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What is Magento


What is the best ecommerce platform for online store development? What do top Brands like Hermes, Bulgari, Nike and Land Rover have in common? Based on numerous benefits they all choose Magento for their ecommerce websites. Why not join them?


Magento came into appearance in 2008 and was designed for ecommerce and for nothing else. Evolving with the market and always being relevant and up-to-date, Magento transformed all their experience into the newest and most powerful version of the platform. Since Magento 2 latest release in 2015, online businesses get one integrated solution for an international shopping experience. Move your business vision to any single place in the world with the best next-generation online solution to build a unique ecosystem for your website. Do not allow your webstore to limit your business development. Get access to content management and product updates with just one click or apply new bulk prices and send targeted emails to your customers right from the admin panel. The structure of your webstore should not limit the way you interact with your customers and the success of your business. Turn the advantages of the world’s most popular ecommerce platform into your webstore. Choose Magento 2 to grow your revenue, scale your business and reduce costs. Work on your Brand development while BelVG dedicated team is working on your webstore.


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Benefits of Magento 2

Speed with no limits

Make your business work faster after Migration. Magento 2 provides 20% faster platformance compared with the previous version.

Available through all devices

Undoubted responsive tools. Online shopping is no longer a problem for your business through all devices.

Smooth shopping wherever

Provide your customers with undoubted flexibility of your Magento 2 webstore and its compatibility with all devices, browsers and channels.

Integrated payment and shipping options

Use the most popular payment and shipping systems just from your admin panel. Use PayPal, Braintree, Worldpay and Cybersource as well as UPS, DHL and FedEx and other third-party logistics.

Constant updates

Get access to the latest security patches and Magento new version releases to provide your customers with safety while shopping online.

Unsurpassed security

Magento 2 is designed to give your customers an unswerving confidence. Run your webstore in a safe environment and provide security to all customers data during any step of the shopping process.

Start your global expansion to the world

Build your business with multi-site architecture without any boundaries. Use one codebase and database for all countries and languages. No more effort to launch a new webstore and win a new market. Manage international sales and support multiple currencies.

Easy-to-use admin panel

Online store management has never been so easy with Magento 2. There is no need to use extra tools to do everything you need. Update information, build reports, monitor your store performance and stay in touch with your customers from your admin panel through all devices.

Improved performance level

With modern digital framework working faster than the previous Magento first edition and additional bug testing options get a new customized and complex tools for your online store development.

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Magento Migration

Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration


Are you still using Magento 1 for your ecommerce website? The bad news is that Magento stops releasing new features for 1.x platform versions and will no longer support it after June 2020. But there is no need to panic. You still have a chance and enough time to update your online store now. Migration to Magento’s latest version seems to be the right way to get you out of this trouble with all the features which you got used to in everyday life. Do not give up your favourite ecommerce platform features and interface. Keep your business growing with Magento 2.


Still looking for professionals with years of industry experience to migrate your online store to Magento 2? When you choose BelVG as your family member who knows what does and what does not work, we are ready to meet your challenge. We build and migrate websites to provide your webstore features which you care about. Your online store gets what it deserves throughout all the stages of the migration.

Migration from other CMS

Migration from other CMS to Magento 2


Have you ever thought about migration to other cms platforms? If you have already asked this question the answer is yes. You understand that your current ecommerce platform does not meet all your business goals. Your business is the same as having a child which you need to nurture and support to allow it to grow. Based on its architecture, multiple features and inbuilt room for customization together with experience in ecommerce, Magento has become one of the world largest shopping platforms to build and run any business.


Ready to migrate to Magento 2, let’s get started now with BelVG. Migrate online stores from Shopify, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Joomla and other CMS to Magento. Nothing will be lost. Saving design, structure, catalog, products description, orders and login information is our main task and you get only improvements with Magento 2. We will replatform your webstore avoiding all possible technical, marketing and SEO pitfalls to ensure the minimum impact on your webstore performance and ranking. You have nothing to worry about.

