Add-ons on Friday

May 25, 201256Alex Huk
Add-ons on Friday

We have good news for you at the end of this week!

BelVG updated its Partnership Program, and now it looks even more attractive. I am eligible to announce 5% discount for resellers right away (they just need to reach me by and ask for a coupon code).

At this point I want to clarify the issue. I was confronted by one reselling company, which made a note that our competitors offer significant discounts on the first monthly purchase comparing to BelVG $1000 monthly reach.

We have ground reasons for such marketing policy. First of all, there are plenty of so-called “competitors” in Magento environment around the world, taking into account the popularity of Magento development. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they all do the same good job. We are Magento Solution and Industry Partners and these labels are quite influential in Magento community. Since we guarantee a high quality, we may not offer as much as 50% discount for our products that other less reputable companies do.

Second, we care who BelVG is partnering with, or, in other words, we do not offer reselling/distributing options for everyone, who is knocking our door. We work on BerlVG image thoroughly and, thus, review potential resellers in order to avoid customer disappointment because of third-party mistreat.

Let’s turn to BelVG development now.

This week we have released a new Magento Private Sales extension. When you are planning to offer products at a special price to a limited number of people (ex. resellers, private individuals), the extension will deny access to visitors, who are not registered, or even block the registration option for a mass public. Admin defines a landing page for users to be placed on and sets exceptions – visible zones.

Later that week Magento Private Sales went live on Magento Connect, as well as Magento Cinnamon Mobile Theme.

Have a nice weekend with BelVG products that work when you rest.

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