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Volusion to Magento Migration

How to Migrate to Magento 2? Step-by-step Guide
Feb 11, 20193775Dasha M.

Decided to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2? This is a perfectly sound resolution, even despite the fact that Magento 1 version, both Community and Enterprise Editions, will continue to be supported till July 2020, which seems like quite a lot of time. Still, the migration process will be neither simple nor fast, so the earlier you embark on this process, the better.

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How to Migrate to Magento 2? Step-by-step Guide

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Volusion to Magento 2 migration is your best decision since you are tired of the lack of integrations and limits on product potential. Volusion is good if you start the business with a limited budget, but for unrestricted functionality, opportunities to add new goods and boost sales, you will have to pay much more. The platform provides a very limited template store, and all templates are hard-coded. With Volusion, you can launch the store, but there are no features to add-on and adapt. The platform doesn’t have extensions capability. Want to get unlimited product potential? A vast number of products? Want to receive careful support? Need lots of features and integrations? Migrate from Volusion to Magento 2 and let your business flourish with BelVG! Magento is one of the most flexible platforms among competitors. You can completely makeover your site. It is a scalable solution with smooth navigation, eye-catching themes and many more. Migration to Magento improves the online business adding multi-store support and mobile-friendly option. The platform offers a fast loading speed and installation of upgrades and extensions. It also supports third-party marketplaces boosting the number of available templates, add-ons and more. Are you still not sure that Magento 2 can change your online store for the better? BelVG totally knows the answer. With years of developing and replatforming experience, the company is the ideal team for your store’s Magento migration. Striving to reach the main business goal of each business owner – to increase revenue and provide online stores’ customers with a superior shopping experience – our dedicated team offers a quality Magento migration service. We ensure a secure and correct switch of Magento 2 data, orders, products of our clients, and know that your clients trust their businesses when it comes to moving from Volusion. Have any questions? Need consultation and project scope data? Write to us to clarify all replatforming details or any related issues. Our BelVG team is always ready to consult all business owners and waits to improve your online store. You can also find more in BelVG blog, where our developers write posts about the newest Magento modules and extensions, explain the pros of moving from Volusion to Magento 2 and many other useful articles for online stores’ owners. With Magento, your online store will gain unsurpassed performance, and our BelVG team will be happy to help your business grow!