Migration - start from scratch

Migration – start from scratch


What is the ultimate goal of your company? If you want to be a regular seller, you may be satisfied with just a simple html webstore, but if you are eager to create an exciting shopping experience for your customers such online store will be not enough for you. What seems to be a perfect online store 10 years ago, does not seem to be attractive for customers now. Do not lose your loyal customers that have been with you for many years and get more with Magento 2. Forget about problems with online payments and shipment options, get access to unlimited opportunities to update prices, export, import and configure products with just one click and enjoy ready-to-use solutions and custom features.


Switch your online store to Magento 2 ecommerce platform. Being ahead of ecommerce development, we provide you access to the most effective Magento solutions to improve your business. Enjoy hassle-free migration to create an unforgettable shopping experience to your customers, regain trust of loyal clients.

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Magento 2 Migration Process

Step 1

New Magento 2 migration setup

We meet and discuss your future online store migration setup. You give us a vision, we provide you solutions.

Step 2

Data migration

We choose the relevant data for further migration: products, content, navigation layout, images, order history, price rules etc. Be sure, no data will be lost.

Step 3

Design development

We try to save the concept of your webstore design exactly as it was before. But if you would like to make your online store look better with new design solutions you can add new features to make it more attractive for customers.

Step 4

Install extensions

We will review the set of your extensions and choose the counter parts in Magento 2. In case you want to enrich your webstore functionality and get new options, we will find or create Magento 2 extensions to match your online store.

Step 5

Integrations migration

We will check your online store for ready made integrations with payment, shipment, advertising and other systems, review their compatibility with Magento 2, migrate them and provide solutions in case any possible problems may happen.

Step 6

No online store launch without testing

With respect to our clients and their business, we understand that a bug-free online store is a must for you. We test all migrated extensions, integrations and other tools to have a 100 per cent working website ready to start a new shopping experience for your customers and boost your company’s performance.

Step 7

Your website is ready for Ecommerce Launch

With a new design, updated Magento 2 extensions and migrations we have completed our mission to make your online store run quick and easy. Customers will get back again and again to your online store to push your Brand forward with your innovative vision.

Step 8

Ready for further innovations and updates

Get access to the latest Magento 2 updates and security patches to improve your online store. With years of experience in Magento migration, you will get support in case you have thirst to improve your online store. You have a question, we are here to help you.


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Why Us

We know more about CMS migrations

We do not just learn, but get new experience. With over 15 years in web development and our passion combined with a thirst for innovation and simplicity, we help you to face any challenge and find an ecommerce platform that will suit you the best. We have done dozens of CMS migrations in the past few years and we are ready to do more.

Ecommerce has always been about conversions

Knowing any tiny part of ecommerce development and with a deep understanding of the difference between driving traffic and transforming it into conversions, we undergo migrations to encourage customers to engage and finally add products to the shopping cart, deliver an unstoppable shopping experience and finish at the checkout. Migrate to get more suitable CMS for your business now.

It is all about family issues

With nothing but respect to our clients, we think about their business as our own and our ultimate goal is to bring your online store to success. During the migration process we think of your webstore not just as a list of individual products, but as a message of your Brand to bring to the world of ecommerce. With this core value, our team becomes part of your family, ready to put life behind your business ideas.

New life after migration

There is always room for improvement. With years of positive experience, knowing all about the migration process and every touch point of each cms ecommerce systems, we deliver solutions beyond expectations. We’re successful developers, designers, and makers. Do not hesitate to change your ecommerce for the better with a brand new cms platform. You deserve to be successful!

Looking for ways to go beyond the “starter kit” for you business with Shopify, get access to unlimited company scale features with Magento 2 migration. Enjoy no subscription fees, multi-lingual out of the box features in Magento 2 not supported by Shopify. You want to move your company forward, just migrate from Shopify to Magento 2.


