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We’ve been designing Magento websites since 2008

Magento Web Design


Try to estimate how eye-catching your webstore is. Ecommerce has always been about the way your website looks. Customers judge your shop by design. You have only 3 seconds to catch their attention and impress them. Otherwise, they will leave the page and never come back again. Successful webdesign is the key element of webstore usability.


We create modern and functional Magento webdesign that will make your online store stand out in comparison with your competitors. Our skilled designers work closely with the client and implement the best UI/UX practices to create a cutting-edge design and clear navigation. If you already have specific corporate design for your business, we will adapt it to the webstore. In case you want a webstore designed from scratch, we will do everything for you, starting from the logo design to layered navigation.

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Magento UX-UI design

Magento UX / UI Design


What is the difference between Magento UX and UI? Our UX designers will estimate both human factors and analyze user behaviour to develop a roadmap to success across multiple devices for your online store. We believe that an attractive webstore design is nothing without functionality and usability. We use an innovative approach in the development and apply the worlds most effective practices to create a clear and user-friendly interface. We propose simple and understandable decisions for our clients which connect your Magento online store with customers.

Custom design

Magento Custom Design


Looking for an extraordinary decision? Make your website look better than others with custom design. Knowing your products in details, you can present them in a better way than anyone else in the world. No matter how mad are your design ideas, share them with us and our designers will make them come true. If you do not have anything in mind, our web designers will provide you with a unique solution based on the competitors best practices and the latest trends in custom Magento ecommerce design and development. We turn your website into a functional, user-friendly and flexible online store you have always dreamed of. Our creative team will apply custom Magento design approach to your online store.


Magento Website Redesign


Stop losing money because of having an outdated webstore. How many years have passed since the development of your webstore? Take a fresh look at your webstore and estimate its design carefully in comparison with the latest Magento ecommerce developments seen today. Your competitors are constantly changing, growing and redesigning their websites to increase conversions. To remain on top, your online store should be better. Webstore design is an especially sensitive aspect, for it gets out of date in a couple-of-years time as Magento always develops new features and improves its functional aspects. Why not ask BelVG to redesign your Magento website taking the latest ecommerce tendencies into account? Our designers will renew your webstore smoothly, so your customers will mention only improvements, not changes. As a result, you get an updated webstore that is guaranteed to increase your conversion rates.


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Responsive design

Magento Responsive Design


Do not lose your customers because your website does not have responsive design. Your clients shop across many channels and devices. Over the last 5 years, the number of customers who use mobile devices for online shopping has been steadily increasing. Do not waste your money on a new webstore development. Use the built in Magento responsive design features to make your online store compatible with all devices your customers use. Get ahead of your competitors and make your online store user friendly for clients. BelVG will develop a modern and responsive Magento webstore design that provides an immersive user experience to your customers across all devices and at every possible moment.


Magento Ecommerce Design


Does your webstore design match your business perfectly? Do you use all possible visual tips & tricks to present your products? There are no two similar businesses and two identical website designs. The right ecommerce design is vital for engaging customers and increasing conversion rates. The best idea for you is to choose a Magento platform to improve conversion rates, average order value and transform users into buyers. BelVG has hands-on experience in designing Magento websites for ecommerce using the latest trends and powerful tools to strengthen your brand.

Marketing design

Magento Marketing Design


Does web design really matter in generating leads and improving market shares? If you think that the right answer is “no”, we are here to tell you the truth. Website design influences traffic and conversions. Determine your business goals and BelVG designers will match them. Keeping your goals in mind, we will improve and optimize your Magento webstore to attract new visitors, engage repeat customers and move them all through the website from the source to the thank you page. We do our best to drive your business towards success, estimate your strengths and eliminate weaknesses across your website. Make your online store better in such areas like buyer experience, logo design and marketing solutions to create a more competitive brand ecosystem for your company.

Logo & Brand design

Logo & Brand Design for Magento Store


What is the main logo challenge? The importance of having a relevant and attractive logo design is that it can drive your company to victory or ruin your business. Your brand can attract new and returning customers, improve brand awareness and recognition, increase your company sales and revenue. BelVG designers are ready to explain your company philosophy with a simple and clear image and design that every customer will like and remember. We deliver a logo and brand design that can be easily integrated throughout your business including the ones beyond ecommerce. You get a corporate identity (logo, business card, envelope, form and other products) as a visual image to increase the recognition of the company and build upon the level of trust that your company has.

Newsletter design

Newsletter Design for Magento Store


Take a look at a tiny detail of your business. There is always room for improvement. Newsletter design with Magento is a tool to move your business to the next level. Do more than your competitors to occupy a new market niche with a newsletter design. Being a set of graphic elements created according to corporate style, it is used to represent the company to your partners and customers, as well as to increase sales. BelVG understands that your site is not just a catalog of individual pages, but rather an open system to attract customer loyalty to your Brand. Stand out in the crowd and distinguish your company newsletter your clients receive every day with a great newsletter design and use it as an alternative way to boost sales. Combine attractive design with content to reach your company goals.

Mockup design - img

Magento Mockup Design


There are many different paths to go down to save time and money on development with a carefully made mockup design. Working with design is one thing, but converting it into a real business assessing your clients’ expectations, is a different ball game. BelVG is a multi-disciplinary team with a full-service approach to any client. A comprehensive view of where you are and what goals you have allows us to develop a mockup with all pages and blocks. We believe that a correct color scheme for your store is as important as the customers journey your clients will take on your website. The final stage of the design process is to convert mockup to HTML. Photoshop is not the only option to create a mockup. We use Figma, Sketch and others modern tools for Magento mockup design. Move forward with the ideas that you have always kept in mind.

Our Process

Get and share your vision

It is the first step where your journey to growth starts. We approach each client idea like a new relationship for the bright future of their business. We make your dreams come true.

Conduct research

Our team understands that your company is different from others and your goals are specific; your website should be unique. We conduct research to complete this task.

Create a prototype

We listen, learn, plan and create. The process starts with a wireframe creation. We develop a prototype of your future website.

Mockup Design

It is time to add new colors to your online store. We turn an ever-changing customer experience into an up-to-date design solution.

Convert mockup into a website

It is time for BelVG frontend developers to join the game. You get a website where we have put life behind all your ideas. Your new website is born and starts a new journey.

Why us

Great Experience

Our creative designers have been doing their job for years and have never lost their passion for their work.

Creative designers

BelVG is an environment where creativity and excellence has no limits. We do everything necessary to understand what are your current needs and where you’re going.

Technical excellence

BelVG designers keep track of the latest achievements in web design and development. We utilize a mix of online tools to match the creative design of your company based on Magento. We do our best for project acceleration.

Our Portfolio will tell you more

We interact across this multilingual world. We make no difference between countries, markets and tasks. The core of our work is the Client.

Curious about SEO and marketing goals

We create Magento online stores with an environment where you have no limits. But we do not forget about technical issues and tools for promotion.

Communication skills

We are always ready to listen, discuss and provide ideas for your company development. We become your partner and make your business thrive.

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