Couch Commerce – Watch What Your Star Wears on TV and Click to Buy It

Mar 15, 201286Alex Huk

What do people usually do while watching TV, besides the fact that TV helps folks fall asleep? They follow the plot of their favorite show and simultaneously scrutinize actors’ clothing, interior design and other stuff around stars. TV illustrates lifestyles and people tend to wish the same ones celebrities have. That’s the background of the story where couch commerce begins.

The term ‘couch commerce’, actively popularized by eBay and PayPal nowadays, refers to customers with tablets and mobile phones who do shopping right from their couches.

eBay has revised these potential couch buyers and recently released iPad app called Watch With eBay. It’s concept is brilliant…

Customers watch real-time TV programs and browse their “second screens” (mobile gadgets) to purchase whatever they find desirable on TV – the tie of a particular beloved actor, celebritys’ accessories or furniture from weekly viewed TV show.

Taking into account the consumers’ wish to escape any inconveniences, I can tell that couch commerce is a big step to go in eCommerce environment.  And think how easy it is – users are asked to type their zip code, cable provider, channel and the program they are currently watching, and apps will automatically provide them with TV products available on webmarkets. Forbes magazine noted, that “сonnected TV is still a niche but players like Yahoo!, Samsung and Google are investing big money to stimulate users’ adoption.”

What do you think of couch commerce and how popular the development for it might be? Do you agree that whoever embraces this development now, will take the lead? Look forward to your comments below.

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