Shopify to Magento

If you are a die-hard WordPress supporter you can use WooCommerce to start your business. But with the further growth and development and no way to get new Ecommerce feature based on WordPress architecture, migrate to Magento 2 to push your business in the right direction. Get rid of security, performance, scalability or flexibility issues with Magento 2.


WooCommerce to Magento

Enjoy BigCommerce for small and medium-size companies, its out of the box functionalities and reduced go-to-market time. But if you go deeper, find out that BigCommerce is not so “Big” as it seems. With a monthly payment subscription, annual sales threshold, limited free themes or BigCommerce hosting feature and no way to control it, Magento 2 migration becomes a better way for your business development with a more responsive admin panel, improved checkout, framework improvements or Magento marketplace.


BigCommerce to Magento

Magento and OsCommerce were great old friends from the beginning. But Magento had won the battle with over a quarter of a million live sites all over the world and Top Brands like Ford and Nike using it compared to over 20 thousand live OsCommerce webstores. Join a fast growing Magento community with an “army” of over 150,000 developers and use its ecommerce market potential to the fullest.


OsCommerce to Magento

If you are not happy with the performance of your online store resulting in sales almost coming to zero from search engines or tired of investing money into paid advertising which is a huge amount of your budget for promotion, do not migrate from OpenCart with limited SEO options like optimizing titles, images, URLs, redirects, rel canonical and other features. But enjoy all the above mentioned options after migration to Magento 2 and lead your brand to success.


OpenCart to Magento

Starting your business from scratch from just 29 $ per month with limited financial costs with  Volusion will be probably one of the best decisions. But if you are not satisfied with restricted functionality, lack of opportunities to add new products and sales potential which you get, you are forced to pay much more. Do not stick to monthly payments and migrate to Magento 2. No way to limit you product potential, number of products, get carefully built support and get access to all Magento features and integrations.


Volusion to Magento

If you are in fashion or any other types of business where visual focus is of primary importance, Salesforce will be the best choice for you. Get the best of both worlds, both visually and textually and combine them with Magento 2 as a more flexible ecommerce platform for doing business online. Migrate to Magento 2 to get access to custom and pre-built components to get bigger benefits for your company.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware) to Magento

Enjoy unlimited options with all SAP solutions within one online store. If you are ready for this, just think about Hybris online store development up to 24 months by a professional dedicated team. Do you really need all these features or you prefer to launch your webstore faster and beat your competitors? Enjoy Magento 2 migration as this platform has everything you need to improve your business. Magento migrations makes all your investment into development, both financially and technically worth your while.


Hybris (SAP) to Magento
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Why to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

Do not waste your time until Magento 1 days are over and you will be left without official support and security updates. Migrate to Magento 2 now.

What about Magento 2 benefits after switching to Magento 2?

Enjoy speed without any limits, make your online store available through all possible devices with responsive tools, benefit from new online shopping options, receive constant security updates, get access to integrated payments and shipping tools and start a global experience for your customers with Magento 2.

What about data migration to Magento 2?

Due to open-source architecture, be sure there will be no data loss when transferring data not only from Magento 1 to Magento 2, but from other ecommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Demandware, OsCommerce, OpenCart, Hybris, Salesforce, Volusion, IBM Commerce and others.

Can I migrate online store design to Magento 2?

With improved UI layout and high flexibility of the Magento 2 you cannot only upgrade your present design, but also enhance it. Get access to the latest Magento 2 extensions to improve navigation, add reviews and make the shopping process user-friendly, install free and paid Magento 2 themes for your online store.

How not to lose traffic after migration? Does it affect SEO rankings?

Do not be afraid to lose your traffic and ranking results, if you use professional migration to Magento 2, by keeping all urls, saving content and images, meta data, menu structure and navigation and other design elements of your online store. Nothing important for search engines and your SEO ranking will be lost.

How long does migration take?

The devil is in the detail. Everything depends on your present webstore: how many products, orders and customer information, installed extensions you would like to migrate.

How can I migrate extensions?

It is possible to migrate existing extensions and update them. If you cannot you will find hundreds of Magento 2 extensions.


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