Magento Migration Services

A Magento 2 migration would be one of the most significant steps a webstore owner should be considering in 2018. Since Magento 1 to 2 migration is not an easy task, as they are two separate platforms that are different from each other, the best option would be hiring certified developers for everything to be handled avoiding errors and data loss. While the migration is in the process, your website will still be fully functional and working.

You can be confident that our experienced specialists will take great care of your Magento website and you will get exactly what you asked for.


Point one is choosing a design for the website’s appearance:


  • creating from scratch;
  • using the developed template ready for customization;
  • using the old design from the old store; 
    to transform into the new one.


We’ll analyze your requirements and offer the most appropriate solution. Our frontend developers and designers will do their best to make your web store appear great.

Second point will be a discussion with the development team about the functionality to be featured on your new store:


  • product types;
  • sorting of categories;
  • marketing tools;
  • additional services.

Point three would be analyzing the current website version and determining which features should be transferred to a new store:


  • customer groups;
  • product bundles;
  • polls;
  • new items promotional tools.


All the most important extensions already have Magento 2 versions, so you don’t have to be concerned about the functionality. Basically, we’ll transfer all the products, customers, and orders to your new website.

Point four is making sure everything is functioning properly:


  • transferring all the existing data to the new immediately available website;
  • testing the webstore after migrating from Magento 1
    to Magento 2;
  • fixing all back end and front end bugs.


As a result, you get an actual stable-working webstore.


Magento 2 has quite a lot of advantages over Magento 1 by having new features:


  • page loading time increased by 30-50%;
  • add-to-cart time is 66% faster;
  • an opportunity to handle around 90 000 orders per hour;
  • and-to-end checkout time is improved by 38%;
  • supporting 20 times more catalog page views per hour (10 000 000 vs 500 000 pages views);
  • major categories are now separated and subcategories are available with one click
    on the main menu;
  • user-friendly checkout with an opportunity to create an account in one-click;
  • flexible web design configuration that guarantees optimal viewing and seamless interaction across a variety of devices.


The main reason for the migration is that the security support will no longer be available, which means that your webstore may become vulnerable and can easily be hacked. Moreover, the sensitive data can be stolen as well. And once your website is hacked, it will require a lot of effort, money and time to solve the problem. Also, there will be no available low-cost up-to-date extensions for Magento 1 in the near future.


For you, as a Magento webstore owner, migration to Magento 2 may seem to not be worth the headache, since it’s not an easy process. But what should be understood that with migrating to Magento 2 you will receive the advantages, that will help you strengthen your business positions. 
Our team of professionals is here for you to make the migration as comfortable as possible.


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