is to create a ready-to-implement plan, define responsibilities and set clear deadlines. We use Gantt charts and other timeline visualisation tools to ensure the project stays on time. The third step is wireframe creation and mockup design. The next stage is to breathe life into your website with the right content. The final step is to switch on the light for your website – we use Figma, XD, Sketch and other tools to add visual elements, bright colors and logos.

Design Process

Let’s start with the goal

You give us ideas, your vision and sketch and we help you build a concept around it. Rely on our creative solutions and we will uncover the insights of brilliant ecommerce for your brand.

Enjoy unlimited creativity with a set timeframe

From visions to a bigger picture with tasks and timelines. We use project management software, Gantt charts and tools for better business communication. Goals stay dreams without clear deadlines.

Sitemap & wireframe

Get access to interactive prototypes and wireframe now to capture a first impression. It is a milestone where we both share the feedback quickly and efficiently to avoid future mistakes.

Content makes your website alive

It is time to couple your design with content marketing solutions. Let’s ensure your website is not only eye-catching but becomes a real website with an inspiring story behind it.

Get the job done with visual elements

We put the final touches to the website. Now your ecommerce is cross-device compatible, customer-oriented and ready to meet the world.


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Why us

Boundless creativity

Our ultimate goal is to fulfil the dreams of your customers. Every project we do becomes a masterpiece. Our team does not choose simple ways or one-size-fits-all solutions, we believe that every brand is unique and deserves the best.

Technical proficiency

We are in constant motion with a thirst to learn about the latest web design trends and techniques. Successful design is not just an eye-catching picture – we know how to power an attractive website look with technical expertise and functionality.

Unlimited experience

With years of web design experience, our team has helped hundreds of brands to be recognized globally.

Efficient marketing

We combine both human behavior and analytical data to determine where, how and when your customers prefer to shop. With the right marketing tools a customer journey turns into a desired experience.

Excellent communication skills

We share ideas and visions to reach outstanding solutions that have never existed before. We guide you from platform selection towards improving your ecommerce strategy, enriching it with our knowledge and passion.

Personal approach

Your website is not just an ordinary list of products. We put your brand’s message on every page of your online store to provide a unique shopping experience for your customers. Your ecommerce business deserves more.

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