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Plus Two Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer at BelVG

Jan 11, 2019

3533 Yulia Vasko

Plus Two Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer at BelVG

Only by having Magento certified specialists on the team and constantly increasing their number, a company can remain an official Magento partner. BelVG team has got an addition to our certified developers ranks. Igor Rain and Artsem Miklashevich have recently successfully passed the Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer. This was a hard task, but our colleagues succeeded, so congratulation, guys!

You’re probably wondering what is Magento 2 Certification and how to get it; we know all about it and can tell you all about it.

Why do professional developers need to pass Magento 2 Certified Exam?
Can Magento 1 skills help to pass Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer?
What kind of experience do you need for passing the Magento 2 Certification?
How to get ready to Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer exam?
Where can you pass the Magento 2 Professional Developer exam?
How to pass Magento 2 certification exam online?
What does Magento 2 Certified Exam include?
You didn’t pass – what is there to do?

igor rain certification magento 2

Why do professional developers need to pass Magento 2 Certified Exam?

A developer needs an official proof of their qualification, and getting an official certificate from Magento itself is the best proof that developer has sophisticated skills and experience in API, Frontend, Backend, PHP and XML in Magento 2.

Can Magento 1 skills help to pass Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer?

There’s a significant difference between Magento 1 and Magento 2. Of course, both versions have some basics in common and Magento 1 knowledge is highly advisable, but that alone won’t be enough to pass Magento 2 Certification. You need skill and experience, particularly in Magento 2 platform.

What kind of experience do you need for passing the Magento 2 Certification?

Magento 2 is a complex platform, and to properly master it you would need to figure out a lot of practical aspects yourself. And the more you work in it, the easier it would be to pass the exam; I guess 1.5-year experience will be enough. Of course, there are exceptions, and some developers may need less than a year.

How to get ready to Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer exam?

This is a very frequently discussed topic among Magento developers because it’s nearly impossible to find one place containing all the answers to the exam questions. Here’s a couple of resources you will find useful:

Igor Dragun
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  1. You can download the official documentation at the Magento website.
  2. The answers to nearly all questions can be found at the blog section of Belvg.
  3. Github has a lot of useful information on the topic.
  4. Use #realmagento hashtag in Twitter to search for educational materials, written by developers themselves.
  5. Google it – but check the relevance and authority of the resource.
  6. Learn from your own practical experience.

miklashevich magento 2 certificate

Where can you pass the Magento 2 Professional Developer exam?

There are two ways of passing the exam: offline in a certification center or online from anywhere.

If you wish to pass the exam at the certification center, then you will need to:

  1. Buy a 260 $ voucher at Magento U,
  2. Book the date at a certification center at Each large country has at least a couple of certification centers, so you can choose the one closest to you,
  3. Take the exam. You will be given directions and recommendations on when to come and what to bring with yourself. You’ll pass the exam at a PC and will have 90 minutes to answer 60 questions,
  4. Get your results right after the exam.

How to pass Magento 2 certification exam online?

This way significantly saves your time and effort, but it still has certain rules and measures to ensure you won’t be able to cheat. For example, you can’t use any additional materials and talk to other people during the exam. You also may not leave the exam in between.

To pass the exam online you will need:

  • PC with Windows or MacOS operating system and admin permissions,
  • Adobe Flash.
  • Separate, not a built-in, web camera,
  • A microphone (can be built-in).
  • Good Internet connection (at least 1 mb / s),
  • Quiet and clear space around you.

How to register for the exam:

1.Buy a voucher at Magento U (costs around 260 $) and get a voucher code, either by email or you can find it at your personal Magento account in “My Products and Services” tab.
2. Сlick the “Find a Testing Center and register for Exam” button at the certification page or use the direct link. You’ll get to the Webassessor page; there you can register for a new examination. On the bottom, you can choose from the options:
Onsite at a certification center
3. Select Online and fill in: a date and time (mind the timezones!) and enter the voucher code. You’ll get an email confirmation with more details.

