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Magento Sage Pay Integration

Sage Pay Magento Integration
Shopify vs Magento comparisons: Which Platform Is Best for Your Business?
Jan 10, 202411030Tanya Shyrma

Magento and Shopify are top players in the world of ecommerce platforms. Both companies offer unique benefits for businesses in the online retail space.

Magento, an open-source platform, is renowned for its robust customization capabilities and scalability, catering to businesses with specific needs and technical resources. Shopify, on the other hand, shines as a user-friendly, hosted solution, ideal for businesses seeking ease of use and quick setup.

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Shopify vs Magento comparisons: Which Platform Is Best for Your Business?

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Do you want to provide a world-class reliable payment system to feel secure when buying online? BelVG knows the answer and has a solution to facilitate the payment process. Make a secure payment a real thing. There is a smart and safe way to start accessing payments online being sure that it will be beneficial for both sides. Sage Pay is one of the most trusted payment brands that processes over 4 billion online payments each year.

Moreover, when defining the type of server integration you can choose whether you want to have customer’s data collected and stored within your very website or via a separate Sage pay server. If so, once the customers are ready to proceed with a payment, they will be simply redirected to Sage Pay payment page where they provide their card details to. But you also can choose to create your own payment pages and deliver a completely personalised customer experience. The functionality depends directly on your business needs and technical capabilities.

BelVG is ready to integrate your Magento webstore to meet your e-commerce goals. We are happy to help you increase revenue generation while improving the user’s experience. Our experienced team set ourselves to create custom Magento integrations that perfectly fit your business scope, even if it will be the first-of-its-kind. If you need to be convinced, take a sneak peek of feature you can take advantage of implementing this one.

Magento webstore benefit from integration with Sage pay as it contains 3DSecure authentication and advanced fraud screening tools with the followed reports. Payment may be processed over the phone and through card machines. Going further, there are many payment integrations compliant with Sage Pay (Server, Form, Direct, PayPal). The list is more vast than you can imagine therefore more functions to take advantage of.

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