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Magento Elasticsearch Integration

Elasticsearch Magento Integration
What is Magento?
Jul 31, 20208163Pavel Novitsky

On August 31, 2007 the first public version of Magento was introduced. Soon the SouceForge Community called it “The best new open source product”. In a few years Magento became one of the most popular ecommerce platforms. In this article we will tell you about Magento, why the number of developers and merchants who chose it increases, and what are the differences between the various releases. After reading this article you will be able to decide if it fits your business needs.

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What is Magento?

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Are you sure your customers can always find the item they look for? It is obvious they just need a searching logo on the website you may say. However, if you have a great variety of product options and many similar items, it could easily meet the needs of many clients for sure, however, it could be harder for a user to find a specific one he looks for. If you want to improve customer’s experience and speed up their journey to a desirable product, you will surely need a super fast and multifaceted searching tool as Elastic search is.


With the help of our experienced BelVG team you can integrate Elasticsearch into your webstore operating on a Magento 2. That is quite new and effective software that is compatible only with the up to date Magento versions. And if you have your website a bit ahead of the competition we are already excited to bring it back on track with the latest Magento version at accelerating pace. Moreover, we strive to continue helping our clients to go even further, thus we always provide ongoing support to make sure you enjoy an expanded functionality and take benefits from it s expected.


When integrating Magento Elasticsearch into your webstore opens up a window of opportunities for in-store search. With this implemented you enables the customers with a fast autocomplete which can identify even synonyms, impressive filtering management, improved layered navigation and ultra-easy indexation. And the lists is far from the end.


With our assistance, Elasticsearch will empower your website with an advanced search operation according to your requirements. Our team will polish up every detail for both ends, configure and install prerequisites in advance if needed. Magento platform has so much potential to grow, you only need to find out how to do it widely. BelVG team is ready to explore and find the gaps to be filled with the most appropriate and workable solutions we tailor for you. Contact us to embark on an exciting journey together.