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New Magento 2 Certified Front End Developer at BelVG

Sep 23, 2019

1106 Dasha M.

New Magento 2 Certified Front End Developer at BelVG

Read on and discover how Igor Rain has successfully passed the Magento Certification exam for the 4th time.

August and the beginning of September are conventionally considered to be the holiday season and the time for relaxation; in the case of BelVG, August became the month of new victories and achievements. BelVG has always nurtured the environment of professional and personal development and encouraged our developers to master additional skills and get a hold of the new technologies. We are glad to witness that such an approach yields palpable results. A number of developers from both front end and back end teams have passed Magento exams and received their certificates. We, in our turn, are happy to share their experience, impressions and advice with our readers in a series of articles.

Igor Rain has been a frequent hero of our articles, and today, we will meet again. Recently, he passed the Magento 2 Front End Developer exam with flying colors and earned himself the fourth Magento certificate in less than a year! If anything is worth the high praise and admiration from his younger and older colleagues, it is such a valuable accomplishment. On behalf of the BelVG team, we congratulate Igor on this wonderful achievement. However, since he has passed so many Magento Developer exams, we do not know yet what to wish him good luck for! So, let us find out what comes next when you have four Magento certificates.

Update from 23.09:

Recently, Igor was added to the official directory of Magento Full Stack Developers. For this, one must have the following three certification exams passed – Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer, Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer, and Magento 2 Professional JavaScript Developer. The developer is not included into the directory directly upon the passing of the final exam; instead, the Full-Stack developers directory is updated once a month. This means that if you passed the exam at the beginning of a month, you would probably need to wait until the end to see your name and profile link added to the directory.

Anyway, this is a very significant achievement for a Magento developer and a very hard one to accomplish. We sincerely congratulate Igor, who became the first, but, we hope, not the last developer who is included in Magento Full Stack Developers directory. For now, he is a shining example for the rest of BelVG that everything is possible as long as you apply enough effort and determination.

In this article, we will explore what Magento 2 Professional Front End Developer certification is and the reasons why is this exam widely considered as a valid and proper assessment of development skills. Also, we will explore what topics and questions the exam concerns and get to know Igor’s impressions and experience from passing the exam.

Table of contents:

Why is Magento 2 Professional Front End Developer Certification exam so valued?
What is Magento 2 Certified Front End Developer Exam?
What is Magento 2 Front End Developer exam from a personal point of view?

Why is Magento 2 Professional Front End Developer Certification exam so valued?

Magento Professional Front End Developer is the exam aimed to confirm the level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, suitable for properly working with the platform’s user interfaces and theming components. Having received the certificate, the developer gets a tangible confirmation of his or her ability to work with layouts and templates, themes and translations, CSS and JavaScript, as well as other Magento front end components. Additionally, the exam proves the developer’s capacity to edit the appearance of specific pages and apply these design system configurations through the Admin UI. Among other things, Magento Professional Front End Developer proves that the skills and expertise the developer yields are relevant and up-to-date, because the exam is based on Magento Open Source and Magento Commerce 2.2, which are the most recent platform versions.

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Taking into consideration everything said above, there is hardly any doubt that Magento 2 Front End Developer Certification is an outstandingly comprehensive evaluation of the developer’s ability to perform a range of tasks with varying complexity. However, due to the certification complexity and wholesome nature, an examinee is advised to have a minimum of one and a half years of front end development experience to take it. Moreover, having a Magento 1 Front End Developer exam passed will make it easier for you to take the exam for the next version of the platform.

What is Magento 2 Certified Front End Developer Exam?

Similarly to other Magento certification exam, a Front End Developer examinee is required to answer 60 multiple-choice questions and has 90 minutes to complete the test. The certification questions are scenario-based: they face you with a hypothetical situation in which you are offered to resolve the best way possible to resolve an issue or achieve a certain result.

Magento has its designated test centres in most countries where you can come to take this exam. Another alternative to exam centres is to take the exam online, under the supervision of the centre’s employees. As for the passing score, it must be 63% or more. In addition to the overall score, the examinee receives a separate score for every exam topic. This level of result detalization allows to analyze your performance afterwards and explore your strengths and weaknesses.

One Magento Front End exam topic consists of much narrower questions. Below is the detailed exam guide for Magento 2 Certified Front End Developer.

