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Magento Contribution Days in Munich

Sep 25, 2019

818 Dasha M.

Magento Contribution Days in Munich

The Magento Contribution Days are the events that take place around the world since early 2017. Back in a day, a group of top Magento core architects decided to launch a project that will help people to learn more about Magento 2 core. It is how the idea of Magento Contribution Days was born. Since then, these intensive hackathons have been helping the global Magento community reach new horizons and overcome ecommerce challenges.

While thousands of community developers work on different projects, it is an undeniable fact that in order to pave the way to rapid innovation, they must exchange their experience. Magento developers, core architects, and ecommerce enthusiasts fly from all over the world to share their ideas, visions, and opinions. This event gives the participants an opportunity to learn directly from the leading developers and Magento Community Engineering team to get useful advice on how to contribute to Magento 2 innovations. Visiting Contribution Days, the developers that work with Magento on a daily basis can also get practical tips on how to fix bugs and create new features.

For three years, these Contribution Days took place primarily in the European cities, and on 20 & 21 & 22 September 2019, Munich, Germany welcomed this global ecommerce event. Hosted by the Tech Division company, it has become a great example of brainstorming and exchanging development top practices.

Expressing their visions, event participants took part in shaping the future face of one of the leading ecommerce solutions – Magento. Also, the guests of the event received some tips and tricks from the leading core Magento architects from Magento, an Adobe company, including, Anton Kril – Director of Architecture, Igor Miniailo – Lead Architect Commerce, James Zetlen – Frontend Architect at PWA Studio, Eugene Shakhsuvarov – Software Architect at MSI Project, and others. A famous Magento Evangelist at Adobe company – Ben Marks also attended the Magento Contribution Days Munich 2019.

One of the main focuses of Magento Contribution Days Munich was how Progressive Web Application for Magento 2.3 could be crafted, optimized and deployed. James Zetlen, one of the leading PWA-Studio Architects, shared his experience and insights in overcoming this challenging task.

Besides this significant topic that was brought up several times during the contribution section, the event participants discussed the possible improvements of Magento 2 core, ecommerce innovations, and the next version of the Multi-Source-Inventory feature.

Also, they had an opportunity to join several contribution projects such as synchronous Import, GraphQL, DevDocs, Adobe Stock Integration, and others. Side by side with Magento core architects, the event gusts could work on developing features and improvements for the Magento 2 core. They got feedback on their work from the best in the industry, taking part in the improvement of Magento features, creating tests, cross-code reviewing, and creating and merging PRs.

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During the first day of Magento Contribution Days Munich 2019, the guests enjoyed a welcoming party that started at 18:00 at the traditional German cuisine restaurant called Wirtshaus Zur Brez’n. It helped establish the contact and break down the ice, and since many participants could not manage to arrive on Friday, they did not miss the valuable contribution sessions.

The informative part of the second day took part at Cokrea – the bright event venue in the middle of Munich. At 16:50 the official part was over, and then the guests and hosts of the event went to the biggest German party of the year – the Oktoberfest.

After an intensive workshop of the second day, the Magento Contribution Days Munich participants, including the special guest of the even – Ben Marks – went to the Oktoberfest to celebrate and join over six million people who visit Germany every year to take part in this large folk festival.

The third day of the event – Sunday – started at 9:00 with the new contribution session and further development of the ideas that were discussed on Saturday. At the same time, the guests of the Munich event kept working on the projects that have started a day before, sharing their ideas and achieved results with the core Magento architects.

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Two ecommerce companies sponsored the organization of contribution part of Magento Contribution Days event in Munich. The first gold sponsor is a full-service German digital media agency called Comwrap. It is a company based in Frankfurt that provides native or framework-driven applications on IOS and Android as well as ecommerce solutions. Oleksandr Lyzun – Magento Technical Team Lead at Comwrap – personally also took part in the contribution session.

The second gold sponsor is Adyen – international payment company that helps businesses to accept different kinds of payments, including ecommerce transactions, point-of-sale, and mobile payments.

Klarna Bank AB sponsored the welcoming and closing parties of the event. Klarna is a bank based in Sweden that provides various online financial services, including post-purchase payment solutions, direct payment options, storefront payments, and others.

Over the years, the Magento Contribution Days proved their usefulness for the Magento community. These events help developers from different countries engage in boosting innovations and exchanging their experience in working with Magento core. Increasing global awareness about Magento 2, and sharing valuable knowledge, the core Magento architects are not going to end the tradition of organizing these workshops.

If for some reason you could not attend this both informative and entertaining even in Munich, there is going to be another Magento event in Germany from 28.11.2019 till 29.11.2019 – Contribution Days Cologne. It is organized by the Brandung agency, and tickets are already on sale. Seize the chance to put your Magento platform ideas forward!

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