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BelVG among Top Clutch Magento Developers

Jun 3, 2019

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BelVG among Top Clutch Magento Developers

Discover BelVG’s recent rating by Clutch, a B2B review company with global acclaim, and learn what makes Clutch listings so sought after by businesses of all industries.

BelVG has been named among Top Ecommerce Developers by an independent reviews and ratings firm Clutch. We are honoured and excited that our dedicated and hard work, client-centred approach and Magento expertise earned such authoritative recognition. The ultimate goal of BelVG team has always been to carefully and effectively convert customer’s desires into unique and powerful ecommerce solutions, and we are glad that our proactive approach has been so highly acknowledged by our clients. Each team member has made its contribution to earn the position among Top 10  Ecommerce Developers, so the credit for this achievement goes to each and every one of BelVG. Congratulations, BelVG team!

leader matrix

BelVG takes an honourable 7th place, with only six of such globally recognized market leaders as Inchoo, Absolute Web Services, Brainvire Infotech Inc, Elsner Technologies, Vaimo and Redstage ranking higher than we are.

Clutch reviews are considered the most data-driven and valid ratings for B2B businesses that heavily influence buying and hiring decisions. But what makes this firm so high-profile? Does Clutch ratings deserve such right regard? Let us now have a closer look at how online reviews influence businesses, what is Clutch and how its review system operates as well as explore what influence do online reviews have on businesses.

Table of contents:

How do online reviews impact business
What is Clutch
How does a Clutch profile look
How do reviews work

How do online reviews impact business?

Over the years, online product and service reviews gained dramatic popularity among the customers around the globe. It has become a common practice to check out the reviews for a product or service before making an order or purchase in order to get genuine impressions from the people who have already tried the item out.

Here are the key points of the 2018 Local Consumer Review Survey survey, conducted by BrightLocal:

  • 86% of customers study local businesses reviews.
  • A customer needs to read at least 10 reviews before trusting a business provider.
  • 91% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 80% of customers leave reviews for the goods and services they have used.
  • 22% of potential customers are discouraged by a single negative review, and three negative comments can drive away up to 60% of potential clients.

Therefore, it is crucial for a modern business to establish a solid digital presence and not only monitor for positive and negative comments, but also encourage their clients to leave reviews. This is where such well-reputed reviews and ratings platforms like Clutch come into play.

What is Clutch?

Clutch is a Washington DC-based independent reviews and ratings firm, founded in 2011. It has a unique and meticulously crafted reviews methodology that differentiates it from the competing business rating companies. Clutch holds an unprecedented credit as the most valid B2B reviews platform, with over 42,000 agencies’ profiles and 22,000 reviews from clients listed at platform.

New Clutch Tagline logo was created to fill the need for trustworthy business reviews that would not be a sponsored or advertisement-based content, or endorsed in any other way by the agencies themselves. Over the years Clutch analysts developed and perfected an unmatched ranking system, based on industry data, services provided and company portfolio, market focus and personal client feedback. All these metrics are carefully calculated to determine the ultimate rating of an enterprise.

belvg clutch

All the Clutch-listed companies are organized in 500+ categories and specific subcategories (by focus, by technology, by industry, by global and US location, etc.), which provides a clear and convenient sitemap for users to search and navigate.

clutch sitemap

For example, to get to know the list of all listed e-commerce company, press the All E-Commerce Developers tab. You will be redirected to the complete list of ecommerce agencies, ranked from highest to lowest rates, which you can sort and filter the way you like.

top ecommerce developers

Press Leaders Matrix tab to view a detailed graph with top industry leaders, divided into four sections, or quadrants – Market leaders, Proven, Niche and Emerging. This division gives a more differentiated account over the best service providers in the industry.

belvg leader matrix

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How does a Clutch profile look?

A company profile on Clutch contains a comprehensive body of knowledge that allows to obtain all the necessary information about the business and its rate in one place.

Above, there is a section with general and specific information about the company, including:

  • Company’s name and description, foundation date and number of employees,
  • Minimal project size,
  • Hourly rate,
  • Contact info, like an email, link to a website, phone number and location,

belvg clutch profile

  • Focus – which services the company provides and their share of the total amount of services.


  • Portfolio – expandable case studies of the past projects.


Below begins the Reviews section. You can sort and filter the reviews, as well as expand each of the customer estimations.

reviews clutch


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How do reviews work?

Clutch obtains reviews two ways: online and via the phone. For a project with the budget under $25.000, a customer submits their review via an online form, individual for every industry. The submitted form is reviewed by Clutch analysts and then published.

To review projects with the budget over $25.000, a phone interview a customer company representative is required. The interview lasts for 10-20 minutes, is recorded, transcribed and then edited for length and conciseness to be published in the review section.

Over-the-phone customer reviews became the feature that distinguishes Clutch among dozens of review companies and serves as a guarantee of rating objectivity. As a service provider company, you provide to Clutch representatives only general information about your client and the project you worked on. Also, you remain completely unaware of the questions asked in the course of the interview as well as the answers your customer provided. Moreover, a review can be altered or updated in case there are significant changes in the working experience with the company.

The published review looks the following way. On the left, there is the general reviewer information, on the right – the project reference and the summarised information of the work done.


clutch review

Although each interview is individual, it consists of five necessary sections: Background, Challenge, Solutions, Results and Ratings.

the review

  • Background – information about the company and the position of the interviewed person.
  • Challenge – overview of the project the company was hired for.
  • Solution – description of the work performed by the company.
  • Results – how effective was the performed work.
  • Ratings – overview of the project performance.

clutch score

As a result, each project gets a comprehensive and detailed description that helps the potential clients to overview the work already done by the provider and assess their expertise and possible challenges.

Wrapping it up

As you can see, Clutch is a top-notch platform with a unique and comprehensive ratings and reviews system that every customer-oriented business will only benefit from being listed at. BelVG is very pleased to take our well-deserved place among the leading ecommerce providers, and this well-deserved listing inspires us to work towards greater accomplishments in the future.

It is our passion to uncover customers’ potential, develop innovative solutions to empower their businesses and help solve their challenges. We are profoundly grateful to every customer for the confidence they took into us, and wish to say special thanks to those clients who submitted their honest reviews to Clutch. It was you who secured us this highly-respected for an ecommerce developer award, and we ensure you that from now BelVG will provide only the very best results to our current and future clients.

If you need a full range of Magento development services, turn to BelVG company and get a professional consultation from ecommerce specialists.

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