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BelVG is among Clutch Top 15 Ecommerce Developers

Nov 8, 2019

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BelVG is among Clutch Top 15 Ecommerce Developers

The BelVG team is proud to share a piece of great news – recently, our company has been named one of the top 15 ecommerce developers according to Clutch.

Clutch is a company that researches the market and contributes a lot to the proper organization of the B2B segment. It publishes independent ratings by analyzing industry data and collecting client feedback. The leader matrix, that can be found in the website’s search section, provides the results and makes up the top lists after analyzing the reviews, company’s market presence, the number of clients and overall experience.

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Clutch is considered to be one of the best guides that help businesses from all over the world to connect providing them with all the necessary market analysis and insights about each other. There are over 27,000+ agencies in more than 500+ different categories. This B2B guide has made the process of purchasing different products and hiring easy as never before. Thousands of companies are thankful to Clutch for finding loyal business partners and customers.

top clutch ecommerce developers

It is not the first time for the BelVG agency to be in the list of Clutch top developers. In one of our previous blog articles, you can find out more about the Clutch review system and company evaluation, how all of it works as well as read how BelVG has already been named one of the leading Clutch developers. Another notable achievement is that we are listed among the top service providers according to the independent reviews.

Since our team has shared a couple of articles about our achievements before, we want to make this one special and spice it up with an interview with Alex Huk, Head of our Product Department. He has met up with the marketing team to share his vision of the company’s future and answer some questions.

When has BelVG started its history?

The idea was born when I was doing my bachelor, back in 2000th. The growing ecommerce industry was ramping up, and together with a few friends we just could not pass by the opportunity to get started within this field. Ecommerce seemed to be a perfect sphere to invest our enthusiasm and passion. As good students, we began by studying and researching the market, and some years later we felt confident enough with our ecommerce and development knowledge to launch a company. So, BelVG was created by university friends, first, just as a small group of ecommerce enthusiasts.

When did BelVG create a Clutch profile? Why have you decided to join this B2B guide?

We have decided to join Clutch a few years ago because it is a well-known service and we consider it a perfect place for clients and companies to meet. When someone looks for an ecommerce development team, on Clutch they can check out the reviews, the average hourly rate, development office location, number of company’s employees. So, it makes choosing the right team much easier.

For ecommerce developers, there are also a lot of benefits. First, it increases the awareness about the company and potential clients can encounter your profile there, especially when you are listed among the top Clutch developers. So, we are very proud that we’ve got into such a list. Secondly, it is easier for clients to trust their project in the hands of the development team when this team is recommended by a reliable ranking source. Since trust is one of the most important components of a successful partnership – it is a great advantage.

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What is the BelVG team planning to do next?

We have a strong knowledgeable team, and reaching new levels is just a matter of time. Our main goal and number one priority is to deliver the top ecommerce service for our clients, but, of course, we do our best to move BelVG forward. 9 out of 10 developers working at BelVG have bachelor degrees in computer science, and recently we have decided to make developer certification obligatory. Our team is growing but we still follow the quality-first approach – BelVG wants to keep the development team as knowledgeable and skilful as it is now. We expect the new members of our team to help us keep up the current high quality of ecommerce development service.

Clutch is the top ranking website and we appreciate it that they have already noticed our work and put us in their top list together with the other industry leaders. Hopefully, the coming years will be as rewarding for us as this one.

What would you like to say to the members of your team?

First of all, I would like to thank all of the BelVG team members for the years of successful ecommerce development – we value each person’s contribution. I also want to remind them to stay open to innovations and new knowledge. All of us are proud of this achievement but it does not mean that it is time to rest on laurels and relax. A company can only move forward if every single team member wants to go forward together with it. Now is the best time for personal growth. There are a lot of new ecommerce challenges waiting for us that will require all of their creativity, knowledge and experience. The higher you get, the higher are the expectations, and the new achievements, especially if they are notable, bring new responsibilities.

If you had to describe the BelVG team with one word, what word would it be?

I do not need to think this question over as there is one word that always comes to my mind when I think about BelVG. It is the word “family”. I believe that we are more than just co-workers and since all of us spend a big part of our week at work, I am happy with this warm atmosphere at the office.

Tatiana Buchkova

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What future do you see for BelVG?

The company’s future is in our hands – each and every team member. BelVG is growing, but we want to keep today’s commitment level and personal approach from every team member, to every project, to every client. The future of BelVG goes hand in hand with the future of ecommerce, and the projections are bright. More and more people globally take advantage of online shopping, so the demand for online stores will be only increasing as well as the demand for experienced teams that can create them.

Also, I would like to say that for our team’s achievements we want to give credits to the right ecommerce platform that we have chosen to work with years ago – Magento. This platform plays a big role in boosting ecommerce innovations and we are proud to be a part of its success. The global Magento community is growing and every day more top brands follow the example of Ford, Nike, Nestle and many others and join it.

The marketing team would like to thank Alex for taking some time for this brief interview. Long live, BelVG!

Tatiana Buchkova
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