After you’ve registered, you’ll get the information about the necessary:

  • “Sentinel” software installation which will block your computer if you try to use other programs during the exam.
  • Biometric profile creation which will be used for your identification. Enter your name and the web camera will take a couple of pictures of your face – nothing complicated.

All these measures are better to be done beforehand so that you won’t spend time right before the exam. Also, check your internet connection, web camera and microphone in about an hour before the exam. For this, you can use the following online tool:

The examination process is provided by Kryterion ( When the time of the examination approaches, the link in the “Launch” column will appear. As you click on it, “Sentinel” will lock down your other PC software. Then you will need to identify yourself and accept certain agreements, and the exam will start. In some time after the beginning of the exam, your operator will contact you with the directions on how to adjust your webcam. He/she may also ask to count to 5 loudly in order to check the sound and show your wrists to make sure you don’t wear a watch. This process will take less than 5 minutes, and after it’s done, you may proceed with your examination.

You can answer the questions immediately or save some to review them later. When you’ve completed all of them, click “Finish” and confirm that you’re done. You’ll immediately get your results: if you passed or not as well as the percentage of correctly answered questions. To get a PASS, you’ll need at least 64% of correct answers.

What does Magento 2 Certified Exam include?

Below you can find this exam topics and questions, and the information on nearly all of them you can find on our blog in Magento 2 Certification category.

  1. Magento Architecture and Customization Techniques

1.1 Describe Magento’s module-based architecture
1.2 Describe Magento’s directory structure
1.3 Utilize configuration XML and variables scope
1.4 Demonstrate how to use dependency injection
1.5 Demonstrate ability to use plugins
1.6 Configure event observers and scheduled jobs
1.7 Utilize the CLI
1.8 Demonstrate the ability to manage the cache

  1. Request Flow Processing

2.1 Utilize modes and application initialization
2.2 Demonstrate ability to process URLs in Magento
2.3 Demonstrate ability to customize URLs in Magento
2.4 Determine the layout initialization process
2.5 Determine the structure of block templates

3. Customizing the Magento UI

3.1 Demonstrate ability to utilize themes and the template structure
3.2 Determine how to use blocks
3.3 Demonstrate ability to use layout and XML schema
3.4 Utilize JavaScript in Magento

  1. Working with Databases in Magento

4.1 Demonstrate ability to use data-related classes
4.2 Demonstrate ability to use install and upgrade scripts

  1. Using the Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) Model

5.1 Demonstrate ability to use EAV model concepts
5.2 Demonstrate ability to use EAV entity load and save
5.3 Demonstrate ability to manage attributes

  1. Developing with Adminhtml

6.1 Describe common structure/architecture
6.2 Define form and grid widgets
6.3 Define system configuration XML and configuration scope
6.4 Utilize ACL to set menu items and permissions

  1. Customizing the Catalog

7.1 Demonstrate ability to use products and product types
7.2 Describe price functionality
7.3 Demonstrate ability to use and customize categories
7.4 Determine and manage catalog rules

  1. Customizing the Checkout Process

8.1 Demonstrate ability to use quote, quote item, address, and shopping cart rules in checkout
8.2 Demonstrate ability to use totals models
8.3 Demonstrate ability to customize the shopping cart
8.4 Demonstrate ability to customize shipping and payment methods

  1. Sales Operations

9.1 Demonstrate ability to customize sales operations

  1. Customer Management

10.1 Demonstrate ability to customize “My Account”
10.2 Demonstrate ability to customize customer functionality

You didn’t pass – what is there to do?

If you didn’t pass the exam at the first time, you can make another try in 15 days. If you failed the second time, then you need to wait 90 days to pass the exam the 3rd time. You can also contact Magento educational center and ask for a discount for the further reexaminations.

We hope this information was useful to you and you will also ace Magento 2 Certification. If you have questions, please ask them in a comment box. Good luck with your exams!

Igor Dragun
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  2. Hello sir, I am preparing for magento certified professional developer exam. For preparation I am following your tutorial it is very good. Is it enough for clearing professional exam ?For some topics there is no tutorials available. Where can I get those tutorials. Thanks!!

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