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The Look at Support Service from the Inside

Apr 5, 2012

279 Olga Shishuk

We receive dozens of emails every day: we consider them all and try to respond as fast as possible. Of course, we understand potential clients and customers who want to get answers immediately. Believe me, we have the same desire – to answer  quickly and help to deal with emergency cases.

Imagine a situation: we got the message from you at night (it may be a daytime in your country). While we prepare the respond , you continue sending more and more messages. You become nervous, thinking that your emails are probably lost (though, it is not true), and we are worried that you may be disappointed with us.  If there is no information in your message that we need, problem solving is delayed. How can you speed up the process of troubleshooting?

1. Do you have a question about the extension?  Every extension has the description, screenshots, user guide and a demo store.

Check whether you are satisfied with the extension work and its main functions. Is it good? If you are not sure, send us the email or contact via Skype. We will get back to you shortly.

If you suddenly notice that the extension does not work or it contains a bug, contact us – we will be very grateful.

2. Do you want to add some extra functions to the extension? Describe them in details and submit us screenshots and samples if it’s possible. Do not forget to attach your website link. We will estimate the possibility of adding extra features within a few hours and let you know the cost of customization for your site.

In case you are not sure about something, clarify all points before purchasing the extension. Anyways, we guarantee the refund within 30 days.

Types of problems the extension might have

1.The module was installed incorrectly (you didn’t read the instruction). How to solve? First, read the user guide carefully. All extensions are tested, and we have prepared step by step instructions for them. If you cannot find instructions, contact us and we’ll send them to you. Besides, you can always download them from BelVG store.

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Do you think that installation process is too complicated and you do not want to risk? Refer to our Professional Installation Service.

2. You have logged in to the admin panel and see the 404 error in the extension tab. Perhaps, you have not completed the installation process. Try to log out and re-log in again – everything should work fine.

3. The module is not visible on your frontend. Most likely, you have a customized theme, or there are other front-office extensions. Check out the extension work on a default theme with other extensions disabled.

4. The extension is functioning, but not the same way as on the demo. Here are two possible scenarios: you didn’t copy all folders during the installation process or you have a customized site. In the first case we will test and help finish the installation, in the second we will try to find the problem.

Be detailed and precise, describing the difficulties with your extension.

1. Mention the extension name, the date when it was purchased and the license number. It will help us identify the extension and check out whether we have updates for it.

2. Specify maximum details about the problem you experience. Do not forget to include the site URL. If something is not displayed, send screenshots, a link to that page, or a clear description of the problem. The message with the words “the extension is not working / not working correctly” cannot help solve the problem.

3. Submit accesses to the site. Without accesses we can only guess what errors you might have.

It’s important!

1. Make the backup before installing the extension. Thus, you will protect yourself from potential problems with the site. This is especially important for customized sites.

2. If possible, install the extension on a dev version of the site. You will be able to test it and verify its operation prior to installation on a live site.

The extension works, all problems are solved and you are happy. We love receiving your thanksgiving letters. It is truly nice when clients mention out team on Magento Commerce, Facebook and Twitter, or send their feedback by e-mail to publish them in our store. This way you can share your experience with other clients, who care about your opinion before making an actual purchase.

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