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How Much Does Magento Cost? Get Answers Now

Mar 22, 2019

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How Much Does Magento Cost? Get Answers Now

If you have already decided that your next e-commerce site is going to be Magento-based, you are apparently aware of the benefits this technology brings. Together with extensive customizable features and utmost scalability, Magento stands out with its competitive pricing.

But how much exactly does it cost to have Magento online store? Let’s explore and give an approximate evaluation of how much building an e-commerce business with Magento will cost.

Table of Contents

Magento versions overview
Magento online store – main aspects
Magento development rate
Magento customization
Comparison with other platforms
Brands that use Magento
Why Magento?

Magento versions overview

Today, there are three major Magento versions at the e-commerce solutions marketplace:

  • Magento Open Source, formerly known as Magento Community Edition. It is a free e-commerce solution. You download it from the official webpage and host yourself. With a decent level of technical expertise, you might not need a developer’s assistance as the free edition allows a user to launch a store without lengthy configurations.
  • Magento Commerce, which used to be Magento Enterprise a couple of years ago.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud is a brand new name in Magento product line.

Commerce and Commerce Cloud are the company’s major versions. They are fully equipped with everything necessary for a successful startup of the store. The difference between them is that the latter one is offered as a hosted solution on Magento AWS stack.

Concerning functionality and details, it should be mentioned that Magento Open Source Edition can not be compared to the paid versions. The free version is a good choice if you test the software or launch a small business with a limited budget. Moreover, Open Source edition doesn’t receive official support from Magento developers’ team.

A free version has fewer security features, crucial for running e-commerce because running a business involves payment procedures that must be approved by the banks. Some users claim Open Source does not work faster than Commerce, although it lacks the functionality of the advanced level.

With all that kept in mind decide yourself what version will fit your business’s needs better because the difference in pricing is quite obvious. Magento Commerce Edition starts at $22,000 per year.

Magento online store – main aspects


The prices for hosting differ greatly depending on the local legislation, the business’ size, the entry requirements you determine. It is not easy to know exact figures for the overall project but doing your own research will help you to estimate the expenditures on hosting. Figure out what hosting solutions are used by the main competitors of your niche, seek for hosting providers with best reviews on the Internet, learn and compare offered pricing plans deeply and make sure your budget can afford it.

magento webdesign

Magento Webdesign

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Product range

The price will be caused by how varied your assortment is and how often you are going to update the product images and descriptions in the back office. Hiring an individual photographer will cost you less than dealing with an agency although you have to be sure about the consistency of the services. The prices are pretty variable but starts at $1 per image on average. In case you want your photos to be retouched, it can even increase the initial price twice at least. The best solution is to hire a local photographer who will be able to work with you constantly. For post-production visit some popular freelance markets and find a team specializing in batch retouch service. So, in general, the price is greatly influenced by the size of your business.

Magento multi-language functionality

Magento supports multiple languages which is very helpful in case you plan to trade throughout different countries. To provide the product descriptions in different languages, you will need a translator. The prices for translation at popular freelance markets starts at $10 per hour, depending on the languages and the amount of work. Some translators charge you on a word-basis, start at $0.05 per word.
Working with freelancers in the e-commerce sphere has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to learn more about this topic, let us know in the comment section.

Magento multi-store feature

Together with your business’s growth and your increasing requirements, the ability to control several shops in a single admin will save you a lot of time and effort. Magento is very flexible and powerful in terms of multi-store administration, but you might need to hire more people to make sure the management process is conducted in the right consistent way.


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Magento development rate

Since Magento is a sophisticated platform, to properly launch and maintain an online store with it, a merchant will require high-skilled development work. Roughly, to start a Magento online store from scratch, it will require the contribution of developers with rather proficient knowledge of both frontend (Javascript, HTML, CSS) and backend (Magento PHP). Apart from that, a merchant will need to take care of the visual and aesthetic aspect as well as the usability of the future webstore. Employing such professionals on staff is reasonable if the webstore is expected to be under ongoing development and improvement; otherwise, it is more practical to turn to a specialized Magento development agency or freelancers.

