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Magento WordPress Integration

WordPress Magento Integration
Converting Customer Password Hashes from WordPress to Magento 2
Aug 28, 20184603Andrey Litvin

In some projects developers may face the problem of migrating the data from various other platforms to Magento 2: for example, the site may have previously worked on another CMS system, but we want to keep the already existing products, users and other entities in it. At the same time, when migrating users, we can migrate all the data to Magento except for password hashes, because they are encrypted differently in another system: use a different algorithm, another combination of salt and the password itself, etc.

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Converting Customer Password Hashes from WordPress to Magento 2
Which Ecommerce Platform To Choose
Oct 25, 20172388Lana Miro

Nowadays the crowds of people make the purchases of the goods online, so it’s not a big surprise that ecommerce is expanding its boundaries and growing bigger every single day. In addition to this, the number of eCommerce platforms is big enough and users can be troubled while choosing the one option among the arrays of them. Read more

Which Ecommerce Platform To Choose

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Looking for top solutions to improve your marketing strategy? Don’t know how to connect your Magento store with necessary tools? BelVG knows the answers and is ready to offer you the best. We can integrate functional ecommerce solutions into your Magento online store to improve your marketing tactics, boost sales, simplify store management and many others. Our developers know how to attract lots of new traffic and ensure that your business is successful. Want this? Integrate your Magento store and WordPress capabilities to have the best for your online business.


Have a fascinating WordPress blog? Enjoy the CMS tools? The BelVG team can integrate all the necessary WordPress tools into your Magento store to break down the barriers on your way to a successful ecommerce. WordPress Magento integration will allow you to promote your products and services effectively and communicate with your customers. Create a great WordPress blog to discuss and review your Magento store products, and we will integrate it with your platform. WordPress has a strong SEO tool and is suitable for product information management. Need to increase your websites traffic and rank higher in search engines? WordPress integration is the best solution for your profitable business. You will be able to associate a different blog with each Magento online store. It also has an option to hide from search engines giving you time to work on your site and store and publish it only when the platform is ready. WordPress has lots of useful tools necessary to power your Magento store and get functional and social ecommerce experience. If you need to improve the marketing strategy of your Magento store, BelVG will integrate it with WordPress!


BelVG is a team of ecommerce experts who always offer top-notch solutions to its clients. We know how to maximize your store’s performance and turn your business to the new ecommerce level. Using our Magento integration services, you will enjoy the freedom to integrate your Magento store with anything you want!