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BelVG has been working with PrestaShop since 2010. We are official PrestaShop experts and have experience building, maintaining and upgrading PrestaShop websites. The team consists of middle and senior developers with 3-14 years in ecommerce who can help you set up a robust online store.



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PrestaShop Support


Do you really need PrestaShop support? You have invested much time and money into your webstore development and going deep into all the tiny details to attract your customers to build their shopping experience. But it is not enough as Ecommerce business and PrestaShop are always on the move. Do not let your efforts be in vain. Provide your customers with a bug-free webstore performance and create a smooth shopping experience for them. When you are neck and neck with your competitors, even the smallest issue matters. It is not just about one simple button that does not work, it is more about tons of negative reviews, money and reputation loss you have to face. Failing to provide your customers with the best services can let your online store down. Are you still thinking that PrestaShop support is not worth paying for?


Turn to a certified PrestaShop agency to take care of your online store. We know how complicated webstore management can be and how important it is to have everything working smoothly. Being a part of your team, we will provide you with ongoing monitoring of your ecommerce website and help you with any issue that may appear. Keep your customer shopping and shopping while we do the rest.

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A Dedicated Project Manager_img

A Dedicated Project Manager


Who knows your online store better than you? No matter what business you are running, your PrestaShop dedicated project manager is all you need to make your life easier. Forget about tickets to get an answer within several hours by people who do not know all the ins and outs of your online store. With a dedicated project manager, you will get a person responsible for your online store. This manager will become an irreplaceable asset to your team. Do not waste your time trying to fix performance issues on your own.


Get a free dedicated project manager that will always be aware of your webstore health and performance. We will take care of your webstore, add new patches and updates, find out all possible bottlenecks and suggest the best solutions to make things right. You will forget how to organize certified PrestaShop developers tasks to improve your online store, ongoing website performance monitoring, hosting uptime, modules and theme updates. By the way you get a dedicated project manager for free which is a great plus for you.

A Dedicated Support Team_img

A Dedicated Support Team


What was your main goal when you first started your business online? Do you want to grow your business beyond expectations and share your Brand message to the world? When reputation means everything, you have no chance to make a mistake. Your customers will not forgive you. Running international business means managing multicultural developer teams focused on your Brand development. To get everything done right you need a dedicated team who is close to your project to build an excellent support for your customers.


Do not limit your business development because of the technical issues. Turn to a dedicated support team to provide your webstore with a high level of performance. Being with PrestaShop since 2008, we know how to solve any issues and prevent them from happening again. We have worked with world famous multinational businesses as we have built an experienced team of in-house developers. Get a top-notch technical support and accelerate your business with a dedicated PrestaShop support team.

Rapid Security Patch Implementation and Update - prestashop

Rapid Security Patch Implementation and Update


Do your customers trust your online store or not? Does your webstores run the latest PrestaShop version? Security should become the core value of any website. PrestaShop is a genuine ecommerce platform, created for online shopping which provides its clients with continuous security updates. With every patch and update you get makes your webstore impregnable. Protect it from hacker attacks, bugs or any other technical issues with the latest PrestaShop Upgrade. Get access to the newest PrestaShop version and add new features.



Rely on PrestaShop certified developers to take care of your webstore. With your website security as our main value, we inform our clients about the latest patches releases within 24 hours. Working in ecommerce for years, we do our best to exclude the vulnerability of your online store and install updated patches within 72 hours. Be in the loop on the newest security patches PrestaShop delivers and be sure you provide your customers with the safest shopping experience.


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A Day Scan for Vulnerabilities - prestashop

A Day Scan for Vulnerabilities


What is the problem with my online store? Why is it running so slow? Does webstore performance affect ranking, sales and conversions? If you have been asking these questions, there is something wrong with your webstore health. Get a fast response to all your fears with a day scan for vulnerabilities. You get an ad-hoc review of your online store performance undertaken by an experienced developers and know everything about technical aspects of your site.


Ready to get this report? Turn to PrestaShop developers to receive a comprehensive review of your online shop. We test your ecommerce website and scan it inside out to detect any possible vulnerabilities. Our team will compare your store to industry-leading competitors and provide you with detailed report and a list of recommendations for implementation to win your niche. It may be enough to leave all your fears behind or think about further PrestaShop development. Get to know how to move your business to the next level in just ONE day.

