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Plus One Magento 2 Professional JavaScript Developer at BelVG

Sep 11, 2019

1518 Dasha M.

Plus One Magento 2 Professional JavaScript Developer at BelVG

Here at BelVG, we value our developers, as well as their knowledge and skills. Therefore, the company works hard to create comfortable conditions for its employee’s work, leisure, personal development and professional growth. Taking a Magento certificate exam is highly encouraged at BelVG, for this is the utmost official confirmation of one’s development qualifications.

Recently, BelVG’s certified developers’ list entered another name – Alexandr Simonchik has recently passed the Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer. In this article, you will learn about the reasons why Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer is so important, what topics does this exam include and discover the first-hand impressions of the developer who successfully passed this exam.

Table of contents:

Why does Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification matter?
What is Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification exam?
Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Exam – personal insights

Why does Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification matter?

The purpose of the Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification exam is to prove one has sufficient knowledge and skills to work with the JavaScript framework, develop new modules and customize the existing ones. In addition to the in-browser JavaScript framework, the exam concerns the areas like adminhtml UI Components, customer data and layout server-side configuration. The certification is based mainly on Magento Commerce (2.2) and Magento Open Source (2.2), but applies to all the current versions of Magento 2.

This is the detailed list of the concepts covered by Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam:

  1. JavaScript in Magento: RequireJS, jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore JS and Knockout JS.
  2. Core Magento frameworks and customizations.
  3. Magento modules and their structure, customization and overrides.
  4. Javascript execution on Magento pages.
  5. Magento UI components and how they can be customized.
  6. jQuery UI widgets and modifications.
  7. Payment and checkout UI components and how to customize them.
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What is Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification exam?

As for the exam procedure, it is similar to other Magento certifications. Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Certification examinee has 90 minutes to answer 60 questions, multiple-choice and scenario-based. To register for the exam, you need to purchase an exam voucher, which costs $250 for the first try, and book the examination date either online or at the Magento test center.

To get a pass, you need to score 63% or higher. As an addition to the overall score, you will receive separate scores for each of the five exam topics, allowing you to critically assess your performance and skills.

This is the complete list of Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer topics together with the questions they include.

1 Technology Stack

1.1 Demonstrate understanding of RequireJS
1.2 Demonstrate understanding of UnderscoreJS
1.3 Demonstrate understanding of jQuery UI widgets
1.4 Demonstrate understanding of KnockoutJS

2 Magento JavaScript Basics

2.1 Demonstrate understanding of the modular structure of Magento
2.2 Describe how to use JavaScript modules in Magento
2.3 Demonstrate ability to execute JavaScript modules
2.4 Describe jQuery UI widgets in Magento
2.5 Demonstrate ability to customize JavaScript modules

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3 Magento Core JavaScript Library

3.1 Demonstrate understanding of the mage library
3.2 Demonstrate understanding of mage widgets
3.3 Demonstrate the ability to use the customer-data module

4 UI Components

4.1 Demonstrate understanding of Knockout customizations
4.2 Demonstrate understanding of Magento UI components
4.3 Demonstrate the ability to use UI components
4.4 Demonstrate understanding of grids and forms

5 Checkout

5.1 Demonstrate understanding of checkout architecture
5.2 Demonstrate understanding of payments

Magento 2 JavaScript Developer Exam – personal insights

There are not many people in our company who have as much Magento certification experience as Alexander Simonchik. He began working with the Magento ecommerce platform seven years ago and passed the first Magento 1 exam in 2012. Over the years, he took a number of other Magento 2 exams and sufficiently extended his field of expertise. This month, he successfully took Magento 2 JavaScript Developer certification and scored 68,33% overall.

alexander simonchik certification profile

We congratulate Alexander on his brand-new achievement and asked him to share impressions about his experience and impressions with us.

Why did you choose to pass the exam in the first place?

Certification badge is the best proof that you are competent in the field. In my profile, you can see how many years of Magento development experience I have or what projects did I take part, but it does not really prove my own level of knowledge and skill. If you do not have the certification badge, based on what can the potential client trust that you are up to the task? So for me, the Magento JavaScript exam was a proof development expertise.

How did you get ready for the certification? Did the preparation take long?

I studied using the Magento JavaScript exam tutorial my colleagues wrote. It’s not released yet, but as a BelVG employee, I had access to the document (smiles). I must say, it was pretty good – all the information was to the point, nothing extra. I studied for several weeks or so. Maybe this range of time may seem too short to get ready properly, but I have my own pace, so I managed to successfully cover all the exam questions just in time.

Did you come across any unfamiliar questions during the examination?

There were no unfamiliar questions, because both Magento and our study guides covered all the topics. Although there were moments when I was caught off guard by the questions on the areas I have not worked recently with. Since the exam questions are scenario-based, you need to come up with solutions to the case situations promptly and without hesitation. I even memorized several tricky questions that confused me to study them later. So, as a result, I did not only prove my knowledge, but also learned new things!

On one hand, such questions formulation makes the exam demanding and challenging. On the other hand, this is the closest simulation of the actual project environment I have ever seen among the exams. I passed a Magento 1 certification some years ago and it was very different from the exam I passed this weekend. That is why a person who has little hands-on experience with Magento development will have a hard time passing the certification.

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Do you plan to pass another Magento certification in the foreseeable future?

I consider passing Magento Front End certification until the end of this year. Since I have already passed three Magento certifications – Professional Developer Plus and Professional Developer in addition to the JavaScript – the passed Front End exam will make me a full-stack Magento developer. And this is a very appealing prospect for me!

We thank Alexander for his sincere answers and wish that his further achievements would be as prolific as his past ones!

Alexander Simonchik is a Magento development specialist on the BelVG team. Need assistance with your Magento webstore? BelVG will help.

Wrapping it up

We hope this article you read provided exhaustive answers to all the questions you might have had about the Magento 2 Certified Professional JavaScript Developer exam. Stay with us and check for updates on BelVG blog. Also, stay tuned for the release of our custom Magento 2 JavaScript tutorial. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to leave them down below.

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