How to Create a Sitemap in PrestaShop 1.7

Sep 19, 20186424Alexey Homiakov
How to Create a Sitemap in PrestaShop 1.7

Sitemap is a file that is needed to increase the indexing speed of your website by search engines. To create a Sitemap in PrestaShop 1.7, you need to install and configure a special “Google Sitemap” module.

Google Sitemap is a module that helps you build a map of your store and update it after that. To increase the speed of site indexing by search engines, it is important to have a sitemap, which is essentially an XML file listing all the products and pages of the store. Using this file, search engines easily and efficiently index all pages of a website. After that, the products on these pages can be displayed in search results when a user makes a search query.

You can also create a sitemap for PrestaShop using, for example, Google Search Console. Thus you will also be indexed by all search engines that support the file format.

You can download the module for your PrestaShop 1.7 store from GitHub.

Please note that after the download is complete, the folder name must match the name of the module: gsitemap.

Open the admin panel and go to Modules ➜ Modules and Services. Type the keyword “gsitemap” into the search bar:

Creating a sitemap in PrestaSop 1.7

The configuration page has a number of settings:

Creating a sitemap in PrestaSop 1.7

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In the form of the module, we mark the categories that will not be included into the Sitemap. Usually, these are an authorization page, a shopping cart, a personal page, a history of orders, and others, where the same information is displayed for each visitor at the same address. Also, you do not need to include service pages like the 404 page in the sitemap.

After checking the checkboxes, you should start the generation of the file using the “Generate Sitemap” button.

After that, you will be given the address of the sitemap (for example, http: //presta/1_index_sitemap.xml). Save this URL in your Google Search Console account and robots.txt. The module will show you the file size and the number of indexed pages. Do not forget to update the file on a regular basis, so that the search systems could make a full indexation of the site.

Creating a sitemap in PrestaSop 1.7

The last block of the configuration page contains the cron link. A good sitemap is a regularly updated sitemap. If you don’t feel ready to constantly press the “Update the sitemap file” button, perhaps you’d want your server to do this work for you. Create a cron task using this URL, and don’t bother with it anymore.

If you do not know what a cron task is, find it out from your hosting provider.

Creating a sitemap in PrestaSop 1.7

Thank you for reading, please leave your questions in the comment section below and I will get in touch ASAP.

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  1. Hi I’ve downloaded the module and renamed it but still can’t find it in the “module” panel. is there any other step?

  2. I have downloaded and installed module, and 2 sitemaps has been generated. The problem is that i am getting 404 on clicking sitemap address. How to debug that issue ?

  3. Hi, John
    Thank you for your question.
    It seems that you have problem with permissions. Please, check the sitemap file in the root directory.

  4. I have a problem with the official module from Prestashop, it seems that it does not include in the sitemap the tags, although they are permitted by Google Robots. Have any ideea?

  5. Hi, Robert!
    It’s rather difficult to answer your question not knowing the details. What module exactly did you install?

  6. Hello , when I got to the module page in my admin and try to upload th Zip file I get a message saying Upload Failed.
    Should I unpack the Zip file and upload it with FileZilla ?

  7. Hi, Fred! Thanks for your question.
    As I see it, the archive extension can be as a file with .zip format, but if it doesn’t work, you may try a tarball format (.tar, .tar.gz or .tgz).

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