Naturally, such qualified professionals’ hourly rate is comparatively high, yet it varies significantly depending on the region. There is a large number of Magento freelance developers at such popular platforms, as Upwork, Glassdoor, Clutch, Fiverr. Developers from North America place the highest price on their work – $125 on average; they are followed by the EU and CIS – an average of $110 and $92 respectively. Lower hourly rate charge Magento specialists from South America (around $90) and Asia (approximately $65); as you can see, the latter’s charge can reach half as little as their USA colleagues.

Agencies hourly rate is higher for each region respectively, so opting for a development company is reasonable if you need a substantial share of high-skilled work done. Moreover, agencies are undoubtedly a safer option – their approach is more professional and they, as a rule, are more reliable. The average price for a Magento project is $20,000-60,000, with the highest rates charged by agencies from Western Europe: Germany, UK, Switzerland, and Finland in particular.

Magento customization

Launching a default online store is simple, but unfortunately not enough. In order to stand out among your competitors as well as diversify design and user functionality, you need a set of extra features, known as add-ons. Over the years a great number of themes and extensions were created by Magento and third-party developers. You can easily find a theme which suits your brand’s concept best at Magento marketplace, official Magento partners or marketplaces as Themeforest or Templatemonster. The prices for Magento themes range from $29 (usually no support included) to $499. You can also find free Magento templates, but be aware that their functionality and design will be greatly limited.

In case you need to extend the functionality of the store, there are a great number of extensions at the Magento-specific marketplaces. The price of a good quality Magento extension starts from $50 and on average rarely surpasses $499; there is also a number of free extensions at an official Magento marketplace and third-party ones.


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Comparison with other platforms

Obviously, Magento is not the only ecommerce solution on the market – there is a variety of them. So is an attractive pricing policy the largest Magento advantage? Not at all. For an adequate price you acquire an ecommerce solution with a multitude of useful features.

I will list the core functionalities of Magento 2 and its closest competitors – SAP Hybris and Salesforce Commerce.


  • Open source
  • Product Content Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Omni-Channel B2B and B2C
  • Multi-Channel Commerce
  • SEO Optimization Tools
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Subscription Order Management
  • Multistore management from one admin panel
  • Versatile Document Management
  • Customer Financial Management

Salesforce Commerce

  • SaaS-based
  • Integrations with social media
  • RESTful API
  • Default site search
  • Content management
  • Guided navigation
  • Customer segmentation
  • SEO Optimization Tools
Magento support

Magento Support

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  • Open source
  • Order and product management
  • Analytics and reporting
  • SEO Optimization Tools
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Content Management System
  • Advanced catalog price management system
  • Social media integrations
  • Multistore management from one admin panel
  • Downloadable/digital products

What is also worth mentioning is the integration capabilities for these three platforms.


  • Data Hub
  • ERP
  • CSV
  • ImpEx

Salesforce Commerce

  • G Suite
  • Slack
  • Quickbooks
  • MailChimp
  • LinkedIn
  • DocuSign
  • JIRA
  • HelloSign
  • CodeScience
  • Dropbox


You can see from this sketchy comparison that Magento is in no way inferior to the most worthy of its competitors – in some aspects, it is even more functional.

Brands that use Magento

The versatility and scalability of Magento made it equally popular among businesses of any scale – small, medium and large. Here is the list of well-known brands that run on Magento:

  • L’Oreal
  • Paul Smith
  • Helly Hansen
  • Shiekh Shoes
  • HP Inc.
  • Canon
  • Monin
  • Nike
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Ahmad Tea

To get a better understanding of why global brands opt for Magento, read our article on Top 10 World’s Famous Brands Using Magento.

Why Magento?

At first sight, Magento seems to be a quite pricy solution, especially if you opt for Commerce Edition. Yet in terms of customization, flexibility and functionality, this platform is significantly superior compared to its competitors.

All in all, Magento can be rightfully placed among the best platforms to launch and successfully run a business of any scale. The system is open source, configurable and has a rich selection of designs and add-ons available at lower costs.

magento custom development

Magento Custom Development

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