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Which Ecommerce Platform To Choose

Oct 25, 2017

2330 Lana Miro

Which Ecommerce Platform To Choose

Nowadays the crowds of people make the purchases of the goods online, so it’s not a big surprise that ecommerce is expanding its boundaries and growing bigger every single day. In addition to this, the number of eCommerce platforms is big enough and users can be troubled while choosing the one option among the arrays of them.

Actually, every person has his/her own idea about a high-quality online-store. Let’s imagine five people who are looking for a superb ecommerce platform. The first one may think about a platform with an affordable price. The second one may think about its fast work and keeping all possible data secure. The third one may think about something that doesn’t require any special programming skills. The fourth one may think about all mentioned features combined in a single platform. Finally, the fifth one may think about something just for free (it doesn’t matter if it works quick or slow, if it protects the information and so on and so forth, the main point is no payment).

In this article, we will focus on three most popular variants: WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. So, let’s not waste time and find out the answer to the question marked in the headline together.


choosing ecommerce platform

WooCommerce is a platform developed to give a WordPress powered website an opportunity to work as an online shop. So, if you already have a website, the only thing that you need to do is install a completely free plugin (anyway, you should pay an additional fee for a hosting) and start to make a profit of it.

For those who don’t have a WordPress website, it would be not possible to use WooCommerce. It means that they need to set it up and only then the plugin will integrate with the used theme. In general, WooCommerce is a perfect solution for those who already use WordPress. Moreover, in our opinion, this very variant will suit greatly to start-ups and small business companies.


choosing ecommerce platform

The first thing that strikes one’s eye when he/she opens Shopify website, it’s definitely the headline that tells that it’s the ecommerce platform made for you. Moreover, it is also said that whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered. What are the reasons for such big words? Yeah, Shopify can be named one of the most popular eCommerce platforms, but, frankly speaking, there is a wide variety of factors that are considered to be crucial while building a functional website.

To start with, it has a multiplicity of advantages that turn out to be amazing and modern tools. For example, shipping rates, multiple languages support and work with various credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and so on and so forth). What is more, this platform gives an opportunity to offer free shipping to your clients. As WooCommerce, Shopify can be used by small business companies and those who decided to make a start-up. All in all, you can find a multitude of amazing themes online to customize your website.

By the way, if we’re talking about themes, it would be unfair to not mention about Shopify Membership offered by TemplateMonster. If you want to get a lot of modern and premium themes, you should definitely take a look at these three subscription plans that open the way to a plenty of opportunities.

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  1. For $228 ($19/month), you get a Bronze Plan: 60 themes (5 themes/month)
  2. For $348 ($29/month), you get a Silver Plan: 120 themes (10 themes/month)
  3. For $588 ($49/month), you get a Gold Plan: unlimited themes (unlimited downloads).

In comparison, for one high-quality template, you need to pay approximately $139. To say the truth, this offer sounds really alluring.

choosing ecommerce platform

By the way, every template is fully-responsive and includes a wide variety of marketing tools to help you with your business doing.


choosing ecommerce platform

Magento is an option that can easily provide your clients with a pleasant and comfortable process of shopping. Those who want to customize the hell out of ecommerce platform will find this option a perfect one. To be honest, Magento is almost eternally customizable, so people who sell not ordinary products will find it easy to create various categories, for example. Actually, it also means that novices can have some troubles with the platform’s personalization because it requires a basic knowledge of coding along with the interface. What is more, Magento gives an opportunity to use a multiplicity of payment options. Moreover, one can easily set up a shopping cart by him/herself.

Anyway, keep in mind that you need to have a minimal understanding of coding to run the online-shop. That’s why, Magento will suit to ф big, already prosperous company that is willing to pay money to experts in web-development.

By this token, if you want to find out even more information about ecommerce platforms, you can download this free book and learn even tiny details about them.


Anyway, for now, you know the most important things about these three variants. As you can see, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. You just need to know that it’s possible to make a profit using any of them. Everything depends on you. Everything depends on your idea of the ideal online-shop that will make customers use it over and over again without any doubts. Just decide for yourself what are the main traits of an online-store that is pleasant to use. You can stake on a functionality, a simple, but a lovely design, or an intuitiveness and a simple use. Finally, just ask yourself a question: if you were a person who buys good online, what kind of a website you would like to use? Everything should become very clear after finding an answer.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them and leave some comments.

Thanks for reading!

Andrey Dubina
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