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Magento Barclays Integration

Barclays Magento Integration

Magento vs Shopify: Full Comparison Review

Aug 10, 20215825Tanya Shyrma

Magento and Shopify are well-known technologies used by Ecommerce businesses. No wonder it is hard to choose the one for your online store. To help you decide if you need Shopify or Magento, we prepared a full comparison review. It covers the functionality, price, and scalability of the two platforms: choose wisely and earn more.

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Magento vs Shopify: Full Comparison Review

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The most customers-like feature about the online shopping in your webstore is probably that it allows embarking on an exciting shopping journey, yet not leaving the cozy room. And the other side followed is the payment process. And this one cannot be overseen, as people can feel skeptical opening their online wallets, because they can’t touch the money itself. Therefore, to build trust with your loyal customers your website is to have a proven secure payment system. Barclays is a high-ranking card payment media that has won the trust of more than 48 million online shoppers from over 50 countries.

Integrating this module into your Magento store equip the payment process with 3DSecure and CVC verification for a client and an ongoing testing processing for a merchant. Magento Barclaycard payment gateway accept both payment on the website as well as payment using a hosted payment page with a seamless checkout process. BelVG is willing to make your webstore trustworthy and reliable, our team is always ready to provide you with the most suitable solutions and make all the necessary arrangements and setups ensuring the integration is compliant to the webstore and operates smoothly for both ends of the website.

As any e-commerce business works for their clients convenience, we aim to do just that with the help of any medium at our disposal. When it comes to extended functionality, our experts from BelVG links your Magento to the top-notch integrations that will automatically facilitate the process and enable new possibilities for consumer’s payments like supporting eWallets, debut cards and web-banking methods. Moreover Barclaycards eases the transaction management for admin panel, as with this effective integration you will be able to capture payments, manage cancellations and refunds within the shop’s interface.

Magento webstore with a brand-new payment system gets a greater variety of options including such as default currency setting, hash algorithms and help your store handle strong customer flow with the card data accurately stored under one roof. Find out more detailed information of all possible features contacting any of our experts.