Daily monitoring performed by a support manage

Daily monitoring performed by a support manager


How to manage your online store in real time? Online store management is a challenging task. Just think about how to create product catalog, update prices, manage customer live chat and implement marketing strategies. Do you have time in this busy daily routine to monitor your webstore performance? And what is more important, do you have enough technical knowledge and experience to monitor your online store to find bugs and performance issues?


There is no need for you as a business owner to go deep into all these details. Get everything you should know about your webstore from an experienced support team. You receive a way to find out what is going on with your shop at this particular moment. Rely on BelVG developers to take care of your store every minute, every hour and every day. Trust us with your webstore while you are realizing your business strategy and creating your online store for promoting your products globally. We are here to monitor your webstore day and night and solve any issues that may appear.

First Priority Response

First Priority Response


Ecommerce is about right here and right now. If your customers do not get what they are looking for, your competitors are ready to offer them more. When your webstore works very efficiently, you do not have time to solve technical problems. What about PrestaShop modules, custom plugins, third-party integrations with marketing, accounting, payment and shipping software? So many issues that are vital for your online store and need a close look in case of any problems. You do not have any time to stand in a line. Time is money. Get a first priority response to provide your clients with the best services they could ever imagine.


Do not wait for hours to get an answer. Be sure you are not alone with your problem. Our clients are our family and we are always ready to respond to every issue you have. Email, skype, phone call, choose the most convenient way to contact your support team and get an immediate answer. No matter, what kind of problem you have, is it crucial or secondary, we will do everything possible to help you.

Сode Audit - prestashop

Сode Audit


Developed by several teams, your webstore may be a much more complicated issue than you think. Are you interested in the coding of your webstore or its bug-free performance is the only thing that really matters? You have an issue with checkout and payments, but the problem may be deeper. Your online store is a complex system with thousands of code lines. Think of your store beyond the boundaries of what you see. Audit the code and discover the real reason for any issue.


Get to know everything about your webstore. With years in PrestaShop development, we provide our clients with a detailed PrestaShop webstore audit to explain any technical and performance issues you are interested in. Keeping your business features in mind, we analyze your store back and front end, manage UI/UX audit, check all modules and integrations and test their compatibility. Based on our experience, we deliver a comprehensive report of your present status and share recommendations to enrich online store functionality, manage speed optimization and turn it into a reliable and bug-free ecommerce website.

Review - SallingDk



Review - SallingDk

Our process

We keep your secrets with us

We get down to business with NDA agreement to prevent any doubts about confidentiality and move forwards with trust and respect to our clients. This is our core value.

Let’s start cooperation

You provide access to your store, we start working on your project. This is the time when the miracle begins. Get your store audit and detailed review with future actions.

Backup is a must

No job without backup. With respect to security, we backup products, content, customers, orders and all necessary information to prevent any data loss. Be sure nothing bad happens.

We launch webstore audit

We dive into your webstore to review it from every angle. We test all the features, integrations and more to make sure they work properly.

We have answers to all questions

With a detailed webstore audit, we rank problems from critical to secondary and provide our clients with step-by-step guide to improve their webstore. We treat our clients as our family and work to move their business forward.

We know how to build leaders

You get ultimate solutions for your business and customers. We are here to support you and solve any issue. Lead your business to success with us.

Let’s win the battle

We are here to provide your webstore with the ultimate support that you deserve. We have been with PrestaShop since 2008 and we are happy to use our experience to improve your online shop. Be sure you get what your Brand deserves.

Why Us

Our clients speak for us

We have been the core for BelVG for many years. We know all its pros and cons. Check plenty of our positive reviews on our site, Upworks, Clutch and other sources which will tell you more.

We are PrestaShop Certified Developers

We do not believe in success without further learning. Our life is nothing without further improvement. With all knowledge we already have, we never stop moving forward.

With an aim to win

We treat our clients with respect and do everything to improve their business. Our clients success is our best award.

Our clients are our family

Personalized support is our core value. We work to establish long-lasting partnership with our clients. We are your team, friends and family and we are happy to see you prosper.

No problem, you can cancel any time

You can cancel whenever you want and renew our cooperation when you need. We will be here to support you no matter what. We love our clients and understand them.

Get project manager for free

You pay only for development services without spending more money for project management. There are no additional fees. You have a problem to solve, we help you to make it right. That’s a rule.

Pay only for what you get

Honesty is what we respect. You pay only for services that you ask for. We are here to be your partner and we are building a long-lasting business relationship based upon trust.

We are here to help

We know how important your webstore is. Do not worry about its performance. We are always online to keep an eye on it.

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