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Ecommerce Design Process


Where does successful web design start? As any other project, web design should begin with a step-by-step plan. If you go directly to the design itself without the prework, the whole project risks failing. Make all the details and responsibilities clear from the beginning and avoid missing deadlines, raising costs and declining results. Web design is more than creating an appealing interface. It consists of brainstorming ideas, researching the market and competitors, designing information architecture, creating wireframes, building a prototype and then assembling it all together to get the best result.


The BelVG team does not leave goals unattended. We always make sure to set up a clear project vision before moving forward. A concrete plan and the scope of work definition are the key points of our design strategy to prevent unexpected issues that may influence the budget and deadlines in the future. The BelVG team cares about the clients and their websites and delivers design solutions that attract and boost visitor-to-customer conversions.

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Web Design Brief

#1 Web Design Brief


What comes first in web design? Even the most promising project can be ruined without a proper plan. The initial stage is the time when we meet, share ideas, exchange expectations and develop a strategy with clear deadlines. Our team is here to listen and get a good understanding of what your company does, what audience you target and what goals you want to achieve with the new web design. The BelVG team will set you on the right path. We define what tactics will work best with your plans. Working with our professional web designers, you will be able to reach the greatest ecommerce goals. We are happy to put to work various fonts, colors, images and product descriptions and articles that you have already prepared. Building your website with the BelVG designers, you will enjoy a smooth partnership with the skilful team of professionals who create unique products. Let’s start your web design journey together.

Web Design Competitor Analysis

#2 Web Design Competitor Analysis


Do you know who your competitors are? If it is still a complete mystery to you, you will never be able to beat them and understand where to focus your efforts. Being aware of who they are and what they offer, you can make your online store stand out. The BelVG team will analyze every detail of your competitors’ businesses, their websites and special features. Taking a critical look at their online stores, you can get a better picture of what works and what doesn’t work in your particular industry and niche. Our experienced web designers will analyze the structure, layout and web design as a whole to see how it affects the customer journey. We have been in the ecommerce industry for years and understand how to market your business to any target audience. Rely on our experience – the BelVG designers will conduct a competitor analysis and develop a business strategy to help you leap ahead of everyone else.

Information Architecture

#3 Information Architecture


Can the customers orient themselves in your online store easily? No one wants to waste time looking for the information they need, unsatisfied customers are likely to leave. Informational architecture is an effective way to avoid such a problem. It is a solution to handle the chaos and the BelVG team knows how to do it perfectly. Our experienced designers understand how important it is to create a structural website instead of a maze with nothing. We have dedicated ourselves to the art of organizing top-notch websites and delivering a structure that simplifies the user journey through the website. Tech-savvy BelVG designers will handle content, menu structure, pop-ups and eye-catching elements. We will do our job with your business goals in mind and locate the content you need on the website. When you are designing a website with BelVG, you can expect a functional solution to empower your business.


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Wireframes & UX

#4 Wireframes & UX


Why is wireframe significant on the web design process? Creating a house, architects always use drafts to make sure that the construction will function in the future. It works the same way with web design. Developers visualize the user interface and represent it with wireframes. The BelVG designers understand how to showcase any branding and visual design elements. We will define the hierarchy of elements on the screen and make them work according to the users’ needs. Our designers will use UX Design features to improve your ecommerce experience and predict customer behaviour. How? Accessibility, usability and desirability in the interaction with items on the screen and products will call the users attention and inspire them to act. The BelVG team knows the way to make the users want to stay on your website and return again and again. With BelVG, your design will work for your business.

Interactive prototypes

#5 Interactive Prototypes


How can you be sure that a website will work well with the new design? Here you need interactive prototypes to test the existing functionality with the new interface. Our web designers understand that a prototype allows a business owner to see in advance how the final product will look. There are lots of reasons why interactive prototypes are a must: it helps designers and business owners to agree what is in and out of scope, to think over the investment and to test ideas regarding structure and layout of the future website. The BelVG team uses interactive prototypes to let a website work the way a business owner needs. Our designers will run a website through a few rounds of testing until it is clear that everything works just right and it is time to go to the next web design stage. Let us create and test your website to empower your online business!


#6 Design


After all the stages have been completed, the team begins to design. The first tasks here is to choose a proper color scheme. The perfect combination of logo and color scheme is one of the keys to make the brand stand out among the competitors. Together they form the company’s visual identity and affect the way users perceive the brand and the products it offers. The BelVG designers know how visual elements like information and menu boxes as well as buttons should be designed to complete the tone of the website’s voice. Throughout the web design process, our experts will ensure that the layout creates the best user experience. We can develop an eye-catching and easy to navigate website allowing users to find everything they need as fast as possible. We will adapt a website to suit any device from desktops to smartphones. Let’s broaden the horizons for your brand with sophisticated design solutions.


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