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4 More BelVG Developers got the Magento Certified Developer Plus

Mar 5, 2018

1319 Vladislav Yunusov

4 More BelVG Developers got the Magento Certified Developer Plus

The BelVG team continues proving the level of Magento proficiency by passing the Magento certification.It took much time and effort to prepare for the exam but we managed to cope with the challenge properly. Our guys have proved their skills in the use of Magento Enterprise Edition and dived deep into details of the Magento structure that gives an advantage when implementing a web store. Not many developers can boast being experienced in Magento. If you are planning to pass Magento Certification in future, feel free to find the dedicated topic on our blog to be prepared for exams.

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Please, welcome our heroes:

  • Andrey Matveev
  • Gennadiy Haritonov
  • Denis Natalevich
  • Aleksander Kutseika

How can it help you?

Nowadays the expert Magento team consisting of 17 team members is ready to deliver more custom webshops using cutting-edge technology and best practices. Relying on the certified team, you easily increase user engagement. We can exceed your expectations!

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Vlad Yunusov
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