1. Create Themes

1.1 Describe folder structure for local and Composer-based themes
1.2 Describe the different folders of a theme
1.3 Describe the different files of a theme
1.4 Understand the usage of Magento areas: adminhtml/base/frontend

2. Magento Design Configuration System

2.1 Describe the relationship between themes
2.2 Configure the design system using the options found in the Admin UI under Content > Design > Configuration
2.3 Apply a temporary theme configuration to a store view using the options found in the Admin UI under Content > Design > Schedule
2.4 Understand the differences and similarities between Content > Design > Configuration and > Schedule to configure the design fallback

3. Layout XML in Themes

3.1 Demonstrate knowledge of all layout XML directives and their arguments
3.2 Describe page layouts and their inheritance
3.3 Demonstrate understanding of layout handles and corresponding files
3.4 Understand the differences between containers and blocks
3.5 Describe layout XML override technique
3.6 Understand layout merging
3.7 Understand processing order of layout handles and other directives
3.8 Set values on block instances using layout XML arguments
3.9 Customize a theme’s appearance with etc/view.xml

4. Create and Customize Template Files

4.1 Assign a customized template file using layout XML
4.2 Override a native template file with a customized template file, using the design fallback
4.3 Describe conventions used in template files
4.4 Render values of arguments set via layout XML
4.5 Demonstrate ability to escape content rendered and template files


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5. Static Asset Deployment

5.1 Describe the static asset deployment process for different file types
5.2 Describe the effect of deploy modes on frontend development
5.3 Demonstrate your understanding of LESS > CSS deployment and its restrictions in development

6. Customize and Create JavaScript

6.1 Include custom JavaScript on pages
6.2 Demonstrate understanding of using jQuery
6.3 Demonstrate understanding of requireJS
6.4 Configure JavaScript merging and minify in the Admin UI
6.5 UI component configuration
6.6 Understanding knockout framework
6.7 Understanding dependency between components
6.8 Understanding string templates

7. Use LESS/CSS to Customize the Magento Look and Feel

7.1 Explain core concepts of LESS
7.2 Explain Magento’s implementation of LESS (@magento_directive)
7.3 Describe the purpose of _module.less, _extend.less, _extends.less
7.4 Show configuration and usage of CSS merging and minification
7.5 Magento UI library usage

8. Customize the Look and Feel of Specific Magento Pages

8.1 Utilize generic page elements
8.2 Customizing product detail pages
8.3 Customizing category pages
8.4 Customizing CMS pages
8.5 Customizing widgets
8.6 Customizing CMS blocks
8.7 Customizing customer account pages
8.8 Customizing one-page checkout
8.9 Understand customization of transactional email templates

9. Implement Internationalization of Frontend Pages

9.1 Create and change translations
9.2 Translate theme strings for .phtml, emails, UI components, .js files

10. Magento Development Process

10.1 Determine ability to manage cache
10.2 Understand Magento console commands

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What is Magento 2 Front End Developer exam from a personal point of view?

Igor has been working at BelVG for over a year and a half but has already earned himself a reputation of a knowledgeable and forward-looking developer. We asked Igor a couple of questions that, we hope, may shed light on the reasons for his excellent exam performance.

igor rain certification profile

Why did you decide to pass Magento Front End, considering that you are a back end developer?

Even though I work as a back-end developer, I still feel the need to be knowledgeable in other aspects of Magento. Partly, because I work closely with front-end developers, so knowing more about front-end development, I can cooperate with my colleagues more efficiently. Another reason is that, well, now I am a full-stack Magento developer, which is a brand-new level for me.

Was Magento 2 Front End Developer easier or harder than other certifications?

No, it surprisingly went OK. It felt rather easy for me, and I managed to complete the exam in like 50 minutes or so. At least, it was incomparable with the most complicated Magento certification, which in my opinion is the Professional Developer Plus certification.

Was the experience you gained from passing other Magento tests helpful when you took Front End exam?

It certainly was! I can not give a certain example, but I can say that my Magento knowledge became more comprehensive when I was preparing for another exam. So, when it came to the final challenge, there were hardly any grey areas for me.


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What percentage did you score?

I scored 90%; this is the result I am deeply satisfied with. Also, I got 100% in six topics out of ten, which is great as well. Obviously, it turned out that I have less knowledge in some of the topics, but I now am ready to learn more about the topics I did not feel 100% confident with.

What are your plans for future development?

It is true that there are no more relevant Magento certification exams left for me to take, but it does not mean that I need to stop learning or stop working with the platform. There are many aspects of Magento that are still unfamiliar to me, and I see the potential in it. As for my personal development in the future, I would love to take on the job of a team lead. I am certain that, despite my young age, I would be able to pass a fair share of experience to my younger colleagues.

Wrapping it up

We believe this piece enlightened you on the subject of the Magento 2 Certified Professional Front End Developer exam and even inspired you to take it yourself. We also expect that Igor’s impressive achievements proved to you that nothing is impossible when you apply enough determination and effort.

Follow us closely to and tuned for the Magento 2 Front End Developer tutorial release. Do you have any comments or questions? Feel free to leave them down below.

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